Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 218: Someone's Husband

Chapter 218: Someone's Husband

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As soon as everyone heard the news, their expressions were filled with joy. A few artists even started clapping and whistling.

Although they worked in the same office, Mo Ting had his own private lift, so artists barely had the chance to see him, let alone attend private gatherings with him. Mo Ting was like a legend in their hearts; he was more dazzling than any singer or movie star.

Huo Jingjing subconsciously studied the expression on Tangning's face. She noticed that everyone, including the charismatic Feng Ge was filled with excitement at the mention of Mo Ting's name. Yet, although Tangning was famous for being calm and quiet, her unaffected expression still made Huo Jingjing lower her head and smile.

"It seems you are well acquainted with President Mo?"

"I guess so," Tangning nodded admittedly.

"In this industry, not many people are close to President Mo. His lifestyle isn't at all like a typical person in the entertainment industry," Huo Jingjing said with a deeper meaning. Afterwards, she lowered her head and took a sip of her champagne.

Tangning gave a gentle laugh. She didn't know why, around Huo Jingjing, she didn't feel like she needed to be cautious. Perhaps it was because Huo Jingjing seemed to give off a similar vibe to her, making her feel a sense of familiarity.

Approximately 10 minutes later, there was a huge commotion. Tangning glanced over and noticed Mo Ting standing amongst the crowd. He was tall, mighty and radiant.

He was still wearing the same suit as he wore earlier that day as he left home; a black lapel suit. However, maybe because she had drunk some wine, the Tangning at this time, actually started thinking about Mo Ting when he wasn't wearing any clothes and his strong physique. So, her face began to turn red as she looked at the man amongst the crowd. Her eyes were passionately burning to the point where her gaze could possibly sear a hole in Mo Ting's body.

Mo Ting greeted each and every person before he started to look around for Tangning. As soon as his eyes met her fiery gaze, he couldn't help but smile. As he held back his urge to rush over and give her a hug, he gave her a look gesturing her not to drink so much.

Tangning gave a gentle smile as she looked down at her glass and slightly nodded.

"Tangning, come over here..." seeing Tangning remaining seated, Fang Yu waved her over.

Tangning grabbed her wine glass and obediently walked over to Fang Yu's side before she looked at Mo Ting.

"You should have a drink with President Mo..."

Tangning did not hesitate as she asked, "May I have this honor?"

Mo Ting grabbed a tall wine glass from the waiter and clinked his glass gently against Tangning's. The two's actions were the same and they drank in the same way; without knowing each other for a long time, it was impossible to be so in sync.

Huo Jingjing seemed to have discovered something as she let out a giggle. With their matching actions it was hard for those present not to be suspicious.

For an artist to make it to the top, both their EQ and IQ couldn't possibly be low. If they still couldn't figure out what was happening here...

...they didn't deserve to be the leaders in the industry.

Fang Yu also took the hint. If he had merely been suspicious when Mo Ting said he'd be Tangning's manager, then at this moment, seeing the Mo Ting that never attended gatherings appear because of Tangning, wasn't things obvious?

Of course, Big Boss didn't shun away even though he knew everyone would see the telltale signs because he was secretly hinting for them to watch over his woman.

Everyone understood. In reality, they weren't that surprised. Although some of them were younger than Tangning, they still understood that...

...since she had joined Hai Rui, she was naturally their junior. So, they already intended on taking good care of her.

After having a drink with Tangning, Mo Ting turned to discuss scripts with a few famous movie stars. Because of Mo Ting's good taste, any movie that he set his eyes on, would definitely receive good reviews without fail.

So, now that they had a chance to talk to him, they had to make the most of it.

Tangning returned to Huo Jingjing's side and continued to listen to the comforting music. Her tense body slowly relaxed.

"Don't announce it," Huo Jingjing sitting next to her suddenly said.


"Your relationship with President Mo. Don't announce it," Huo Jingjing suggested as she looked at Tangning seriously, "Otherwise, you will no longer have any form of privacy. The reporters are bound to have their eyes on you and will write about you at least a few times a week..."

Tangning was stunned for a moment before smiling.

"Let me tell you a story," Huo Jingjing found a comfortable position and slowly explained, "10 years ago, there was a model. She came from a low family background, but she fell in love with a famous director. They fearlessly fought side-by-side for many years. When the female model finally became a supermodel, they decided to announce their relationship. In the end, they lived together and got married. However, not long after, the media started reporting that the director was impotent."

"Because of this, the director fell apart and from then on, he gave up on everything."

"As for the female model, in order to prove her defeated husband was not impotent, she was lucky enough to fall pregnant. However, the media started saying her child was a test tube baby. In the end, because of stress, she had a miscarriage and ended up killing herself."

"That female model was my older sister, Huo Yingying."

"The media are terrifying..."

Tangning was definitely moved by the story. Fame had always been a double-edged sword.

"Don't worry, since President Mo was willing to let us know, he must already have everything under control. Actually, I think he's already started to help you prepare. If your relationship gets revealed, your life will definitely get flipped upside down."

"I know...I've always known..." Tangning nodded with a serious expression.

However, she viewed Mo Ting with complete trust and certainty.

"We will definitely help the two of you because Hai Rui has provided us with so much warmth..."

At that time, Tangning did not comprehend who was included in 'we'. She simply thought to herself, if the entertainment industry still had a piece of pure land, then Hai Rui would be it.

Meanwhile, Mo Ting seemed to have finished chatting. He suddenly placed his eyes upon Tangning. The softness of his gaze made Tangning feel like she was bathing under the moonlight.

Tangning had drunk a little too much. During her chat with Huo Jingjing, she repeatedly lifted the glass to her mouth. By the time Mo Ting looked at her for the 5th to 6th time, she was already lying unconscious with her head on the table.

Seeing this, Mo Ting stood up from the crowd and approached her. He then helped her sit up by supporting her shoulders.

Tangning sensed the familiar bodily warmth, so she immediately sat up straight, turned her head and wrapped her arms around Mo Ting's waist as she buried her head into his lower abdomen.

This scene...everyone saw it!

Although their eyes were wide, they were no longer shocked...

From now on, thanks to their junior sister, they would get a lot more chances to come in contact with the boss. It seemed, they would have to treat her even better.

Unable to wake Tangning up, Mo Ting had no choice but to carry her in his arms. At this moment, he was no longer the high and mighty boss, he was simply a drunkard's husband...

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