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Chapter 222: Your Manager is Indeed Mighty!

Chapter 222: Your Manager is Indeed Mighty!

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Stenson couldn't make a decision on the spot so he gathered the selection committee together to vote.

In reality, he was personally leaning more towards Tangning, but he didn't call the shots at Excalibur Q. So, he needed to get the support of others to convince the higher-ups to use Tangning who was less famous than Qin Yu.

After they evaluated their works, the majority of votes still went to Qin Yu. There was 7 of them; 4 went to Qin Yu and 3 went to Tangning.

After seeing the results, Stenson furrowed his brows. The more people voted for Qin Yu, the more conflicted he felt.

It reminded him of the days when Excalibur Q experienced vicious competition and the feelings of helplessness and suppression.

In the end, Stenson put down the results and glanced at the staff quickly before saying, "I just want to say one last thing. If you insist on your decision even after hearing me out, then we will just go ahead with the results."

"Please speak."

"Tangning's path is similar to Excalibur Q's. No one understands as well as her how it feels to go through ups and downs and the meaning of historical legacy. I hope Excalibur Q's spokesperson can tell a story and portray substance instead of merely selling popularity and pride."

After speaking, Stenson looked at everyone again before he continued, "Let's do another round of voting."

The competition was fierce and the atmosphere was extremely nerve-wracking. After all, Excalibur Q had always been careful in picking their spokespeople.

After 10 minutes, the second round of voting was completed. The assistant announced the results: 7 votes to Tangning, 0 to Qin Yu.

In actual fact, they had all favored Tangning, but because of their ego, they didn't want to admit to it. So, after Stenson expressed his thoughts, they all understood his standpoint and immediately voted for their preference. Their reasoning was simple, after working for Excalibur Q for so many years...

...apart from fame and fortune, there was also feelings of sentiment...

They had all witnessed Excalibur Q growing and maturing through multiple fierce battles. So they, of course, could understand why Tangning was suitable as Excalibur Q's spokesperson.

Hence, when the revised results were revealed, Tangning won!

Stenson immediately instructed his assistant to contact Tangning and tell her to come sign a contract at Excalibur Q tomorrow. But, the assistant mixed up Tangning and Qin Yu's contact details and ended up calling Qin Yu's manager.

Qin Yu's manager thought Qin Yu had actually secured the endorsement. She was so happy that she immediately lifted Qin Yu up and spun her around happily, "Finally...we've won against Hai Rui. Qin Yu, you won against Tangning!"

Messing up contact details wasn't uncommon for the foreigners. After all, to the foreigners, even if they could remember their faces, they couldn't remember their identities. In conclusion, the assistant merely remembered the mole on Qin Yu's cheekbone and assumed she was the person Stenson wanted.


Fang Yu waited patiently for a phone call, but he knew, the longer he waited, the less chance they had. In the end, he had no choice but to say to Tangning, "You've already tried your best. If we don't get the result we want we will return home immediately."

Tangning stood by the window without a word. From the depths of her bones she emitted an unwillingness to admit defeat.

"Truthfully, you should understand, although JK helped you lay the foundations for becoming an international supermodel, you still can't present figures such as rankings. So, it's not abnormal for you to lose. Don't take it to heart."

"Isn't there anything I can do?" Tangning lifted her head and asked Fang Yu.

"You've already brought out your professionalism and tried your best. It's just when it comes to international battles like this, seniority is key."

"I still want to have a chat to the people at Excalibur Q," Tangning did not admit defeat as she requested.

Fang Yu glanced at Tangning. He realized she had an unwavering spirit. Even after he had been so straightforward and firm, she still possessed her own determination.

"OK. I'll try and get in touch with them," Fang Yu nodded in seriousness.

Afterwards, Fang Yu pulled out Excalibur Q's information and put in his last effort. Although it took him almost 1 hour, Fang Yu still managed to get a chance to talk to Stenson. He then handed the phone to Tangning, "Make the most of this opportunity..."

Tangning nodded her head with a serious expression and retrieved the phone from Fang Yu's hand, "Hello Mr. Stenson, this is Tangning."

"Miss Tang, how are you?"

"I'm so sorry to disturb you so late at night. But, regarding Excalibur Q's endorsement can you let me say one thing? I really want to strive for this opportunity..."

Stenson froze in confusion. She was already the spokesperson...

Why was she still striving for the opportunity?

Stenson guessed something must have gone wrong with communication, but he did not explain. He wanted to hear Tangning's thoughts about Excalibur Q.

"Please speak."

"From the philosophy of Excalibur Q I can sense an underlying strength. I feel that your path to success and my path is very similar. If I can't be the spokesperson it will be a real pity."

The man laughed; he felt the same way. With the existence of such a suitable model, if they weren't to use her and instead choose a stereotypical model, they too would feel pity. So...

...Stenson put down his cup and smiled, "Miss Tang, although I don't know where things went wrong, according to our voting results this afternoon, Excalibur Q's spokesperson has already been confirmed as you. Since you've given us a call, I might as well let you know, tomorrow morning at 9am we will meet you at Excalibur Q to sign your contract."

As soon as Tangning heard these words, she was stunned...

So this was the truth...

"However, you really should thank your manager. Although he only briefly said a few words, he made us realize we should focus on character."

"I hope in the future we can cooperate well together."

"Here's to a smooth cooperation!"

Afterwards, Tangning hung up the phone and handed it back to Fang Yu. Hearing Tangning say 'smooth cooperation', he could guess that Tangning had succeeded.

Long Jie jumped up in excitement. But Tangning stared at Fang Yu and asked, "Stenson said my manager helped set him straight. Was he speaking about you?"

Fang Yu shrugged his shoulders, "Of course not. If I was that capable, would I be sitting here feeling defeated with you? This is proof that your manager is indeed mighty!"

"Who is he?"

"He is currently occupied with another job, so he asked me to come help you out. However, in the afternoon I called and told him we were having difficulties with your interview. That's why he contacted them," Fang Yu slowly explained, "It seems there really isn't anything he can't do..."

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