Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 147: I Never Beg Others

Chapter 147: I Never Beg Others

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The wind howled as it blew past the rustling leaves, carrying flakes of snow. As the wind hit one's face, it left a bone-piercing coldness...

The photographer was holding onto his mug as his assistant and other members of the staff were huddling up to hot water bottles. It seemed, everyone was there to watch a show. After all, every time a photographer taught a model a lesson, they would be guaranteed a good show...

Before her shoot, Tangning lowered her head and whispered something into An Zihao's ear. Afterwards, with Long Jie's assistance, she made her way to her designated position. Long Jie looked down at the ice below their feet; the expression on her face changed, "The ice on this lake isn't thick enough. If we stay on here too long, it will eventually crack!"

After hearing Long Jie's yelling, the photographer roared back, "I've said it before. If you want to shoot then shoot, if not, then leave."

"You..." Long Jie pointed at the photographer. The fire in her chest was about to come pouring out.

"Let it go," Tangning remained composed as she convinced Long Jie to calm down. However, no one noticed the dark aura that flashed across her eyes.

"But, you are in danger..."

"I know what I'm doing..."

Seeing Tangning come to a compromise, the corners of the photographer's lips curved up in ridicule. At least she knows her place and knows she can't offend the photographer. After walking around and acting like a supermodel, he wanted her to realize that in fact, she was nothing!

"OK Tangning, get ready, we will film a long shot first!"

An Zihao gripped onto his phone in one hand as he glared at the photographer. Here he was, standing comfortably on land taking photos, while Tangning was standing barefooted on the frozen lake. What photographer does this?

An Zihao began to tremble in anger as he forced a smile on his face. He slowly found himself striding up to the photographer and exclaiming, "We aren't shooting anymore..."

"Manager An, do you know what you're saying?" the photographer immediately turned his head and questioned An Zihao. "You need to be clear. If Tangning is to leave now, does she still want to keep her professional reputation? She's only standing on the ice, I haven't even asked her to jump yet!"

"You're planning to make her jump?" Long Jie screamed in a high-pitch voice containing a sense of disbelief.

"What? Isn't jumping a common photography pose?" The photographer put down his camera and gave them a presumptuous smile.

"The ice is about to crack!"

"Doesn't that mean it hasn't cracked yet?"

Hearing this, Tangning suddenly lifted her feet and said to Long Jie, "Long Jie, get my clothes and shoes."

Long Jie immediately responded as she went into the change room to get Tangning's clothes. However, someone had soaked Tangning's clothes and it was now frozen in ice.

Before her clothes arrived, Tangning had already stepped off the ice with her head held high; she completely disregarded the photographer.

"Tangning, do you still want to be a model? Are you giving up on your career?" Seeing Tangning actually had the intention to walk out, the photographer was suddenly in a panic. He originally picked on Tangning because he knew Her Vision's shoot was extremely important for the advancement of her career.

So, he was assured that she would endure. But, who would have imagined, Tangning endured a little but wasn't going to blindly endure everything.

After stepping away from the lake, Tangning approached the staff. Although she was only wearing a thin dress, her chin was held high; she did not admit defeat.

"Am I the one giving up on my career, or are you?" Tangning received the phone from An Zihao's hand and showed the photographer the recording of everything that just happened.

"I don't know who's paying you to do this, and I don't care, but...if this video gets leaked, don't you think your entire team will be sent packing from the industry?"

"We didn't do anything wrong..." the photographer said furiously.

"Let's post it up and get everyone's opinion..."

"Tangning, have you reversed the roles? You are the one that's begging us for this opportunity, not the other way around."

"I never beg others, I just depend on myself." After speaking, Tangning turned to look at Long Jie.

However, Long Jie complained angrily, "Your clothes are frozen, it's impossible to wear!"

An Zihao removed his jacket. Just as he was about to place it on Tangning's shoulders, she turned to look at the photographer; his face was alternating between green and red. Barefooted, she approached him, "I have not offended you in the past, nor have I done anything against you recently. Must you be this extreme?"

"How would I know what this is all about?"

"You don't know?" Tangning stared at him with a cold gaze; so cold, it sent chills down everyone's spine.

Probably because he was panicking, he responded by giving Tangning a shove before responding arrogantly, "Who do you think you are? You are just an old you think I can't do without you?"

"Let me tell you Tangning, because of your attitude, I bet you will never become a supermodel."

Hearing this, not only Tangning, but also An Zihao and Long Jie were enraged. But, Long Jie did not forget, the most important thing at hand was to find something warm for Tangning first. Just as An Zihao was about to pull Tangning behind him and teach the photographer a lesson, a black jacket suddenly landed atop Tangning's shoulders. Everyone looked at the man that appeared out of nowhere in surprise...

It was Mo Ting!

The CEO of Hai Rui Entertainment, Mo Ting!

His car was stopped just behind them, but no one noticed when he had arrived!

It was really Mo Ting!

Everyone thought they were seeing things, including An Zihao.

As for Long Jie, now that she knew the hero had arrived, she took off her shoes and gave them to Tangning before finding a place to sit down and watch the show.

The entire set was in a state of shock. No one understood why Mo Ting appeared in a place like this.

"Mo...Mo...President Mo?" the photographer was flabbergasted as he tried to confirm the identity of the man in front of him. However, Mo Ting ignored him. Not only did he wrap Tangning in his jacket, he even removed his scarf and wound it tightly around her neck and face.

An Zihao watched from the side and suddenly understood everything. This figure...

...this familiar figure...

...this was the figure he had followed earlier; Tangning's man. The man Tangning had hidden so desperately was the CEO of Hai Rui Entertainment, Mo Ting!

An Zihao wasn't any less surprised than the staff. He had never expected Tangning had a background like this. Who would be able to guess she'd have a shield of this power? A model that had gone through so much defaming actually turned out to be the CEO of Hai Rui's woman.

An Zihao slowly calmed down as he realized, this was befitting of Tangning's character.

She didn't like to depend on others to get what she wanted; she liked to take one step at a time.

This must be why she had hidden her relationship with Mo Ting.

After all, if their relationship was exposed, she would no longer be labeled 'Tangning the model', but 'Mo Ting's girlfriend'.

But, was Mo Ting simply playing with her? Or was he actually serious?

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Yunyi Yunyi

Of course he's serious!


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