Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 208: Official Contract Termination

Chapter 208: Official Contract Termination

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The next morning, the entertainment news was doing a live broadcast of the spectacle at Beijing airport. TV broadcasters were at the scene reporting live.

"I'm afraid this is the first time I've seen such a scene, not only in my entire career - but in my entire life. A huge number of fans have gathered here today, not because they like someone, but because they dislike them."

"We can see live at the scene, plenty of banners and signs; they are all trying to express anger towards the model, Tangning.",

After speaking, the reporter looked down at her watch before looking up again, "From what we know, Tangning's flight will be arriving at 10am, which is less than 20 minutes from now. Right now, the airport is urgently preparing security. On behalf of all the reporters present, I hope Tangning will be able to get out safely without getting hurt."

After seeing the news, Long Jie lifted the remote and turned off the TV. She then turned to look at Tangning. She was currently standing beside the square dining table pruning some flowers.

"I've already organized for the lawyers to send out your contract termination letter. I am assuming, at this time, it has arrived in Lan Xi's hands," Long Jie said to Tangning.

Tangning remained silent as she continued what she was doing.

"Tangning...did you know last night, I looked through all the abuse online? Do you know how upset I was? Look! my eyes are swollen from crying..." Long Jie sulked as she pointed to her walnut-shaped eyes.

"You deserve it," Tangning replied calmly.

"Didn't I do this all because of you? You sure stand out from the rest. While other people's fans are waiting at the airport to greet them and serenade their love for them, look at your fans - they are holding banners telling you to get lost, demanding for you to apologize and cursing you to die..."

"It seems, after this battle, my name will go down in the history books," Tangning continued to prune the roses in her hands before arranging them beautifully in a glass vase.

Tangning could guess what Long Jie was trying to do; she was simply trying to check on her emotions.

After all the ups and downs she had already been through, she honestly did not care about the damage caused by rumors anymore. Once upon a time, she endured the pain - these days, she simply did not care.

Long Jie was happy with the results of her probing; she had tried her best to provoke Tangning, yet she remained completely calm. So, she slowly let go of the anxiety she felt.

At this time, Long Jie decided to change the topic and talk about something more uplifting. However, Tangning suddenly received a phone call from Lan Xi.

After seeing the caller ID, Long Jie asked Tangning if she wanted to pick up. Tangning put down the scissors in her hand and retrieved the phone from Long Jie.

"Have you already returned?" Lan Xi asked. She knew, if Tangning was still on the plane, there was no way she'd be able to pick up the phone.

Lan Xi had just received Tangning's contract termination letter, so she assumed Tangning was already back in the country. This was expected of Tangning; as if she would give anti-fans the opportunity to surround and obstruct her.

"I got back last night!" Tangning replied calmly without trying to hide anything.

The two people who had once played a long game of tug-of-war, under such circumstances, unexpectedly conversed calmer than usual.

If from the start, Lan Xi had not decided to classify their relationship as one between a higher level and lower level - if they were simply friends - perhaps, they would have never gotten to the point where they were today.

"I've received your contract termination letter..." Lan Xi looked over the letter again; she had mixed feelings. Actually, she did not know what she should say to Tangning at this moment. But, as the CEO, she had the responsibility of expressing the agency's standpoint, "Tangning, are you aware that you've caused Cheng Tian to suffer a huge loss?"

"You should go speak to the person that exposed the information," Tangning hinted at Luo Hao.

"Regarding this matter, Cheng Tian has indeed been useless and have not carried out its responsibilities. So, between you and I, mistakes have definitely been made, this can't be denied. Hence, I have already approved your contract termination."

"Thank you," Tangning replied.

"After this, Cheng Tian will announce that they have expelled you from the agency. I have no choice but to do this, after all, I am a business person."

"You don't need to find an excuse for your shamelessness." After a moment of silence, Tangning found something suitable to say, "Seeing me get to this point, you must be happy. After all, you've won and destroyed the career I have worked so hard to build."

Happy? Lan Xi did not feel happiness at all.

"Tangning, I am aware that it is wrong for me to be so competitive, but your personality is also not suited for the entertainment and fashion industries; you stand in too many people's way. You make people around you appear dirty and shameful. As a result, there are plenty of people that want to see a model with high morals do something indecent, be tricked and receive humiliation."

"So, the result today - you deserve it!"

"I guess you're excited to imagine how I will live my life like an unwanted sewer rat. Did you think I've been destroyed without a chance of revival?" After asking this question, Tangning was silent for a moment before smiling.

"At least you can still live your life in hiding...That's why I've decided not to chase you for the losses you've caused the agency. Think of this as a token of my friendship."

Tangning suddenly started laughing, in fact, her voice started resounding as her stomach began to hurt from the laughter, "In that case, I must really thank you for letting me off in the end."

"Cheng Tian will make their announcement in the afternoon!"

At that time, Lan Xi expected the announcement to be a destructive attack on Tangning.

"Do as you please," Tangning did not sound defeated, in fact, she sounded fearless.

Lan Xi assumed Tangning was holding back her anger. She thought she understood Tangning; even if she was to lose everything, she was the type to maintain her pride.

After hanging up the phone, Lan Xi turned to look at Luo Hao who was sitting beside her and reluctantly said, "Tangning's contract has been terminated. Go handle what's remaining. After all, it seems there is no difference whether this agency has me or not."

"I never intended to force you. I simply did not want you to go soft."

"Keep telling yourself that. If that's all, then leave." After speaking fiercely, Lan Xi placed her focus on the documents in front of her.

How could she be willing to accept that the agencies fate had been placed in the hands of an Artists Director?

Luo Hao was aware that, this time, he had not only tread on Lan Xi's bottom line...he had also tread on her icy cold heart.

"Although you may feel disgusted by my actions...all these years in Cheng Tian, I have never thought of betraying Cheng Tian nor you. Even though I have done many things for my own self-interest, don't tell me you haven't noticed that I indeed care for you as a friend?"

Hearing this, Lan Xi was amused, "I am extremely disgusted."

"I think you better focus on handling this matter with Tangning. Or else, I won't believe a single word that comes out of your mouth."

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