Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 224: If it Was Internally Set, Just Say it

Chapter 224: If it Was Internally Set, Just Say it

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Tangning ignored the taunting from Qin Yu's manager and remained calm.

At this time, the lift doors opened to reveal Stenson's assistant standing outside. Upon seeing Qin Yu, he walked up to her and greeted, "Miss Tang, welcome...Mr. Stenson is inside waiting for you."

Everyone that walked out of the lift froze in confusion, especially Qin Yu and her manager as their faces turned red.

Tangning suddenly understood when Stenson told her something went wrong, what he was referring to.

It turned out, the assistant had messed up their identities...and Stenson had forgotten to correct his assistant.

"Miss Tang?"

"I am not Miss Tang!" even though Qin Yu felt a little awkward, she still rectified the truth.

"I can't be wrong. Stenson wanted Tangning, which is you..." Stenson's assistant pulled out Tangning's portfolio and flipped through it. After seeing Tangning's photo, he realized he had made a mistake, "Oh God, I made a mistake."

"So, the spokesperson Excalibur Q wants, is it Qin Yu or Tangning?" Qin Yu's manager asked angrily.

The assistant's face flushed red as he looked ambiguously at Qin Yu and Tangning. He struggled to make out a word.

Instead, Fang Yu straightforwardly said, "Let's go, it's almost time to sign the contract. It's impolite to be late."

Tangning walked past everyone and walked ahead, leaving the awkward Qin Yu and her manager behind.

Qin Yu's manager didn't want to admit defeat, so she pulled Qin Yu and followed behind, "We were also contacted by Excalibur Q to come sign a contract..."

After seeing this, Stenson's assistant's face changed from red to white. He didn't know how he was to settle this situation.

Upon noticing Qin Yu and her assistant following them, Fang Yu couldn't help but laugh, "If you can't win, then you can't win."

"I refuse to believe that they wouldn't pick someone as great as Qin Yu. Is there something wrong with Excalibur Q? Why would they pick someone with such a low international status?"

Fang Yu didn't respond. He knew, if Qin Yu was to walk in like this, she would be even more embarrassed.

Not long after, they entered Stenson's office together. However...Stenson spotted Qin Yu entering behind. He couldn't avoid feeling awkward. He patted his head and said to Qin Yu's manager, "I am so sorry Miss Qin, it was all my assistant's mistake. He contacted the wrong person. I am truly apologetic."

"Excalibur Q chose Tangning?" Qin Yu directly asked.

"Yes, that's correct," Stenson nodded his head. "Let my assistant escort you back to the hotel."

"Can you tell me why?" Qin Yu sounded like she was suppressing her anger; she obviously did not understand Stenson's decision. If she had lost to a supermodel like Huo Jingjing, she would not have questioned it, but what was so great about Tangning?

She couldn't win against the other people at Hai Rui. Couldn't she even win against Tangning?

"This is the result of a vote held by Excalibur Q. We believe that Miss Tang is a more suitable spokesperson for Excalibur Q than Miss Qin."

"What vote? If it was internally set, just say it..." Qin Yu's manager couldn't contain her emotions as she spoke to Stenson with hostility.

Stenson straightforwardly replied, "That is an insult to us and an insult to yourself."

"We didn't select our spokesperson based on the model's influence. The most important factor was whether the model suited our product. Miss Tang is indeed better suited than Miss Qin. I hope Star King can be open-minded."

"Suitable my ass!"

Stenson lost his patience and directly said to Qin Yu's manager, "We don't want a stereotypical model."

Hearing this, Qin Yu was stunned as her manager angrily demanded, "Mr. Stenson, I want you to apologize to Qin Yu."

"I am just stating the facts. Indeed, in all aspects, Miss Qin is more outstanding than Miss Tang. But, what we want is not simply a safe bet. Plus, Miss Qin, even if you won't admit it, in terms of professionalism, you are indeed inferior..."

"How can you prove that?"

"I've already asked someone to investigate what's been happening in Beijing. Every project Miss Tang has worked on has created a huge sensation, what about you Miss Qin?"

"Stirring up the Oriental Trend in North America; making TQ go from low sales to best-selling; helping LM's wedding ring series become number one; pushing Feng Cai to the top of viewership by making an appearance. Miss Qin, have you done anything like this?"

Qin Yu froze, suddenly not knowing what to say...

She originally had all sorts of arguments to throw at Stenson, but suddenly, she couldn't say a word. It was like her words were stuck in the back of her throat, making her throat burn and suffer.

When she thought about it carefully, there really wasn't anything she could use to compete against them.

She didn't have any unique achievements...

Even though she was easily remembered on the international stage, doing something truly meaningful such as igniting a trend like Tangning was not something she had ever done.

Even if others didn't know, as a model herself, she was well and truly aware of how difficult this was to achieve.

"If you don't have anything else, I'd suggest the two of you leave," seeing Qin Yu had nothing to say, Stenson politely reminded them to leave.

Qin Yu took one glance at Tangning. Tangning's results over the past few months flashed through her mind as she finally stabilized her emotions.

"There will definitely be a day when I win against you."

After speaking, Qin Yu left Stenson's office with her manager. However, her manager couldn't suppress her anger, "What's so good about Tangning?"

"Don't say that. Tangning is indeed quite capable. That's why I had no way of refuting against anything Stenson said," Qin Yu replied with a pale expression.

"But, Qin Yu, after losing this endorsement, how are you going to explain yourself when we get back?" her manager asked uneasily with her hands on her hips. "We lost to Hai Rui once again. In fact, we lost to a model without much of an international status. If word gets out, what would happen to Star King's pride?"

"What else could we do?"

"I can tell that it took a lot of effort for Tangning to win against you. If her contract gets ruined, then neither of you would be the winner and Star King wouldn't lose to Hai Rui," her manager suggested.

"What do you plan to do? Tangning's already been through a lot, did you think she would be afraid of you?" Qin Yu sneered.

"Tonight I'll investigate who her manager is before we make a decision," her manager said thoughtfully.

Qin Yu understood, even though Star King usually lost when competing with Hai Rui, at least it was always a battle on the same level. However, this time, she had lost to such a 'low level' Tangning. What pride and status did she still have in Star King?

This was no longer her own problem; it was a problem between Star King and Hai Rui...

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