Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 215: Did You Think He Would Understand Your Hinting?

Chapter 215: Did You Think He Would Understand Your Hinting?

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This was the first time Tangning took part in a press conference held by Hai Rui. In an instant, she finally understood how Mo Ting managed to rule over the entertainment industry and not have his status shaken at all.

Fang Yu's management was enough to explain everything...

Their professional PR capabilities and powerful approach was something that apart from Hai Rui, no other agency could possibly do.

After the contract signing ceremony was over, Fang Yu looked at Tangning and smiled. He was reassuring her not to worry; from now on, Hai Rui would support her from all sides.

Tangning returned his smile; she was overflowing with words and expressions of gratitude.

As for Long Jie and Lu Che, who were standing below the stage, they were extremely moved. Especially Long Jie, who pinched Lu Che's arm excitedly every time something gratifying happened. It was not until the ceremony was over that Lu Che finally lifted his arm to show Long Jie, "If you continue to pinch me, this arm won't be able to function anymore!"

"Boss' agency is almighty, amazing and professional..."

Lu Che realized there was no way of stopping Long Jie, so he allowed her to continue pinching him.

He looked at her undoubtedly.

Of course, look who's agency this is! Did you think those dirty-handed companies out there could compare?

"Seeing this, I finally don't have to worry about Tangning's future."

Lu Che watched as Long Jie laughed and cried at the same time; he couldn't get himself to understand the workings of the female mind. When happy, they cry; when sad, they also cry...

"I can finally relax."

"So? What do you plan to do now?"

"What else can I do? I'm already so old. Of course, I need to find someone to marry," Long Jie blurted. But, when she remembered she was talking to Lu Che, she suddenly froze.

She was so excited, she forgot to watch what she was saying.

Lu Che was silent. He simply placed his gaze upon Tangning, who was standing on the stage. However, his eyelashes slightly twitched.

Long Jie snuck a glance at Lu Che; she couldn't quite understand what he was thinking. The smile on her face suddenly turned stale.

She wondered whether she should continue to hint at him.

Lu Che probably doesn't like older women, right?

With this thought, Long Jie's smile started to look a little forced.

A little while later, the contract signing ceremony officially came to an end. As Han Xiner was leaving Hai Rui, Fang Yu suddenly approached her and smiled, "After you are fully recovered, if you are interested in joining Hai Rui, give me a call..."

"What can I do in Hai Rui?"

"Hai Rui's Marketing Department welcomes you," Fang Yu gave a refined smile, "You honestly have great potential."

Han Xiner glanced at Tangning, then turned back to Fang Yu and nodded solemnly, "Since Tangning is there, then I am definitely willing to join. I just hope you aren't giving me any false promises."

"I'm curious. Why do you enjoy following Tangning?"

"Because I also want to face life head-on. Tangning once gave me hope to keep living; I felt like I should live my life like her. I learned that during times when I should work hard, I should seize the opportunity; and during times when I want to love, I should love with no reservation."

"In that case, you first need to regain your health. I'll cheer for you, young friend!"

Just before Han Xiner left, Tangning embraced her in a tight hug, "Since I did not have the obligation to donate you a kidney, then you also did not have the responsibility to clarify everything for me."

"I just wanted what was best for you, Ning Jie."

"I will be there during your surgery," Tangning loosened her embrace and gently stroked Han Xiner's hair; mimicking the way Mo Ting usually gave her strength.

Han Xiner gave a big smile. With rosy cheeks, she nodded her head, "In that case, I definitely need to recover my health and return to your side."

Tangning was extremely moved by Han Xiner's righteousness and tolerance.

In this world, everyone faced a variety of choices on a daily basis. But, there were people that would never hurt others, no matter what experience they came across; nor would they blame others.

So people like that, deserved to lead a better life.


After the ceremony was over, Fang Yu invited Tangning into his office and explained, "The president understands that you must have been through a lot during the Han Xiner incident so he has decided to give you a day off to readjust. are expected at work the day after. That way you can begin on your busy work schedule."

"I don't need a day off," Tangning replied straightforwardly. After a moment of silence, she continued, "Actually, I really want to know who my manager will be."

"Your manager is currently overseas. The day after tomorrow, you will be flying to Italy. At that time, your manager will meet you there," Fang Yu explained.

"I understand..."

"Tangning, at Hai Rui, you can be yourself."

"Right now I am being myself."

She had never been the talkative type.

Fang Yu shrugged. With his playful body language, he assured Tangning that Hai Rui was strict, but was one big happy family filled with love.

Tangning responded with a knowing smile, "I will cherish every day spent at Hai Rui."


[Hai Rui Powerfully Strikes Back at Anti-fans: Truth Revealed Behind Han Xiner Incident!]

[Hai Rui Tells Tangning's Fans: If You Can't Love Her, Then Stay Away]

[Hai Rui Face Slaps Anti-fans: The Real-Identity System Will be Your Forever Grave!]

In an instant, Hai Rui used their most powerful methods to reverse the damage caused by the public. Just like a storm passing by, it quickly swept away all the negative comments related to Tangning.

Anti-fans were afraid of getting in trouble, so they stopped posting online. As for Tangning's indecisive fans, many of them left her fan club in shame; they wanted to temporarily distance themselves from the mess.

That same night, within the film and television industry, there was breaking news of a famous movie star getting into a car accident; the media's attention was immediately drawn over.

Tangning's attention online decreased and she also came down from search rankings. Seeing this, Long Jie finally let out a sigh of relief, "You've finally recovered."

Tangning was standing outside Hai Rui. She lifted her head to look at the top of the building and understood, the person that helped her become reborn was her husband, Mo Ting.

August 19th - that was the day her life was reborn.

As for today, this was the day that her career was reborn.

"From now on, my life belongs to this man. For him, I will continue improving."

Hearing Tangning mumbling to herself, Long Jie felt happy for her. But, she also felt a little sad.

Who was she to improve for?

Tangning lowered her head and noticed the sad expression on Long Jie's face. So she asked gently, "Are you thinking about Lu Che?"

"..." Long Jie did not admit, nor did she deny.

"If you like him, you should tell him. Did you think he would understand your hinting?"

"It sounds easy, but if it doesn't work out, I'm worried it would be too awkward to remain friends," Long Jie replied in honesty. "I'm well aware, with my family background, there is no way that Lu Che's family would be pleased with a woman like myself."

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