Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 216: Messy Heart

Chapter 216: Messy Heart

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The thing Tangning hated the most, was when Long Jie looked down on herself. It seemed, those that appeared optimistic, were generally weaker on the inside. In front of everyone, they would laugh happily and joke around, but once it hit night and they were all alone, they would find a place to hide and soothe their own wounds.

"Let's go..." Long Jie reminded Tangning.

Tangning glanced quickly at Long Jie before boarding the company van.

Lu Che was like a block of wood with no sense of awareness. Pretty much, in his mind, the only reason he treated Long Jie nicely was simply because Long Jie was also nice to him.

"Right now, everyone in Beijing knows that you are Lu Che's fiancee. You already have an advantage, don't waste it."

Long Jie glared at Tangning as she covered her ears. Tangning's words were like feathers tickling at her heart.

She couldn't let her thoughts wander, it was making her heart a mess...


That evening. An unexpected snow fell upon Beijing.

Tangning stood beside the floor-to-ceiling window as she looked out at the snowy landscape. Behind her, the TV was broadcasting news about Luo Hao being taken to the police station for questioning.

Tangning turned around and casually glanced at the news. As she watched Luo Hao exit Cheng Tian helplessly, she felt that the suffering she had previously gone through had now completely dissipated.

Lan Xi followed behind as she escorted Luo Hao out. But, at this point, with Cheng Tian falling apart, her expression was equally pale.

After glancing at the news briefly, Tangning lifted the remote and turned off the TV; she already knew Lan Xi and Luo Hao's fate.

The two once-so-great people had now become a laughing stock in the entertainment industry. Especially after having their names mentioned by Hai Rui, overnight they had taken a fall from which they'd never be able to recover from.

Not long after, Mo Ting returned home covered in snow. But, his palms were warm.

He removed his jacket and approached Tangning from behind to give her a hug, "What are you thinking about? You look deep in thought."

"I'm thinking about the future," Tangning turned around and buried herself in Mo Ting's embrace, "Two months from now, let's announce our relationship."

"Are you sure?" Mo Ting smiled as he hugged her.

"Uh huh. You're too amazing, I'm afraid someone will snatch you away. So I have to lay my claim."

Mo Ting did not respond. He simply lifted her up so her legs could wrap around his waist and took a few steps towards the sofa. He then lay her down and pressed his body against hers as he gave her a passionate kiss.

If that was the case, then there was still a lot they had to deal with...

After the slight distraction, Tangning lay on Mo Ting's chest as she asked, " you think Lu Che would be interested in someone like Long Jie?"

"I'm afraid even Lu Che wouldn't be able to tell you."

After thinking for a moment, Tangning realized Mo Ting's response was reasonable. After all, Lu Che's EQ was indeed that low.

"However, Lu Che took the afternoon off because he had caught the flu."

"How about we call Long Jie to go and check on him?"

Mo Ting naturally handed his phone to Tangning before gesturing that he still had work to do in the study room. Tangning nodded her head assuring him that she would prepare dinner. However, before he got far, Tangning stopped him in his step, "I heard my manager is currently in Italy. Who is it?"

"You will find out when the time comes."

Tangning did not ask further. She held onto the phone as she walked over to the window and immediately gave Long Jie a phone call.

Of course, she deliberately exaggerated the truth.

Although Long Jie constantly warned herself not to let her emotions be moved, after hearing Lu Che had a fever of 39 degrees Celsius without anyone caring for him, she immediately wrote down his address and rushed over anxiously. On the way, it wasn't clear how many red lights she ran.

Half an hour later, Long Jie arrived at Lu Che's front door. After pressing the doorbell a few times, Lu Che finally opened the door. Looking at her with a lifeless expression, he responded, "Oh, it's you..."

"Have you taken medicine? Amongst the medicine I bought you last time, there was a pack of flu tablets..."

Lu Che trudged childishly back to the sofa. Whenever he was sick his brain would be muddled up, so he didn't hear a word Long Jie said.

Long Jie sat on the coffee table, however, Lu Che suddenly started laughing, "You're too heavy, be careful of my coffee table."

Long Jie had no patience to deal with his ridicule. Instead, she quickly retrieved the thermometer from the medicine chest on the table and placed it in Lu Che's mouth. After 3 minutes, she took it out to have a look and started panicking, "You're 39 degrees! You need to go to the hospital..."

"I don't want to sit in the car, I'm too about you carry me there."

Long Jie: "..."

Looking at Lu Che's height, he was at least 185cm. Even though she was quite burly, it still would not be feasible for her to carry a grown man.

"How about I don't go..."

Long Jie was both angry and amused. She suddenly felt the Lu Che at this moment was quite adorable. Perhaps his fever had made him a little confused, so he had no idea how childish he was acting.

A moment later, Long Jie knelt down with her back towards him and instructed, "Get on..."

Lu Che sat up and climbed onto Long Jie's back without hesitation. In the end, he found a comfortable position, buried his head into Long Jie's shoulders and drowsily fell asleep.

Long Jie only managed to take a few steps before she found it hard to breathe. But, thinking about the man on her back and how serious his fever was, she felt her heart ache. Although Lu Che was trying to torment her...she still felt bittersweet.

Luckily, after 10 minutes of walking, she found a hospital. Long Jie carried Lu Che inside and placed him on a stretcher so the doctors could examine him. She didn't want to delay in case his illness developed into pneumonia.

After tossing and turning in the hospital for 4 hours, Lu Che finally gained consciousness in the middle of the night. He opened his eyes to find Long Jie laying by his bedside.

Coincidentally at this time, the nurse was inspecting the room. Seeing Lu Che had woken up, she smiled, "You and your sister must be really close. It wasn't easy for her to carry you all the way to the hospital."

Lu Che recalled his childish behavior and suddenly felt a little guilty.

Why did he pick on Long Jie for being fat?

Because his hand was feeling a little numb, Lu Che decided to give his arm a shake. But, because of this action, Long Jie slowly forced her eyes open and asked, "You've awoken. Do you feel better?"

"Much better," Lu Che answered awkwardly. "About what happened...I didn't mean to make you carry me here. I didn't expect you to take me seriously."

"But, you sure are strong..."

After hearing this, Long Jie was so angry her heart filled with discomfort. She pulled Lu Che by his clothes and almost wanted to use her lips to shut him up.

The two looked at each other. Even Long Jie couldn't understand why she had suddenly lost control like this. Eventually, they moved apart and Long Jie complained awkwardly, "You're too noisy!"

Lu Che was still in a daze...

Long Jie stood up and growled, "It seems you've recovered. Let's go. Let's leave the hospital immediately. I didn't drive, so this time, you should carry me back."

"I don't have the strength to carry you..."

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