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Chapter 214: Face Slap

Chapter 214: Face Slap

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"I..." the reporter stuttered one word; her face was terrifyingly red.

"I know of the current state in the entertainment industry. The cost to create a rumor isn't very high and that's why it's become a habit for you guys to create your own rumors. But, this tactic doesn't work for every artist..."

"As long as an artist of Hai Rui is involved, we will do whatever we can to fight against you. As long as Hai Rui is still in the entertainment industry, as long as we are still number one in your hearts, we vow to fight against any indecency in the industry until the end."

"Today, regarding the incident between Tangning and Han Xiner, Hai Rui will like to formally make the following statement: Firstly, Tangning has no obligation to take on the responsibility of helping Han Xiner. So, by helping Han Xiner find a suitable kidney, she has already morally withheld her bottom line."

"Secondly, during this critical period of Han Xiner's illness, Tangning did not receive any calls of help nor did she arrange for a middleman to relay messages; Tangning only found out about the incident after everything had happened. Any discussions about Tangning abusing Han Xiner are rumors, and anyone that continues to spread these rumors will be investigated by Hai Rui!"

"Thirdly, the Han Xiner incident has caused immense damage to Tangning's reputation. Since we have evidence in our hands as to the instigator of this incident, Hai Rui will be sending out a legal notice. Actions like this will be punished according to the law."

"Last of all, Hai Rui has already given a serious warning to multiple media companies and publications. We hope that members of the media bear in mind their responsibilities, maintain their bottom line and stop blindly following the crowd. Let's all work together to create a happy environment in the entertainment industry."

"All I have said is a representation of the entire Hai Rui..."

Fang Yu's words were clear and precise and his warning was powerful, making all the media present startled and scared...

They originally thought Hai Rui was joking, but Hai Rui presented them with their most serious weapon: the law!

The reporters looked at each other. Actually, they had always known deep down they were being used. But, what could they do? It wasn't easy to be a reporter. No one cared about finding the truth, they were simply focused on whether the incident had any explosive points that would excite the audience.

They were all fighting to be the first in line to reveal something new and couldn't possibly turn back...

So, when the truth was revealed, they all looked at Tangning with guilt.

What did Tangning do wrong?

She was targeted, framed, slandered and almost destroyed ...

"Sorry Tangning...we had no choice..."

"I am extremely sorry. Regarding this incident, we made too big of a mistake."

"Luckily Hai Rui came to bring order to the chaos."

"From now on, we will remember that we are reporters."

Facing these apologies and seemingly heartfelt displays of remorse, apart from feeling a sense of ridicule, Tangning did not feel anything else.

When defaming someone, any rumor could come from their mouths.

Yet, once pressured, they began to show regret and shame.

Fang Yu watched as the media admitted defeat in fear. He then turned his head and glanced at Tangning before changing the topic and joking, "However, with this incident being such a big hit, apart from the confused media, there are a group of people that deserve some attention."

After speaking, Fang Yu slightly turned his body and projected messages left by one of Tangning's fans on the screen behind them.

On the screen was an analysis of the fan's progression, from being completely obsessed with Tangning a long time ago, to insulting Tangning during an incident, to finally becoming an anti-fan. This particular fan ended up going through this change multiple times. Between the lines of text, there was the word: 'Moron!'"

"Every celebrity experiences fans turning into anti-fans and anti-fans turning into fans. But, fans like this one who's back and forth movement resembles a paperclip, after this incident is over, please don't take note of our Tangning anymore."

"It's not that you can't afford to love Tangning, Tangning can't afford to treasure you..."

"Since you've decided to be an anti-fan then don't revert back and slap yourselves in the face!"

The media were not held accountable and the reporter from earlier wasn't asked to kneel. Deep down, they understood, Hai Rui was letting them off the hook. So, they laughed along with Fang Yu.

Of course, the fan was just an example. Fang Yu's true intention was to lure out...the anti-fans!

Afterwards, legal notices from Hai Rui appeared on the screen behind them. On the screen were messages from 10 anti-fans and their real names.

The media were flabbergasted; they never expected Hai Rui to be so harsh...

From the media to the instigator; from the fans to the heartless anti-fans; Hai Rui did not let a single one of them off as they chased each one of them for accountability.

"As Hai Rui said earlier, it doesn't cost much to create a rumor. Because of this, groups and groups of people find pleasure in insulting people from behind their keyboards."

"Since that is the case, Hai Rui must prepare to defend. So, these 10 people should be receiving their legal notices at this time."

"If you expose the truth and have seriously witnessed something indecent in the entertainment industry, you are welcome to report it. But, people that use the convenience of the internet to get attention and slander others, causing others harm; Hai Rui can't tolerate."

"There are thousands and thousands of fans...but, you will all have a day when you will need to face the consequences."

"If you continue to spread rumors, it will only encourage websites to develop a real-identity system. When that time comes, you will definitely be exposed!"

"I can't wait to see how mighty you are!"

Fang Yu's words were extremely powerful, but it allowed those that had been suffering from anti-fans for a long time, feel a sense of satisfaction. It also meant, from today onwards, Hai Rui would do all they could to protect their own artists.

"The real identity of these anti-fans were revealed with the permission of the police. We got permission when we reported the incident to them..."

"Anti-fans, Hai Rui is waiting for your challenge!"

These words were a declaration of war from Hai Rui. Of course, with the involvement of police, the anti-fans that had previously threatened Tangning, immediately disappeared without a trace...


Mo Ting stood inside his office watching the live broadcast. He was pleased with what he saw.

The people that had previously bullied Tangning, the people that were currently bullying Tangning and the people that intended on bullying Tangning...

Did they still think they had a chance?


"From today onwards, Tangning will become a model under Hai Rui. From now on, all her jobs will be completely handled by Hai Rui. I hope the media can be kind to her and treat her gently..."

The media's attendance at Hai Rui today forced them to be slapped in the face as well as witness others getting slapped in the face. After hearing Fang Yu's words, they had no choice but to nod their heads, "Of course..."

"Tangning will definitely become an international supermodel..."

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