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Chapter 210: How Embarassing

Chapter 210: How Embarassing

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[Hai Rui Entertainment announces signing on Tangning, officially becoming Tangning's new owner!]

[The top entertainment agency signs on Tangning. Cheers all around.]

[Hai Rui hangs and beats Cheng Tian's announcement. What is your ban worth?]

[Hai Rui's contract with Tangning a mystery. Cheng Tian's words hold no weight.]

Hai Rui had signed Tangning?

As soon as everyone heard the news, they were stunned. This was such an unexpected outcome. This was Hai Rui...the Hai Rui that possessed ultimate status in the entertainment industry. How could they possibly sign Tangning?

However, after seeing the official announcements on Hai Rui's website and other channels, everyone had no choice but to believe.

This was all real - they weren't dreaming!

Just 10 minutes ago, Cheng Tian had announced they were banning Tangning, yet, 10 minutes later, Tangning had already signed on with Hai Rui and become one of their models.

The reporters looked at each other as Luo Hao continued to answer questions and spill secrets about Tangning. He also expressed that, since Tangning was already banned, he no longer needed to be wary of her; he was determined to continue on the path of defaming Tangning - until the end.

The reporters suddenly felt awkward...

Especially when Luo Hao expressed his intentional disdain towards Tangning, the reporters really wanted to warn him to stop talking; he was being too stupid...if he was to continue, everyone's goosebumps would be standing on end!

The scene playing out was much too hilarious and ridiculous.

A few reporters on the scene started receiving phone calls from their companies; this was the key moment to snatch headlines; who was still wasting time on Cheng Tian? Smart reporters were already waiting outside Hai Rui Entertainment.

At this time, the reporter standing closest to Luo Hao pulled out his phone and showed it to him, "Director Luo, is this what you mean by banning Tangning?"

Luo Hao creased his forehead and looked at the huge face slap that was awaiting him on the screen. Big words were plastered across the middle of the screen: [Hai Rui announces signing a contract with Tangning. Cheng Tian is slapped in the face and thrown into an awkward state.]

Luo Hao's eyes grew big in disbelief as he grabbed the phones off other people - they all showed the same news about Tangning signing with Hai Rui. It had only been 10 minutes since Cheng Tian had announced their contract termination!

"Hai Rui only took 10 minutes to turn Cheng Tian into the industry's laughing stock..."

Luo Hao returned the phones to the reporters as his mind turned blank. He looked at all the humiliating and ridiculing expressions...

He had just banned Tangning, yet not long after, Hai Rui had signed on Tangning...


What rubbish was he talking? Who did he think he was? Did Cheng Tian even hold any weight in the entertainment industry?

In an instant, while surrounded by the reporters, Luo Hao's expression swept over with a panic. His cheeks turned red as a feeling of shame seeped to all corners of his body...

"How embarrassing..." the reporters below the stage couldn't help but whisper these words; they could all sense the humiliation.

Afterwards, Lan Xi came out with the bodyguards and pulled Luo Hao back to the office.

Luo Hao was in a daze and felt nothing. It was not until he moved out of the flashes of the cameras, did he lean against the wall and fall to the floor. He looked defeated and in a panic.

Lan Xi looked at the man on the floor as her throat burned up, "Are you happy now?"

"Rather than simply feeling like I've been slapped across the face by Hai Rui, I feel like they've stripped off all my clothing so I can be humiliated."

"I feel completely naked..."

"I feel like no matter where I go from now on, I will be naked and a joke in everyone's eyes."

But it wasn't just Lan Xi, everyone in Cheng Tian was currently feeling this way.

Hai Rui's slap was much too resounding...

Luo Hao's gaze was empty; he had no idea what Lan Xi was saying. It wasn't until the sound of Lan Xi's high-heeled shoes disappeared into the distance, did he wipe his hand across his cheek and then wrap his arms around his knees as he sat in a dark corner.

He suddenly didn't know how he was going to face everyone!


Cheng Tian Entertainment's interviewing had ended, but Hai Rui's had just started.

Fang Yu wanted to give Cheng Tian a bit of time to catch their breaths; he didn't want Luo Hao to suffer his second blow so quickly.

Standing on the stage, Fang Yu was in an extremely good mood. He wondered whether Tangning had seen the face slapping he had just given Luo Hao. Even through the TV screen, he could feel the awkward atmosphere surrounding the jerk.

Of course, by signing Tangning at a point like this, Hai Rui had to have the ability take on all the negative rumors that were currently thrown upon her. A model that was being called a murderer, why would Hai Rui sign someone like that?

"Director Fang, is Hai Rui joking with all of us? It's not April Fool's Day..." the reporters started their attacks on Fang Yu. Why would they accept rubbish like Tangning?

"So, does that mean if it's April Fool's Day, I'm allowed to play tricks on the media? I'll keep that in mind." The reason why Fang Yu was in the position of Artists Director in Hai Rui, was because he was extremely good at dealing with reporters, his PR was flawless and his promotional methods were top-notch.

"Why did Hai Rui decide to sign Tangning at a time like this?"

Fang Yu looked at the reporter as the corners of his lips curved upwards. He gave a gentle laugh, "It seems I've already given you an answer. Each reporter only gets one chance at asking a question. When you first entered I already warned all of you to grasp your opportunity well."

The reporter's face turned pale. He couldn't believe his first question was whether Hai Rui was joking.

The reporters that followed on, learned from this example, so they were more vigilant, "Tangning is a murderer, why did Hai Rui sign her?"

After hearing this question, Fang Yu looked at the reporter's name tag and responded in a cold tone, "A reporter is a person that distributes news to the public in a timely, honest, effective, objective and fair manner. I'm sure you can find the definition online. So, which of these have you done?"

The reporter covered his name badge in shame and turned away.

"Why did you announce Tangning signing on with Hai Rui at a time like this?"

"If not now, what time did you think was more appropriate?" Fang Yu asked back.

"At least, at a time when the entire nation no longer hates her..."

" that time she may no longer be able to enter Hai Rui. Because, by that time, she may have already died a hundred unjustly deaths in the hands of heartless reporters and keyboard warriors that only know how to follow the crowd," Fang Yu answered sharply; each word was so sharp it would make the reporter's bleed.

"Isn't Hai Rui afraid of having their reputation damaged because of Tangning? Tangning currently has so many anti-fans..."

"Getting on the good side of anti-fans has never been something Hai Rui's cared about. The reason is simple: their hearts are much too dark."

"While they are judging others for being disgusting, they haven't considered looking at themselves."

"While they are denying other's hard work, they haven't considered it may be because they themselves have not worked hard, so they would always assume other's hard work comes from some kind of background or indecent transaction."

"You want to boycott Tangning? Do any of you have the guts to do it using your real name?"

"But, the incident between Tangning and Han Xiner is real..." the reporter responded.

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