Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 212: Do You Feel That My Body Isn't Flexible Enough?

Chapter 212: Do You Feel That My Body Isn't Flexible Enough?

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All the artists that belonged to Hai Rui, whether they attended events or not, ended up being harassed by reporters. Apart from a few artists that were too busy to respond straight away, everyone else expressed complete trust in their agency and anticipation towards Tangning.

To a great extent, this showed the demeanor of a leading company. Of course, it also proved that in this industry, Mo Ting was in a position of absolute dominance.

Late into the night. After a long day at work, Mo Ting finally returned home. As he walked in through the front door, he discovered Tangning wearing a thin layer of training gear as she worked out in the gym. He was silent for a few seconds. At first, he was afraid she'd be cold, but on second thought, he decided to grab a pair of black training shirt and pants and joined her.

Tangning was already 26-years-old. If she was to maintain her fit and healthy figure, she would need to put in a lot more effort than those that were younger than her. So, seeing her dripping in sweat, Mo Ting couldn't help but feel his heart ache a little...

He approached her from behind, leaned over and helped her lift the dumbbell in her hands as she leaned back onto his chest, "It's OK to have high expectations for yourself. shouldn't push yourself too hard."

"I have no choice, I don't have a trainer," Tangning leaned against Mo Ting's body as she sighed, "But, you're right, when I follow the same routine as before, I do feel my body can't handle it as well."

Mo Ting nudged her forward and placed the dumbbell back on the floor.

He then grabbed a towel and gently wiped the sweat from Tangning's body.

"What do you mean you don't have a trainer? I'll train with you..."

Tangning froze for a moment. Suddenly, she took a couple steps back before removing Mo Ting's shirt from his body...An extremely attractive male body was exposed before her; his 8-pack abdominal muscles were perfectly sculpted and his tight muscles complemented his healthily glowing bronze skin...

Seeing the courage of his woman, Mo Ting's lips curved upwards into a smile, "You've seen it so many times. Still not satisfied?"

"President Mo, from now on, I hope you don't wear clothes at home."

Mo Ting hooked his arm around Tangning's waist and drew her into his chest, "You like seeing me like this?"

"Who wouldn't want to see a sight like this?" Tangning couldn't help but ask back. "However, only I am allowed to see it - only me."

Mo Ting was pleased with Tangning's possessiveness, so he lowered his head and passionately kissed her on the lips. After a few minutes of affection, he grabbed onto her waist and said, "The top half of your body is strong should focus on training your abdominal muscles."

"Do you feel that my body isn't flexible enough?"

Mo Ting was resisting his urges, yet here she was trying to provoke him.

He pinched her on the waist and explained, "If a woman trains her lower abdominal muscles well, it will be beneficial towards giving birth later."

"Then you should train with me."

Mo Ting lowered his head and brushed his nose against Tangning's, "I'm not the one giving birth -you are."

Tangning could feel her heart beating out of her chest because of the soul-stealing, hormone-fueled atmosphere that was right in front of her. In a moment like this, even if he was to ask her to run 10,000 meters she would be willing, let alone train her abdominal muscles a little...

Mo Ting looked at Tangning. All of a sudden, he lifted her horizontally in his arms. At a time like this, who still had the mood to train?

He directly carried her into the bedroom and straight into the bathroom. The couple made love once and then made love again until they were completely exhausted. Afterwards, they headed into the kitchen to cook noodles for each other.

Sitting at the dining table, Tangning looked at Mo Ting who was wearing nothing but a robe. She shook her head. It seemed, she would need to hire a female trainer. Otherwise, if Mo Ting was her trainer, she was afraid 9-out-of-10 times, they would end up on the bed.

Mo Ting saw through to her thoughts. He returned to his usual seriousness and cleared his throat, "I couldn't control myself today, I promise there won't be a next time."

Tangning tilted her head and looked at Mo Ting. Did you think I would believe you?

"As long as you don't make a move, I'll be fine."

In reality, Tangning herself did not feel confident that she'd be able to control herself. All she knew have a person that stayed by her side no matter what she did; someone who helped her tirelessly; someone to share the joys of being together with; having all this, Tangning felt her heart fill with happiness.

With these thoughts, Tangning placed the egg from her bowl into Mo Ting's, "At home, you are no longer just my husband and boss. You have gained one more identity: my trainer. So, President Mo, from now on you've really got your work cut out for you!"

"Will you ever be able to leave me?"

Tangning shook her head submissively, "No way."

"Hurry, finish your food and go to bed early. Tomorrow morning we will be holding your contract signing ceremony."

Tangning nodded. She couldn't wait to improve on herself; to become the best; to be worthy of all that Mo Ting had done for her, because - she wanted to be with Mo Ting forever...

Tomorrow, she would once again set sail from Hai Rui. This time, it would be smooth sailing to the top of the fashion industry.

A while later, Mo Ting carried Tangning into the bedroom and sat in bed next to her as he coaxed her to sleep.

Suddenly, the corners of Tangning's eyes became watery.

Mo Ting looked down at her and asked, "Why are you crying?"

"I've experienced being treated harshly by this world. But, I am currently being treated lovingly. Only when someone gets treated with love, will they learn how to show love."

"Did you think, before meeting you, I would do stuff like this?" Mo Ting smiled as he lay beside Tangning and pulled her into his embrace. "At first I was quite skeptical whether you'd get used to living the simple life."

"If the 16-year-old Tangning had met the 22-year-old Mo Ting, perhaps...because of our youth we would have argued constantly and had an on-again-off-again-relationship. But now that the 26-year-old Tangning met the 32-year-old Mo Ting, we will simply support each other and have a long and lasting relationship."

Mo Ting smiled as he lowered his head to place a gentle kiss on Tangning's ear. The couple soon entered into slumber in each other's embrace.

This time, Mo Ting finally had a chance to use his abilities to help Tangning set sail.


The next morning. The anti-fans prepared 3 claims against Tangning and requested for Hai Rui to provide a response. This was because Fang Yu had told everyone to bring all the evidence and questions they had regarding Tangning.

In reality, the Han Xiner incident merely lit the fuse for the anti-fans. Because of Tangning's constant appearance at the top of search rankings, many people that had paid for those positions found their money had gone to waste. So, these people that held a grudge against her, dug up old dirt and brought it into the limelight once again.

"Tangning, even if you have the support of Hai Rui, we will still tear you apart."

"I hate Tangning for no reason, bite me!"

"Tangning, so many people dislike you. You should really find out why."

"The slate cleaning is about to start...too bad, from my point of view, it doesn't look like you can possibly wipe it clean!"

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