Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 229: The Couple Were to Appear at the Airport Together!

Chapter 229: The Couple Were to Appear at the Airport Together!

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Huo Jingjing's scandals spread rapidly. Even with Hai Rui's powerful attempt at suppressing the issue, they couldn't beat the exposure rate of 3+ scandals a day. The one-time international supermodel was once in an unreachable position, but because of the scandals, Huo Jingjing's status plummeted and she suffered the ridicule and insults of netizens. She even directly affected Hai Rui.

Fang Yu's PR method was to attract sympathy for Huo Jingjing. After all, she was originally the victim. However, Huo Jingjing wasn't in a positive mental state. If he wanted her to step out courageously, it wasn't going to be an easy task. A body was easy to teach, but, teaching a heart was harder than ascending to heaven.

Fang Yu had never been betrayed before, so he couldn't possibly relate to the bone-penetrating pain of being humiliated. However, Tangning understood that pain well.

So, Tangning spoke to Fang Yu on the phone before Fang Yu went to Huo Jingjing's apartment that night.

Huo Jingjing's assistant tidied her messy home as Fang Yu walked around and inspected the place.

Traces of Huo Jingjing's man remained present in the home. However, he had pierced a million holes into the woman he was living with.

"If you want to drink something, just take it from the fridge. I have no energy to move," Huo Jingjing said in a dispirited tone as she sat on the carpet.

Fang Yu scanned his eyes over Huo Jingjing and discovered her clothes were untidy, her hair was a mess, her face was pale and her eyes were lifeless.

"Tangning asked me to come over...she said you needed someone to keep you company." After saying these words, Fang Yu felt a bit awkward, so he continued, "She's quite nosy isn't she? She can't even handle her own matters."

"I think she misunderstood. She probably thought I treated her as a friend," Huo Jingjing laughed bitterly.

"Didn't you treat her as a friend?" Fang Yu turned around and sat down on the sofa. He rested his elbows on the arms of the sofa and turned to look at Huo Jingjing, "I spent a day with Tangning. It was during the fight for resources with Star King. Did you know? On the runway, she's so much better than Qin Yu. She was born to be a model."

"However, during the selection process, she was faced with various obstacles. While waiting for the results, if it had been you, you would have turned and left Milan because of your pride. Even I was prepared to suggest she give up. Instead, she asked me for the client's phone number."

"She personally told them, if she couldn't be their spokesperson she would feel great regret. I'm not sure how moved they were by these words, but at least, if it was me, I would definitely give her a chance."

Huo Jingjing listened quietly as Fang Yu recalled everything that happened on the runway and everything that happened to Tangning. Admittedly, in this short 1-2 minute period, she had completely forgotten about her pain. Her mind was occupied with imagining how things would have been like if she was the one that went to Italy.

Fang Yu analyzed her expression and smiled, "In all honesty, you are still deeply in love with your career, aren't you? It's not like you can't live without being in a relationship."

Huo Jingjing lifted a bottle of wine and continuously emptied the contents into her mouth. She did not admit to what Fang Yu said, nor did she deny it.

"Tangning said, your silence condones that man to continue hurting people around you: you, your parents, your friends, Hai Rui and Tangning. If you want to suffer on your own, then go ahead. But, have you thought about the people that care about you? How many years have Hai Rui supported you? Now they are being humiliated by Star King, where is your conscience?"

After hearing this, Huo Jingjing's gaze finally revealed a trace of emotion.

"Right now, everyone is rumoring that you are in this predicament because you were jinxed by Tangning. Some of your fans have even started attacking Tangning. What has she done wrong? Why should she deal with your aftermath?"

"Huo Jingjing, you shouldn't just blatantly accept how you are being treated, men can also show affection. How badly does your man hate you, for him to be violent towards you for so many years? The worst thing is, you did nothing wrong at all."

Hearing these words, Huo Jingjing suddenly burst into tears. The person that was being betrayed, was her; the person being hurt, was her; and right now, the person being destroyed, was also her.

Fang Yu approached her and wrapped her in a hug, allowing her to release her tears. It was not until she was quiet that he finally released her.

Huo Jingjing sat quietly for a short moment before lifting her head and saying firmly, "What do you want me to do? I will cooperate."

Fang Yu let out a sigh of relief and revealed a smile, "This is more like you; our heroine! Tomorrow morning, we will hold a press conference to clarify the entire incident. Trust me, as long as you work with me, I can guarantee that Star King will be in for a good show."

Huo Jingjing nodded her head, "I will lift myself back up!"

Fang Yu patted her on the shoulder to show support. He could sense the power in her voice.

Once a person's heart is already pierced with thousands of arrows, they are invincible - because they are no longer afraid of anything.


At the time Tangning was notified of Huo Jingjing's decision, she was in the middle of finalizing her commercial. Perhaps it was because she was influenced by the power of rebirth, she was extra serious about her work; she was in the perfect state of mind as she stole the limelight from the Western models around her. Normally, in a commercial that involved both male and female models, because of the powerful presence of males in general, consumers' attention would usually be drawn to them first. But...Tangning's gaze was shockingly amazing; it was more wild and aggressive than a man's.

This was the last day of the shoot. After everything was completed, Tangning immediately held onto Mo Ting's hand and said, "Let's return to Beijing."

"You don't want to have a day of rest?"

"I want to go cheer for Huo Jingjing," Tangning pleaded for permission from her man.

Mo Ting had no choice as he flipped her hand and held onto it tightly. He then met with Stenson one last time before booking the next flight back to Beijing.

However this time...the couple were to appear at the airport together!

They no longer had to act as strangers and no longer had to enter the airport at separate intervals to avoid the reporters. As Tangning entered the airport, she habitually checked around for reporters, but...

Mo Ting reminded her, "Walk properly. Did you want to look shady in the reporter's photos?"

" are with me."

"Correct, I am here with you. I am your manager, shouldn't I be here with you?" Mo Ting placed his arm around her shoulder and pulled her closer to him, preventing her from being swept away in the crowd.

Tangning looked at the busy airport filled with tourists and realized there weren't many reporters. She let loose and looked dependently at Mo Ting before walking ahead; Mo Ting and Long Jie followed behind.

This was something the media did not expect. When they were trying to stalk her for photos, she wouldn't allow them to even get a single shot. Yet now, when they were no longer following her, she was revealing everything out in the open.

However, someone did end up spotting Mo Ting and Tangning. They approached Tangning for an autograph and asked, "Sister Tang, why are you with President Mo?"

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