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Chapter 146: I am a Vengeful Person

Chapter 146: I am a Vengeful Person

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9:30am. The entire photography team had arrived at the shooting location; it was in the middle of the woods. Giant trees with dark brown foliage towered above them as the place gave off a desolate vibe. White snow covered every inch of the floor and not too far away, lay a frozen lake. In the distance, buildings designed in the iconic Moscow-style architecture could be seen. The vibrant colorful buildings had the ability to make any observer lighten their mood. Seeing this, the weather no longer felt so cold...

The team temporarily set up a change room for Tangning. But, after receiving the sponsored clothing prepared by the stylist, Long Jie immediately went to look for An Zihao and the photographer, "Aren't we shooting an advertisement for the clothes? In this coastal city with freezing winds and a temperature of -3 degrees, do you expect Tangning to wear a sleeveless dress?"

"This issue's theme is 'A Snow Wonderland'. Not only will Tangning be required to wear minimal clothing, she will also need to walk barefoot across the frozen lake." The photographer roared at Long Jie, "So many other models have experienced similar shoots, why is it your model has so many problems."

"I'm seriously suspecting whether she is a professional model!"

As a model, it was common to shoot an entire advertorial based on contrasting seasons. In other words, wearing summer clothes in winter and winter clothes in summer. This was especially popular during Fashion Week. But, Her Vision was only shooting a front cover; usually the sponsors wouldn't have any special requests. So, the decision-making lay solely with the photographer.

"This is entirely necessary for creating the effect that we want to achieve. If Tangning feels that she can't do it, then she is welcome to give Her Vision a call."

"You..." Long Jie choked in anger. All she could do was turn to An Zihao. Of course, An Zihao's expression wasn't impressed either; his eyes were dark and suspicious.

"If I find out you are deliberately toying with Tangning after receiving benefits from someone, I will make it impossible for you to continue in the photography industry."

After hearing An Zihao's warning, the photographer's expression looked a little awkward. However, he remained calm, "Don't try to slander me. I've been a photographer for so many years, yet I've never met a model that's as difficult as Tangning. If you want to shoot then shoot, if not, then leave..."

"Of course we will shoot..." Tangning's voice appeared from behind them.

"Tangning..." An Zihao reached out his hand to stop her, but she simply pushed it away.

"But I want to ask the photographer how many years he's been in the industry?"

"7 years..." the photographer scoffed.

"Well, I've been a model for 9," Tangning smiled as she endured the cold, "In this industry, I've seen many dirty methods used; some even life-threatening. I don't believe I'm the most difficult model you've had to work with, but I do understand some of your reasoning. As for your decision on the shoot today, if you say it is the best way to shoot it, I will believe you. But, I hope you remember, I am not usually one to cause trouble, however, I am a vengeful person."

"Since we can't come to a mutual agreement, then we can only deal with it professionally. We will do as you say."

Tangning had a cold personality to begin with, but with the addition of her glare as she said these words, a bitter coldness pierced through the photographer's bones.

After seeing Tangning's expression, the photographer's previously imposing manner had now subsided...

9 years of struggles had given her the opportunity to meet all different types of people. Did he think she was so easy to fool, like a newcomer?

What was he saying about Tangning being a difficult model? The photographer just wanted to find an excuse to get angry at her.

"Long Jie, get me my clothes..."

"Tangning..." Long Jie was a little hesitant.

Tangning grabbed her clothes and looked at Long Jie with a reassuring smile. The weather was already so cold, if they were to continue arguing, they would be merely standing here suffering more lashings of the wind.

Mo Ting's car was parked not too far away. Seeing them arguing, he immediately gave Long Jie a phone call. While Tangning was getting changed, Long Jie quickly scurried over to find Mo Ting and boarded his car.

"What happened?"

Long Jie explained the entire situation in detail with a worried expression. While she was at it, she threw in a few good words for An Zihao, just in case Big Boss released his anger on everyone, "An Zihao is actually a pretty good manager, he woke up early this morning to scope out the location..."

"Tell Tangning I don't want her to do the shoot."

Long Jie got out of the car and relayed Mo Ting's message to Tangning. But Tangning got Long Jie to reply on her behalf, "Do you want me to run away irresponsibly?"

She was a model, she had to follow arrangements, it was reasonable. If she just ran off like this, she wouldn't be able to handle the consequences. Even though she knew someone was doing all this behind-the-scenes to screw with her, she still had to grit her teeth and carry on. Most importantly, just because Mo Ting was here and she could enjoy his warmth, it didn't mean she had an excuse to run away from her responsibilities. What if she never had Mo Ting by her side?

After receiving her reply, Mo Ting gave Tangning a phone call, "You can go ahead with the shoot...but after this is all over, the photography team should look forward to being unemployed."

Mo Ting was angry; Tangning could tell from his tone of voice. To her, he never spoke harshly, however, to others, he was the Mo Ting everyone knew of.

"Don't worry, I know what I'm doing."

Tangning put down her phone. At this time, An Zihao who was standing behind noticed the caller ID was '0819'. So, in Tangning's phone, this man is a simple 4 digit number. Of course, he had no idea, 0819 was Tangning and Mo Ting's wedding anniversary.

"What? Is he worried?"

"Very worried," Tangning nodded as she smiled helplessly, "I really hope he's not nearby. Or else, after I get changed and step out of here, I'm afraid he'll be so angry he'd kill everyone."

"If that's the case, why isn't he stepping out to protect you?" An Zihao asked curiously.

"He's already protected me enough. This is my own career, I can rely on myself."

An Zihao no longer spoke. It seemed he really did underestimate Tangning and her man.

From the time he met Tangning, he only knew she was an extremely disciplined woman that was forward-thinking and ambitious whilst maintaining a bottom line. She never initiated attacks, but she wasn't weak and useless; in fact, her every move was deadly and vengeful. But, he realized another fact about her, she was extremely clean in her approach; she never used the power of others to benefit herself.

It seemed the public's assumptions about her were incorrect.

"Since you've made your decision, I don't think I have the ability to stop you," An Zihao smiled.

"Step out, I need to get changed."

An Zihao nodded as he left the room. After he left, Tangning gathered her courage and put on the champagne-colored sleeveless dress.

It was was so cold she could feel it piercing through her bones...

But, Tangning still stepped out of the room in the dress and walked across the frozen lake barefooted as per the photographer's instructions.

The photographer sneered from behind the camera. He wanted to see, under these harsh conditions, whether Tangning would be able to endure 5 minutes...

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