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Chapter 211: I Can Officially Boss You Around

Chapter 211: I Can Officially Boss You Around

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"Plus, there are already a large number of anti-fans that are denouncing Cheng Tian. The extreme ones are even attacking Hai Rui..."

Fang Yu was silent for a couple seconds; everyone assumed he was surprised by this outcome. But then he suddenly replied, "10am tomorrow, Hai Rui will hold an official contract signing ceremony for Tangning. Tangning will be present at that time. Anti-fans and reporters, if you have any evidence..."

"...feel free to bring them and present it to everyone. We can see if Tangning has really committed murder, whether she has broken a promise and whether all the rubbish you guys speak of is true."

"Hai Rui is not Cheng Tian Entertainment, we don't run our business based on vagueness. Indecent activity does not exist in Hai Rui. And of course, we won't allow our artists to suffer humiliation innocently."

"Since Tangning has already signed with Hai Rui, we will definitely be open and transparent about everything."

"Here I call upon all the reporters to be on time tomorrow. When the time comes, I have even bigger news to reveal!"

Fang Yu firmly expressed Hai Rui's views and powerfully pulled Tangning into their territory.

As long as it was an artist of Hai Rui's, they would never give up on them nor abandon them. There was no way they'd be like Cheng Tian and get rid of someone as soon as anything got stirred up.

This show of power once again threw a fierce face-slap on Cheng Tian's management and PR. The reporters at the scene could clearly sense that Hai Rui's protection of Tangning was not merely empty words.

The netizens continued to scold Tangning, but the intensity decreased.

Many people doubted Hai Rui, but as soon as they thought about their idol or favorite TV personality and the fact that they came from Hai Rui, they would subconsciously end up trusting Hai Rui...and Tangning.

As for Cheng Tian Entertainment, they were currently an outcast in the industry; they were much too embarrassing. Although, competition and fighting was common amongst entertainment agencies, to be slapped in the face by Hai Rui within 10 minutes, was not something that happened often.

Hence, Cheng Tian Entertainment became the biggest joke in the industry.

A bored fan even turned Luo Hao's expression into a set of emojis to express his emotions towards entertainment news.

As for the staff at Cheng Tian, because of the fear induced by offending Hai Rui, they slowly started placing their resignation letters on Lan Xi's desk - one after another.

Although Cheng Tian hadn't completely fallen apart...

...they still suffered a serious blow. Compared to Lan Xi's recent headliner, this incident was much more serious.

At this time, only the anti-fans continued to stand up against Tangning...Now that they had a chance to release their accumulated anger, there was no way they would hold back just because she signed with Hai Rui.

"I wonder what disgusting methods Tangning used to sign with Hai Rui. This annoying cheap model treats other's lives as dirt; by changing agencies, she is merely concealing her shame under a bigger leaf."

"I once thought Hai Rui were undeniably pure and clean, but it seems, they too are heading downhill? Otherwise, why would they sign someone like Tangning?"

"Without us fans, I wonder how much Hai Rui's shares would drop."

"Apparently, there will be a big revelation tomorrow. Let's wait and see how Hai Rui tries to clean up after Tangning."


Meanwhile, Tangning was sitting beside Mo Ting as she browsed the news. As soon as she saw her name and Hai Rui's name being scolded by anti-fans in the same sentence, she lifted her head to look at the man beside her, giving off a sense of guilt.

Mo Ting did not turn his head nor look into Tangning's eyes, but he knew what she was thinking, "You can't possibly believe this is all Hai Rui has, right? Tomorrow, all you need to do is dress nicely and make an appearance...everything else, Fang Yu will handle."

"You still haven't told me...who will be my manager?" Tangning put down her laptop and slightly leaned towards Mo Ting.

"The higher-ups are still discussing it," Mo Ting replied calmly, "What? You don't trust me?"

"I'm a little afraid..." Tangning responded honestly.

Although she prepared herself mentally in advance, she still did not feel confident about joining Hai Rui. Especially when she thought about her and Mo Ting's relationship possibly being revealed one day; what would the people at Hai Rui think? What would the public think?

Hearing her say she was afraid, Mo Ting stopped what he was doing and looked into her eyes, "I never thought I'd still hear the word 'afraid' coming from your mouth."

"But, think about it, just because you are joining Hai Rui, does that mean you are no longer a model? And will you no longer be Tangning?"

Tangning lowered her head and thought for a moment. As she lifted her head to respond, her face flushed red, "Does that mean from now on, you can boss me around?"

Seeing this, the corners of Mo Ting's lips slightly curved upwards; his happiness came from his heart, "I finally have an excuse to officially boss you around."

"You can't go easy on me..."

Mo Ting nodded, "I will be extra strict with you, because I know you like to prove yourself worthy. So, are you rest assured to sign the contract now?"

Lu Che smiled handsomely as he stood behind the couple; he enjoyed seeing them work together side-by-side.

Meanwhile, sitting on the side, Long Jie sneakily glanced at Lu Che every now and then. Seeing the silly look on his face as he smiled at Mo Ting and Tangning, she felt her mood being uplifted; she liked that silly look of his.

Perhaps Lu Che sensed the fiery passion coming from Long Jie's eyes, he lifted his head curiously. However, Long Jie immediately looking away. She pretended like nothing happened as she read the news on her phone.

Regardless, the topic of Hai Rui signing Tangning completely stirred up the industry. Especially when attending events, Hai Rui's artists would always get asked about their thoughts regarding Tangning or their thoughts regarding Hai Rui's actions.

The majority of Hai Rui's people responded with a smile as they expressed their views.

"Tangning has a bad attitude? I'm not sure about that. We at Hai Rui never sign anyone with personality problems. So, if my fans trust me, then please trust my agency."

"Oh, Tangning...I love her performances on the runway, especially her long legs. Now that we are 'brothers and sisters' of the same company we will get the chance to come across each other often; I'm looking forward to it!"

"In private I've asked my manager multiple times to let me go watch her shows. I'm speechless towards why the agency took so long to sign her; they were too slow!"

"I'm so happy that Tangning is joining our family...let's applaud this great news..."

At various events, Hai Rui's artists expressed their anticipation for Tangning's addition to the agency. It was clear that the staff at Hai Rui were extremely united.

They were all well aware of their standpoint and were confident.

Even if Tangning was technically their competitor, they weren't petty about it...

"I hope the agency can clear Tangning's name soon. I trust the agency, so I also trust Tangning."

"What's with the anti-fans? I hate them the most. I can't wait for the agency to present everyone with evidence. I'm looking forward to the contract signing ceremony tomorrow!"

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