Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 227: Because It's a Perfect Body

Chapter 227: Because It's a Perfect Body

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The next day, because Tangning had work at 8am, she woke up at 6:30am. She instructed Long Jie to make breakfast before she quietly took it into Mo Ting's suite.

As Mo Ting had rushed straight over to the photography studio after landing yesterday, he did not have time to organize his clothes and documents. At this moment, they were strewn across the sofa.

Tangning knew he was tired, so she gently tidied everything up neatly before placing the fragrant breakfast on the table outside his bedroom.

Finally, she walked barefoot over to Mo Ting's bed and sat on the edge before gently running her hand across his attractive face.

Mo Ting seemed to have already been awake a long time ago. As he felt her fingers climbing across his face, he grabbed her and placed his head on her thigh.

Tangning's heart ached as she played with his hair before linking her hand with his ring-bearing left hand, "In a moment, Long Jie will accompany me to the shoot. Stay here and get some rest, OK?"

"Not today..." Mo Ting replied with a double meaning.

Tangning lowered her head and looked down at the watch on her wrist; it was still early. So she lay on the bed and wrapped her arms around Mo Ting.

"Today you're not going to ask me why I insist on being your manager?"

Tangning thought for a moment and answered with a sweet smile, "What's done is done, I will trust in your decision. Even if I am afraid and doubtful...I will not be the one to drag you down. If you're not afraid, then why should I be afraid?"

"Yes, don't be afraid."

"If I scour the entire entertainment industry, no one's manager is as capable as mine. In that case, what should I be unsatisfied with?'ve given me confidence, taught me to put down any false pretense and helped me build a strong outer shell. You have made me better."

Mo Ting quietly held onto Tangning's hand without a word. The relationship between husband and wife had always been interdependent; that was the way to make each other better.

The couple lay like this for 40 minutes. In order to make it in time to the photography studio by 8am, Mo Ting finally pulled away the bed sheets and got up. But...because he had a habit of sleeping naked, Tangning's cheeks unavoidably turned red.

Mo Ting gave a gentle laugh as he hooked Tangning's chin in his hand and instructed, "I'll have a shower, help me pick out some clothes."

"Uh huh."

"We've been married for quite some time now...aren't you used to my body yet? You're actually blushing?"

"Because it's a perfect body." After giving her response, Tangning walked over to the wardrobe and retrieved a set of clothes which she had just placed inside not too long ago.


8am, Tangning and the others arrived at the photography studio, right on time. Tangning quickly got into the right state of mind and started getting her clothes and makeup ready. However, things were very different to the day before. As Mo Ting was present, the photographer held back a little.

He held back for no other reason, but simply because of the dangerous aura that emanated from Mo Ting's body. In front of Tangning, Mo Ting was gentle and thoughtful as always; he was considerate right down to the tiniest detail. But, in front of outsiders, he was still the unapproachable king; like the sun that couldn't be looked at directly.

"Who is that man?"

"Apparently, he's Tangning's manager..."

"He doesn't look like one. With his great features, why isn't he a model?"

"Should we go flirt with him?"

The staff in the studio whispered amongst themselves as they worked; some even wanted to flirt with Mo Ting in private. However, before they even got close to him, they were scared motionless by Mo Ting's piercing glare.

Long Jie stood beside Mo Ting enjoying the glory. It was so satisfying...With Boss' appearance, no one dared to look at them lightly again.

They spent the entire day in the studio. While monitoring the shoot, Mo Ting pulled out his own work and started working on it. As evening neared, Stenson and the other people-in-charge came to visit the set and check on its progress. However, as soon as they arrived, their eyes were immediately drawn to Mo Ting.

Stenson felt he had seen this man before...

He had a sense of familiarity...

He even turned to question his assistant quietly. In the end, his assistant answered, "Sir, he is the president of the famous Hai Rui Entertainment agency, Mr. Mo Ting."

"No wonder..." Stenson immediately remembered the man he had spoken to on the phone: Tangning's manager also had the surname 'Mo'. Could it be...?

Stenson did not delay. He walked straight up to Mo Ting and offered his hand, "I never expected President Mo to make an appearance, sorry for not realizing."

"You're being too polite Mr. Stenson. Our Tangning has troubled you."

"No, not at all, she is extremely talented," Stenson did not hold back his compliments.

"Too bad Tangning's not in her best form today. It's probably because she worked too long yesterday. Otherwise, she would have been able to perform better today," Mo Ting hinted.

As soon as Stenson heard this, he immediately understood Mo Ting's words, "Don't worry President Mo, Excalibur Q will definitely help Tangning maintain a pleasant working mood."

Stenson secretly sighed to himself and was glad that he did not choose Qin Yu.

This model Tangning appeared to not possess any power, but, who would have thought, she actually had the ability to make a world-famous entertainment agency CEO become her manager.

She definitely had a promising future!

This was Hai Rui's way of escorting Tangning through all the competition she was faced with.

"I wonder if Mo Ting would give me the honor of sharing dinner tonight?"

"My pleasure. But, I may bring a female partner..." Mo Ting replied politely before placing his gentle gaze upon Tangning.

Stenson smiled and nodded his head.

However, the trio ultimately did not succeed in having dinner together, because that night, an extremely embarrassing scandal was released in Beijing regarding Huo Jingjing.

An entertainment reporter revealed that Huo Jingjing had been cohabiting with a gambling addict for 10 years. Not only that, they also claimed that she had multiple abortions for this man and often got hit by him...

After seeing this news, Tangning started thinking about the words Huo Jingjing had told her at the club: Do not reveal it, definitely don't reveal it .

It had only been a few days, and Huo Jingjing was in trouble...

She was an international supermodel, yet overnight she had suddenly been tied to a gambler. Moreover, multiple scandals arose about her, making her reputation plummet.

Hai Rui immediately utilized their PR methods to block 70-80% of the scandals, but an uproar was still ignited. In fact, it was worse than Tangning's Han Xiner incident.

Some people even started rumoring that all this happened because Tangning had joined Hai Rui. Any company that she was involved in would eventually have a tragic ending; Cheng Tian Entertainments defeat was the perfect example.

"Rubbish!" after seeing the news, Long Jie directly threw her phone to one side.

Tangning had no time to worry about herself. At this time, she was more worried about Huo Jingjing.

Inside the study room, Mo Ting was in a video conference with Hai Rui's higher-ups. During the conference, he instructed Fang Yu to handle everything related to Huo Jingjing's incident. However, even though they managed to suppress the scandal, they had no way of reversing the damage the rumors had already made on Huo Jingjing.

Tangning didn't know why she suddenly felt a little scared.

She was afraid that if her and Mo Ting were to reveal their relationship, all that would be awaiting them would be chaos and bloodshed.

So, Tangning asked Mo Ting for Huo Jingjing's phone number. After pondering for a moment, she gave her a call.

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