Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 217: You Still Want to Go Home? Come Stay at my Place

Chapter 217: You Still Want to Go Home? Come Stay at my Place

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Long Jie glared at Lu Che and simply said, "I'm just joking with you!" Afterwards, she helped him out of the bed and covered him with a thick jacket.

After the two headed downstairs, Lu Che suddenly half-knelt at the end of the stairs, "Get on..."

Although it was already early in the morning, the streets were still practically empty. Long Jie looked around and responded, "Forget it." Her mouth refused, but her body was honest. It was not long before she found herself on Lu Che's back.

Lu Che couldn't handle the weight and almost fell on the floor. Long Jie quickly placed her feet on the ground and asked, "Are you OK?"

Lu Che couldn't hold back his laughter as he bent over again, "Quick, hop on."

Long Jie also couldn't help but let out a laugh as she got back on his back. This time, Lu Che's footsteps were stable, even though it wasn't easy.

"Let me down ahead, I can call a Taxi home," Long Jie said as she pointed to the traffic light at the next intersection.

"You still want to go home? Come stay at my place..." Lu Che said as he continued to carry her past the intersection.

"Wouldn't it be inconvenient?" Long Jie asked. However, deep down she was sneakily smiling. Although an opportunity like this didn't come by often, at this moment, upon this man's back, Long Jie's heart felt warm and at ease. At the same time, she also felt sentimentally attached to him and didn't want to let go.

"Eh...this hospital was only 3 minutes from my house, how come it took you 10 minutes?" Lu Che changed the topic as he made the decision on his own.

"I am still a wo..." Before Long Jie finished saying 'woman', she suddenly screamed, "Watch where you're going..."

Lu Che merely turned his head for a moment. As a result, he walked into a lamp post. Long Jie fell backwards onto the snow-covered ground as Lu Che lay between her legs...

Lu Che's mind went blank for a moment as he realized their position was a little embarrassing. He quickly stood up, grabbed onto Long Jie's hand and pulled her off the ground. Long Jie covered her burning cheeks as she thought to herself, how good would it be if this road was a little longer .

Lu Che continued to hold onto Long Jie's hand as he led the way without looking back. Meanwhile, Long Jie enjoyed the feeling of having her hand held by the person she liked. All the way home, a million thoughts ran through her head.

She knew, even though she was an average person, an average person still had their benefits.

If right now Tangning and Big Boss stood in their place, they would be surrounded by people.

It didn't take long before they returned to Lu Che's home. As there was only one bedroom, Lu Che offered her his bed, but, Long Jie suggested, "Since it's too awkward to take the bed, how about we both sleep on the sofa. You take that one and I'll take this one."

Lu Che thought it over and felt her suggestion was quite reasonable. So after taking some medicine, he lay down on the sofa and peacefully fell asleep; it was practically like there was no woman lying opposite him at that moment.

Long Jie sat up and watched as Lu Che slept soundly. Inside she felt, letting such a beautiful night go to waste was quite a pity...

However, was she brave enough to let Lu Che know she liked him?

As she began to get drowsy, Long Jie eventually lay down on the sofa as well. Unfortunately, her sleeping posture wasn't a very pleasant sight...

In the darkness, a tall figure helplessly approached her side. He leaned over and covered her with a blanket.

However, Long Jie was in such a deep sleep, she had no idea...


The next morning, while Tangning was packing her luggage, she received a phone call from Fang Yu. He wanted her to attend a private gathering so she could meet some of Hai Rui's artists.

"I've already spoken to the President about this and he has agreed..."

Normally, Tangning did not like social events, but since Fang Yu had already organized it and Mo Ting had agreed, Tangning had no reason to refuse. So she nodded her head.

After all, she really should become part of the Hai Rui family and make a few more friends.

So, that night 6pm, she made her way to a hidden club with Long Jie. In order not to make her feel awkward, Fang Yu waited for her at the entrance and led her into the high-class cocktail party.

Inside the lavish venue, beautiful classical music resounded under the dazzling crystal chandelier; a famous singer was playing the piano.

Tangning concentrated on the faces around her. She realized most of the people attending the cocktail party were people that often appeared on TV. They were either famous TV and movie stars or famous singers. The only person from the same career path as her was the international supermodel, Huo Jingjing. She was dressed in a long silver dress and was sitting elegantly with a glass of champagne.

Afterwards, Fang Yu led Tangning to the man playing the piano and smiled as he said, "Feng Ge, I would like you to meet Tangning..."

Although Tangning rarely sang, she was still familiar with the status in pop music that this man had. Ten years ago, his fame was already widespread and he had set many records on the billboards. Now, ten years later, he was still beyond the reach of the younger generations and was like an evergreen of the music industry.

As the man looked her up and down, Tangning did not hesitate at all as she politely greeted him, "Feng Ge."

"It's nice to meet you. Attend these gatherings more often. If you like to sing, I can teach you."

"Thank you, Feng Ge."

"Tangning is here..." the other people present immediately raised their glasses and gathered around as they gradually greeted her. During this entire time, Fang Yu patiently introduced her to each person until she completely blended in with the crowd.

In the end, Tangning sat down beside Huo Jingjing. Not too long ago their abilities had already been compared by the public, but Huo Jingjing had gotten famous early on and had her own unique style, so she had her own advantages.

She simply turned and smiled at Tangning, "Don't like scenes like this?"

"Yeh, not quite used to it."

"You'll get used to it after you come a few times. This is how Hai Rui is, it has the ability to bring together the most outstanding people," Huo Jingjing murmured as she drank the champagne in her hands. Eventually, she started to feel a little drunk, so she asked, "Who is your manager?"

"I...I'm not sure," Tangning replied honestly.

"I heard you'll be flying to Italy in a couple days for a watch endorsement, but I heard people from Star King will also be competing for it." Huo Jingjing started explaining, "I know you've been previously blacklisted by Star King. But, since you've joined Hai Rui, you will definitely go up against Star King more often. You should be careful."

Tangning nodded as she looked seriously at Huo Jingjing.

"It's impossible to avoid fighting for resources, but, we at Hai Rui have never lost. I hope you can continue this winning streak. Of course, it also depends if your manager has the capability."

Tangning was well aware that the further she advanced, the more ruthless things would be. But apart from nodding her head, she didn't know how else to respond.

Because, she herself did not know who her manager was to be.

The two continued to chat for a while before noticing Fang Yu saying to everyone in secret, "Did you guys know, the president will be making an appearance tonight?"

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