Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 230: I'll Fight for you and Help you Drown Out the Crowd

Chapter 230: I'll Fight for you and Help you Drown Out the Crowd

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Tangning was stunned for a moment before suddenly answering in a gentle tone, "Because we have just finished some work together."

The girl smiled, jumped in front of Mo Ting and handed her notebook to him, "In that case, can President Mo please give me an autograph? This is a rare opportunity."

Mo Ting looked at the young girl and glanced at Tangning. Tangning shrugged: You were the one that didn't want to hide. So, you deserve to be asked for an autograph.

Mo Ting's eyes swept over Tangning as he grabbed the black pen from the girl. After he signed his name he said to Tangning, "Can we go now?"

Tangning smiled. Being more cautious than before, she put on her sunglasses and face mask before boarding the plane.

"Since we've returned to China, let's attend the SuperQueen Awards Ceremony as a guest."

SuperQueen was a ranking of the highest earning models in the past year. Huo Jingjing's name was at the top of the list. However, with her current state, if she was to go alone, it would be much too worrying. So...Mo Ting arranged for Tangning to attend as well. Not only because he wanted her to see the difference between herself and the top 3 ranked models, but also so she could cheer on Huo Jingjing.

On that day, he was going to make a move. He was going to utilize the SuperQueen Awards Ceremony to officially announce his role as Tangning's manager. By doing this, he would elevate Tangning's status to an all-time high.

"I'll let you decide," Tangning completely trusted Mo Ting as she responded in a tired voice. Mo Ting wrapped his arm around Tangning and placed a kiss on her forehead. At this moment in his mind, he didn't want to think of anything else. He simply wanted to give the best things to her.

Because of Huo Jingjing's popularity, the media placed all their focus on Hai Rui's upcoming press conference. Not many people noticed Tangning and Mo Ting were already on their way back to China.

During her entire journey home, Tangning continuously heard similar conversations, "Stop saying Huo Jingjing is pitiful. Who knows...maybe she is an even bigger gambler, it's just she is good at concealing it."

"I never expected a supermodel's life would be such a mess."

"She's even had 3 abortions! She probably can't have kids anymore."

"Definitely, how disgusting..."

After hearing these words, Tangning suddenly scoffed. She thought about all the times she had become other people's topics of discussion around the dinner table. All of a sudden she discovered, the most depressing thing was, all these people thought they knew everything, but they had no idea the suffering and helplessness that was happening behind closed doors.

Who said celebrities were the most liked..?

In reality, celebrities had the most enemies...

While sitting in the company van, Tangning suddenly held onto Mo Ting's arm; only when Mo Ting was around, did she feel rest assured. Mo Ting placed Tangning's head on his lap and gently stroked her ink black hair with his warm hands, "I'll wake you up when we arrive home."

"No, Ting. You should deal with the problem at Hai Rui."

"A matter like this doesn't require me to step in," Mo Ting replied in a cold tone. The small tricks played by Star King didn't hold any weight in his eyes, "Fang Yu can handle it."

"In that case, I want to see Huo Jingjing. Between us women, we need to have a bit of heart to heart."

Mo Ting did not refuse. He simply asked Lu Che to retrieve a not so flashy car from their garage and escorted Tangning to Huo Jingjing's home.

However, Huo Jingjing's home was surrounded by reporters. Huo Jingjing had no way of leaving her home and Tangning had no way of getting in. So, Tangning gave Huo Jingjing a phone call. Not long after, the carefully disguised Huo Jingjing snuck out through a secret exit and boarded Tangning's car. Lu Che drove the two women to a peaceful spot by the sea.

Huo Jingjing had a scarf wrapped around her face the entire time. Even when there were no people around, she still did not remove it. Tangning seemed to have guessed something was wrong. She directly pulled the scarf off Huo Jingjing's face and discovered her face was covered in wounds and bruises.

"Did you get hit again?"

Huo Jingjing threw her scarf on the beach as she coughed up blood, "I had a showdown with the a*shole. As a result, he was so furious he wanted to kill me. So, I found an opportunity to run out."

Tangning looked at her quietly, without a word.

Huo Jingjing leaned against the front of the car as tears uncontrollably rolled down her cheeks, "He wants all my assets. Otherwise, he will expose a sexual photo of us. I really want to kill myself and take him down with me. I'm too tired, much too tired!"

Tangning looked at Huo Jingjing and asked in a serious tone, "Tell me honestly, how did that jerk's mistress die?"

"She was beaten to death on the streets. He assumed I had hired people to do it."

"Didn't you go investigate the truth afterward?" Tangning asked.

"Of course I did. But, even so, I needed someone to believe me..."

Tangning uncovered the crux of the issue. Perhaps this was the key to fighting the man, "Tell me all the evidence you have in your hands and instruct some people to investigate further."

"Jingjing, the best way to reap revenge on that jerk is to make him feel regret. You need to make him turn around and beg you...while you won't even take a second glance at him."

"You are still the same you: the famous supermodel. There is still a chance to turn the tables."

Huo Jingjing looked at Tangning and was suddenly impressed by her clear-mindedness, especially when she suggested to make the jerk feel regret. There had been many times in the past when she would wake up in the middle of the night and be tempted to strangle the man beside her. However, in the end, she wasn't ruthless enough.

This time, she wasn't going to be so weak. She closed her eyes and agreed with Tangning's idea, "OK."

After speaking, Huo Jingjing looked at Tangning and suddenly started laughing and crying, "Were you always this calm, or...was it because of training from President Mo?"

"He pulled me up from hell. He gave me a new lease on life."

"Tangning, you and President Mo must continue to love each other. At times, seeing people in love gives others strength. It makes one believe they can also find love."

Tangning turned around and stood side-by-side with Huo Jingjing, "I'll fight for you and help you drown out the crowd."

"Let's go back. Fang Yu has organized a press conference."

Tangning thought for a moment and suddenly suggested, "Let's not go to the press conference, let's go to the hospital instead...if you want to play the sympathy card, simply crying isn't enough. You need to show your wounds to our fellow females."

Huo Jingjing understood Tangning's intent and nodded her head in agreement. The two similar women didn't need to say a word at this moment, they were pretty much good fact, they were practically like sisters.

Afterwards, Tangning returned to Hyatt Regency. Not long after, a new entertainment news update was released: Just before the press conference, Huo Jingjing had received new wounds and appeared to have been threatened to keep her mouth shut!

Following closely behind the news update, Fang Yu revealed evidence of the truth; it was Huo Jingjing's personal diary.

The diary was written from the point of view of a woman that had been wounded for many years. It chronicled all the sufferings and oppression she had experienced. Following the revelation of the diary, many people felt they could relate. Especially women, as soon as they read it, some even started crying...

The fuse that started this reaction was Huo Jingjing's wounds...

Fellow females immediately ignited with a terrifying combat power. Not long after, public opinion started to sway...

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