Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 207: Send Cheng Tian a Contract Termination Letter

Chapter 207: Send Cheng Tian a Contract Termination Letter

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"Who do you want as your manager?" Mo Ting asked her back.

Tangning shook her head; she had complete trust in Hai Rui. With her current status, one couldn't say she didn't qualify to go to Hai Rui, but within the agency, she definitely didn't rank highly.

Mo Ting smiled secretively without giving her an answer. He simply led Tangning into the bedroom and helped her into bed, "Right now, don't think about anything. Get some rest, adjust to the time difference and wait for me to come home from work...Since you were scheduled to return tomorrow, why don't you treat today as a day off."

Tangning lay in bed holding onto Mo Ting's hand, "I'm fine. Don't worry about me."

Tangning had gotten used to being in the eye of the storm; as long as she continued to move forward, she would not feel defeated.

"I will tell Lu Che to instruct Long Jie to send Cheng Tian a contract termination letter."

"OK," Tangning nodded gently. However, just as Mo Ting turned around to leave, Tangning grabbed onto his hand, "I want to see Xiner."

"I knew you would worry about her, so I've already made arrangements. After you've had your rest, Lu Che will take you to see her." After speaking, Mo Ting leaned over and placed a kiss on Tangning's forehead.

Tangning felt at ease as she slowly closed her eyes; her eyelashes fluttered a few times before she finally fell into a state of slumber.

Although she was extremely tired, Tangning knew it was a result of work rather than the scandal Cheng Tian exposed. Gone were the days when she would be filled with self-pity as she mourned over the comments online. She was reminded of the words of a famous personality, "When the supposed netizens leave comments to ridicule you but are too afraid to reveal their true identities, their words should not hold any value."

"You should not be angered or upset by their irresponsible words."

"At times like this, you need to conserve your energy and strike back in the most appropriate way."

After seeing Tangning fall asleep, Mo Ting finally felt at ease as he left the villa. However, on the way to Hai Rui, Lu Che couldn't help but ask, "Should we deal with madam's issue as per usual procedures?"

Mo Ting looked down at the documents in his hands and replied in a deep and charming voice, "This is the order I want you to handle things: contact our lawyers and get them to send Cheng Tian a contract termination letter on behalf of Tangning."

"After Cheng Tian announces their contract has been terminated, get our Artists Director to announce that Tangning is officially joining Hai Rui."

"You want to make the announcement first? Don't you want to solve the issue at hand first?"

"The announcement is a part of the solution. Afterwards, Hai Rui will hold a press conference to clarify the incident with Han Xiner. Most importantly, I want you to identify 10 of the most active anti-fans and document all their messages, I will use them at the press conference."

"I want them to realize, by talking rubbish...they will need to face unimaginable consequences."

After hearing Mo Ting's words, Lu Che suddenly felt excited; Luo Hao would have never expected, after all the energy he had exerted to scheme against Tangning, he would end up helping Tangning move up another level.

"So, madam's manager will be...?"

After a moment of silence, Mo Ting suddenly responded with one simple word, "Me."

Lu Che froze for a moment; he was surprised and slightly shocked.

"However, we don't need to announce it yet and don't tell Tangning..."

Lu Che chuckled as he swiftly nodded his head. It seemed, signing with Hai Rui and getting Mo Ting to be her manager was something only Tangning could do.

He was suddenly looking forward to the day everything would be announced...

Did Luo Hao really think he made a critical attack on Tangning?

How pitiful...


After Han Xiner woke up from her surgery, the first thing she asked was how Tangning was doing.

Yuan Yuan took one look at her and was too afraid to tell her about the mess that was happening on the outside as she tried to swerve around the topic. However, Han Xiner wasn't that gullible. With one look, she could tell Yuan Yuan was trying to hide something. So, she forcefully sat up and demanded for her phone.

"Xiner, you already have enough on your plate, can't you get some rest? You've said it yourself, Tangning has someone to protect her."

However, Yuan Yuan had no way of rejecting Han Xiner's pleading eyes. So, she ended up handing the phone over to her.

After going online and seeing the words 'Tangning murder' sitting at the top of search rankings, she began to panic as she tried to get up, "I am alive and well, how could these people talk such rubbish?"

Yuan Yuan quickly tried to stop her, "Look at yourself, where can you go? Lie back down...if you are worried about Tangning, you will get to see her very soon."

Meanwhile, while the two were talking, Tangning and Han Xiner's doctor walked into the room. As the doctor held onto Han Xiner's medical history, he explained to Tangning, "Right now, she is still in the mid-term of her kidney failure. If she is lucky, she will still have time and chance to locate a donor. However, she can't catch a cold and misbehave again. President Mo has already arranged to find a suitable donor and we are currently searching through international sources, I'm sure we will get a response very soon. There's no need to worry, Miss Tang."

"Thank you, doctor."

After speaking politely, the doctor left the room. At this time, Tangning finally turned to look at Han Xiner helplessly, "You should not have to take responsibility for your brother's wrongdoings. You haven't contacted me in all this time; I had no idea your condition had gotten to this point."

Han Xiner's heart ached as she looked away, "I'm...fine..."

"You always try to act strong, just like me," Tangning sighed as she walked to Han Xiner's bedside and sat down.

Han Xiner analyzed her calm expression and asked, "Are you upset by the rumors that are going around? If I go out to clarify everything, it will be better..."

"The situation isn't as complicated as you think it is, can't be simply solved by you stepping out to say a few words," Tangning stopped her as she assured, "I have my own plans. Plus, don't you already know, I married an extraordinary man. There is no way he will allow me to get hurt."

Han Xiner realized Tangning wasn't simply trying to comfort her, so she eased up, "If you need me, just let me know."

"Her husband is so capable, as if she would need you. Hurry and get some rest," Yuan Yuan couldn't stand it anymore as she roughly growled at Han Xiner. Afterwards, she turned to Tangning and apologized, feeling slightly guilty towards her.

"This incident was all my fault...if it wasn't for me, Luo Hao the jerk, wouldn't have found out about the promise between you and Xiner."

"You can't beat his mind games, there's no need to blame yourself."

"There's one thing I don't understand though: what's wrong with the fans in your fan club? I would be better at being a club president than any of them," Yuan Yuan exclaimed angrily.

"Me too," Han Xiner joined in. "I've seen all of your fashion shows and bought all your magazines. I can guarantee that I know you better than any of them."

"Then, let's wait until you are better. You can be the club president of my fan club," Tangning couldn't help but laugh.

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