Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 206: Who Will You Get to be my Manager?

Chapter 206: Who Will You Get to be my Manager?

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This time, Mo Ting did not give her another choice and did not mention Star King at all. He controllingly told her she only had once choice, and that was to go to Hai Rui!

In this world, there was no such thing as ultimate fairness, but there was ultimate power.

Hai Rui belonged to Mo Ting.

Whenever anyone did anything shady or indecent in Hai Rui, Mo Ting would not give them a chance at all. Even if they were well-renowned superstars, he would pull them down from their perch.

Although Tangning did not nod her ahead and agree, she also did not reject him. In fact, as they ended their call, a smile even appeared on her face.

She no longer feared nor felt self-conscious about going to Hai Rui...


This time, the explosive news was extremely overbearing; Tangning wasn't even given a chance to rest as resistance towards her infiltrated all levels. Even Her Vision's magazine, which she had recently appeared on, had never received such a cold reception. It seemed, because a life was involved, even Tangning's professionalism couldn't save her from the blaming and accusation from anti-fans. This was because Luo Hao had already grasped her PR methods for dealing with a crisis.

However, this time, the complaints and intimidation came from the entire nation...All the anti-fans had joined forces. Even if one person dared to stick up for Tangning, they would immediately be destroyed by anti-fans.

So, regarding the incident with Han Xiner, not a single person dared to speak up for Tangning...

Even those that previously collaborated with her; even Lin Weisen from TQ; when confronted by the media about this issue, decided not to say a word. It's not that they didn't believe Tangning, but they knew, no matter what they were to say, people would think they were trying to make excuses. To Tangning, this would be like adding frost to the snow 1 .

Of course, regarding this matter, Cheng Tian did not respond at all.

At the time the post was released, Lan Xi had already contacted Luo Hao. Although she despised Tangning - with Tangning's international status - Cheng Tian was receiving significant benefits. After An Zihao's negative revelation about Cheng Tian, they had only just started to regain their reputation because of Tangning's popularity.

So, what Luo Hao did this time, had taken things too far. It was even putting Cheng Tian's future in jeopardy. Hence, Lan Xi was extremely unhappy about what he did.

"Did you know we are bound to Tangning for better or worse? By exposing Tangning like this, aren't you afraid of dragging Cheng Tian down with her?" Lan Xi threw the newspaper in Luo Hao's face, "Did you know our company's shares have plummetted to an all-time low ever since you exposed Tangning's scandal?"

After hearing this, Luo Hao obviously questioned himself a little, but...he still cleared his throat and replied, "I know what I'm doing."

"You know what you're doing?!" Lan Xi sneered. "You obviously have no bottom line. Who do you think you are? A god? You can control the thoughts of a few people, but can you manipulate the entire internet?"

"You know, I've always known that between Yang Jing, An Zihao and yourself, you have always been the most patient...because you think you are bound for great things."

"I also admit that your accompaniment often makes people feel at ease. But..."

"...once you decide to draw your sword, you are quick and ruthless."

Lan Xi finally understood how it felt to reap what one has sown. She finally figured why she was such a failure and why her career continued to be destroyed in her own hands.

"If I say that I know what I'm doing, you should just leave it with me."

Lan Xi no longer said anything. She simply looked at Luo Hao in extreme ridicule.

Their eyes met. In the end, Lan Xi was the one to admit defeat; things had already gotten to this point, could they still turn back?

After all the times she had attacked Tangning...this was the first time she felt slightly guilty.


Once someone was coined with this term, how badly would they be destroyed? This was beyond anyone's control.

"I heard Han Xiner's friends tried to contact Tangning multiple times, but she simply told them to let her die."

"I also heard that she beat Han Xiner's friend, threatening her to stay quiet."

"Haven't you guys seen the latest update? Supposedly, due to Tangning's hatred for the Han family, she even prevented Han Xiner from finding another donor."

"Tangning should go die!"

"Exactly, Tangning deserves to die!"

"Tangning, why don't you go die?"

Tangning's negative claims were overwhelming and the abuse she received was dirty and extreme. Netizens continued to spread the false accusations, slowly turning the words 'Tangning breaks promise resulting in Han Xiner almost dying' to 'Tangning wants to push Han Xiner to death'...

Worst of all, ex-fans decided to place Tangning's homecoming flight schedule online accompanied with the caption, "The sl*t is on her way home. Let's see how she gets attacked."

In reality, 10pm London time, 8am Beijing time, Tangning had already returned - 1 day ahead of schedule.

Mo Ting ordered his people to pick Tangning up straight from the airport without alerting any of the media and got them to escort her back to Hyatt Regency.

As soon as she walked through the front door, Mo Ting was waiting at the doorway dressed in home clothing. The moment he lay eyes on her, he immediately stretched out his arms.

Without hesitation, Tangning pounced into his arms and buried her head into his chest. The couple both gave a satisfied sigh.

Someone once said...

'A woman is a piece of a man's rib. When they hug, the rib finally returns home.' 2

"I agree to it," Tangning said out of nowhere as she hugged tightly onto Mo Ting's waist.

I agree to it...?

Mo Ting was blank for a moment before realizing what she was agreeing to.

"I didn't give you a response over the phone because I wanted you to see my expression. I want you to see that I am not joking," Tangning stepped back a little from Mo Ting's embrace and lifted her head seriously.

Mo Ting's heart ached as he gently stroked Tangning's hair and nodded, "My empire will provide you with the most solid protection."

"I know," Tangning nodded.

"It will also give you the fairest treatment."

"I'm aware of that too," Tangning quickly responded. "I'm just afraid the other people at Hai Rui will find it unfair."

"You've already dazzled everyone at JK's show and secured endorsements for multiple luxury brands. Who would dare to doubt you?"

"What I mean is, in order to protect me, I'm afraid you will treat other's unfairly," Tangning giggled, "Do you think that would happen?"

"For our artist's development, the agency has formulated plans suitable to each individual. They all have their own goals and prospects..."

In other words, Hai Rui's arrangements for each person was suitable for their development. Hai Rui took special notice of any emotional changes in their artists and as soon as they noticed a change, their manager would make necessary adjustments until they understood their position.

As a result, they regarded their colleagues as rivals and their opponents as goals.

"In that case, who will you get to be my manager?"

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