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Chapter 209: More Insider Information About Tangning?

Chapter 209: More Insider Information About Tangning?

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Inside the busy airport, the anti-fans waited for 2 hours without any sign of Tangning. Finally, they guessed that she may have already returned in advance. As a result, in the eyes of these people, she gained a new nickname: 'Tricky Cheap Model!'

Sometimes, it was difficult to understand the dark mentality of these people; just because she didn't want to mess with them, couldn't she at least hide from them?

Was she so stupid to walk into their attacks even though she knew they were waiting for her?

However, in the hearts of these people, they thought: if you do something wrong, you should receive our judgment. If you are to hide, it means you feel guilty and are wrong and cheap.

No one cared about the truth...

Since the anti-fans couldn't find Tangning, they directly headed over to Cheng Tian Entertainment and completely surrounded the building. However, the people at Cheng Tian expressed that they had not seen Tangning.

Eventually, they revealed that Cheng Tian would be making a simple announcement in the afternoon and reassured everyone to remain patient.

"If Cheng Tian continues to protect Tangning, we will unite to boycott them until they close down!"

"Although we understand that the entertainment industry is dirty, we still hope that you will at least maintain your bottom line and get rid of people like Tangning..."

"All I know is, a cheap model that goes into hiding, will forever live life in the dark."


At the same time. Hai Rui Entertainment, CEO's office.

Mo Ting held a simple meeting and told everyone he had already prepared a contract and would be signing Tangning with Hai Rui.

The higher-ups looked at each other. They were surprised that the Mo Ting that always rejected the worst artists would suddenly want to sign on Tangning.

"President Mo, I'm sure you've seen how Tangning's incident has stirred up the entire Beijing. How could we allow someone like that in Hai Rui?"

Facing his staff's questioning, Mo Ting gave him a piercing stare before replying coldly, "A person like you who talks before thinking, how did you get into management?"

"Is this your first day in the entertainment industry? Just because the outside world says it's true, will you blatantly believe it? Why don't you go be an anti-fan instead of staying in management?"

"Who is this guy's superior? After leaving here, I want him to write a 30,000-word report to reflect on his actions. I want to see it on my desk tomorrow. There will be no next time!"

The man suddenly stopped making a sound. Of course, he was too afraid to make a sound.

As for the other people in management, after years spent in Hai Rui and their understanding towards Mo Ting's methods, they knew that if Tangning was really how they rumored her to be, there would be no way he'd consider bringing Tangning into Hai Rui. So, towards Mo Ting's decision, they had no objections.

"We trust in the president's arrangements."

Everyone else expressed their support. In reality...most of them had already seen Tangning on the runway and had long been impressed by this genius model. Many of them had wanted to suggest Mo Ting poach Tangning for a long time, but because Tangning had been through so much, they were afraid Mo Ting would dislike her, so they were too afraid to mention it.

Who would have imagined, Mo Ting would actually announce signing on Tangning at a point like this!

"Then it's decided. Fang Yu stay behind, everyone else is dismissed."

The higher-ups slowly got up and left the meeting room, leaving the Artists Director, Fang Yu, behind.

Mo Ting handed the information prepared by Lu Che to Fang Yu and put him in control of organizing the press conference.

After flipping through the contract in his hands, Fang Yu froze, "President Mo, her manager..."

"I want to personally manage Tangning. Do you have a problem with that?" Mo Ting asked as he lifted his head, "However, don't let anyone know about it. Including Tangning herself. When I have time, I will tell her personally."

Fang Yu couldn't understand why Mo Ting would give Tangning such special treatment and privilege.

Perhaps, Mo Ting could sense Fang Yu's doubt. So, he firmly answered his query, "Because she's worth it!"

"Understood President Mo, no need to worry."

After spending some time looking through the information, Fang Yu discovered everything that had happened to Tangning since joining Cheng Tian. But, the thing that made him surprised was, all these small details, how did Mo Ting find out about them? Unless...he was involved from the start.

No matter what, Cheng Tian Entertainment were indeed shameless. Especially during the incident with Han Xiner; their methods were completely despicable.

Perhaps, because of his sympathy towards Tangning, Fang Yu began to anticipate what was to come. He couldn't wait for Cheng Tian Entertainment to make their announcement because he'd then have his chance to satisfyingly slap them in the face.


3pm. After discussions amongst the higher-ups, Cheng Tian Entertainment finally got Luo Hao to accept interviews from the media at the entrance to the building.

While surrounded by the media and anti-fans, Luo Hao started off giving everyone a bow before turning to look at the cameras and speaking, "Firstly, on behalf of Cheng Tian Entertainment and our model, Tangning, I would like to apologize to the public regarding the recent Han Xiner incident."

"After clarification, we have concluded that our company's artist, Tangning, has indeed made a promise to Han Xiner. But, regarding the rumors that are spreading online, we also do not know the truth."

"Because of Tangning's continued denial and refusal to cooperate with investigations, plus arrogance in writing a contract termination letter to the agency, from now on, her name will no longer be associated with us. We can no longer tolerate having an artist with attitude problems continue to give our agency a bad name."

"Here, Cheng Tian Entertainment would like to appeal to the general public. Towards corrupt public figures, we should unite and boycott them. As for Tangning, she will be the first artist Cheng Tian Entertainment publicly bans from ever working with."

"Thank you everyone for your support towards Cheng Tian Entertainment, we will continue to work hard and make appropriate changes. I hope everyone can continue to monitor us."

Long Jie watched the news and the words that were spouting out of Luo Hao's mouth. Every word felt like a slap from Lan Xi.

"Tangning will be the first person to be banned by Cheng Tian Entertainment."

At this time, Lu Che was also at Hyatt Regency. Upon seeing the news, he started complaining to Long Jie, "This kind of shamelessness really makes me question their values."

"Pfft...Do they still have values?" Long Jie rolled her eyes. "I really pity our Tangning..."


Lu Che turned around and looked at Tangning. After leaving Cheng Tian, she would be entering Hai Rui, what was there to pity about?

"That jerk Luo Hai is still talking...and talking...I really want to strangle him. How could he be so annoying?"

On TV, Luo Hao was still answering the reporter's questions, "You want more insider information about Tangning?"

"All I can say is, she is nothing like she appears to be."

"People like her, every time we come across one, we will ban them."

The netizens were all cheering and clapping at this result. They felt, by banning Tangning, Cheng Tian Entertainment were pretty much putting a life sentence on her. But, when did Cheng Tian call the shots in the entertainment industry?

The thing that no one expected was, during this short 10-minutes of interview time, another piece of news exploded on the entertainment scene...

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