Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 205: Right Now, You Only Have One Choice. Come to Hai Rui!

Chapter 205: Right Now, You Only Have One Choice. Come to Hai Rui!

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In reality, Luo Hao wasn't sure how far he would take things with Han Xiner. Right now, he had the option of directly using her to create hype, but, according to Tangning's status, news like this would merely get lost amongst the noise; posing no threat.

At times, Luo Hao even considered letting everything go, just like Lan Xi.

But, things had already come this far. He not only carried the hatred of Yang Jing and Lan Xi on his shoulders, he also had his initial intention to hinder Tangning to consider. Most importantly, he couldn't stop because Tangning was a vengeful person.

Now that Tangning's position in Cheng Tian was at its peak, did he, Hua Yuan and even Lan Xi have to work around Tangning?

In the end, Luo Hao decided, within this materialistic agency and ruthless industry, when one had the opportunity to benefit from stepping on another, they should not hesitate to take it.

So, even though dealing with Han Xiner was risky, he knew if he played his pieces right, a miracle would happen and he'd be able to destroy Tangning in one fell swoop.


Maybe because Han Xiner had been out of the hospital for too long and had caught a cold, upon returning to the hospital, she was hit with a fever, leading to further complications. As a result, she was immediately sent to emergency for resuscitation.

Yuan Yuan felt extremely regretful. If she had known this would happen, she wouldn't have agreed to take Xiner out. Instead, she was now on the brink of death.

Worst of all, during this life and death situation, the emergency doctor noticed one of his nurses pull out a phone to take a photo.

Although the nurse was being extremely discreet, the doctor ended up reporting her to the head nurse and kicked her out of the emergency room.

After hearing about this, Yuan Yuan was furious, "Are you even human?"

Yuan Yuan and the head nurse took turns yelling at the nurse. Although Yuan Yuan wasn't very smart, she knew how to be angry. So, she asked, "Who told you to do this?"

Lu Che was already investigating the staff at that time, so as soon as he heard of this incident, he immediately rushed over to the emergency room and assured, "Leave her with me."

"Don't let this disgusting person off too easily."

Lu Che nodded as he took the nurse to the Department Director's Office. He then retrieved evidence of the nurse's call records with Luo Hao as well as all the photos she had taken. He also received a verbal admission from the nurse and details of a bank account.

Afterwards, Lu Che instructed, "Send these photos to Luo Hao as if nothing happened. Don't let him know we've already got evidence against him, or else I will directly call the police right away."

The nurse trembled as she shook her hands, "No, don't call the police. I will do anything you want."

Lu Che put the evidence away. If Luo Hao had not been so impulsive this time, he may not have been caught so quickly...

Unfortunately, Han Xiner's condition did not improve. After being resuscitated, her life was still hanging by a thread.

"Poor Xiner...if she doesn't wake up within 12 hours, she will need to go back into surgery."

Lu Che looked at Yuan Yuan and discovered the two friends had an extremely close relationship, so he comforted, "She will get better..."

"The doctor said Xiner's chances tomorrow will be slimmer than today..."

However, before 12 hours had even passed, Han Xiner was once again sent to the emergency room for resuscitation. This time, the doctor warned there wasn't much hope.

The doctor exited the surgery and suggested her family start preparing for the worst.

However, Lu Che made a prompt decision to immediately transfer Han Xiner to the best specialist hospital in Beijing so they could continue to treat her.

Unfortunately, Luo Hao found out about the doctor's warning of preparing for the worst, so while no one noticed, he exposed this information.

This was absolutely a godsend for him. He even prepared a whole heap of angry posts from Han Xiner's 'friends', claiming that Tangning wasn't human and was untrustworthy; she had previously promised to save Han Xiner, yet she did not follow through, causing Han Xiner to miss out on finding a suitable kidney. As a result, she almost lost her life!

No one noticed the word 'almost'.

They only noticed the words, 'lost her life'.

Tangning indirectly murdered someone!


This was murder!

By posting up words like this, regardless of whether anything actually happened to Han Xiner, onlookers focused on the idea of murder.

To put it simply...they thought of Tangning as a murderer.

After news of her condition was released, Han Xiner had just been resuscitated. However, Yuan Yuan decided not to tell her about the exposure that had happened. She was afraid she wouldn't be able to handle the stimulation.

Yuan Yuan never expected Luo Hao would be so despicable. To think, he had created a gap between Tangning and herself and almost used her as a chess piece to accuse Tangning.

"What should we do now?" Yuan Yuan asked Lu Che impatiently, "Will Tangning really be implicated?"

Lu Che gave a reassuring smile and replied confidently, "The media simply like to follow the crowd. But, don't forget, the rumors that are going around are all claiming that Tangning is a murderer. Yet, Han Xiner is still alive and well. So, how is she a murderer? I didn't think Luo Hao would be so impatient."

"But, people are using such disgusting words to scold her."

"So be it...Our madam has had her fair share of scolding. Why would she care about being scolded one more time?"

"But, it's different this time. This time they are accusing her of murder!"

The reason why Luo Hao had been brave enough to expose everything was because he knew Tangning had indeed promised to donate her kidney. On top of that, even if Han Xiner was still alive and hanging by a thread, it was true that Tangning had not tried to save her.

So, according to the keyboard warriors, she was no different to a murderer.

She was not saving someone that was dying!

"This time, no matter what Tangning does, I will no longer trust her. She has too many problems, don't tell me there's nothing wrong with her at all."

"If she can't save someone, she shouldn't have opened her big mouth. Since she made a promise, she shouldn't try to avoid responsibility."

"Doesn't Tangnign love to create hype? She is too scheming."

"I am a fan, but if this post is true, I will definitely become an anti-fan."

"Hurry and ban Tangning from the industry. I'm tired of seeing her - the sight of her is boring me."

All these commenters could have easily been telling Tangning they loved her the day before.

At times, people could be so cold-hearted.

Online, discussions and alliances to boycott Tangning were popping up one after another. They declared that they would not buy anything Tangning endorsed, nor look at any magazines Tangning appeared in...Out of all the times they had confronted each other, Luo Hao was the most pleased with this time - because the negativity Tangning received, was more serious than ever before...

However, Tangning's work in London was not affected at all...

Westerners simply asked one question, "Why is it Tangning's responsibility to save her?"

After Tangning finished her work, she saw the news that had been exposed...In actual fact, Mo Ting had already spoken to her on the phone regarding this matter and she was already mentally prepared. The incident this time was successfully utilized by her enemies because she had indeed made a promise. Even if she could lie to others, she couldn't lie to herself.

As for Mo Ting, the reason why he didn't stop the incident from escalating...

...was because he wanted to deal with Luo Hao and the crowd-following reporters, once and for all!

Most importantly, he wanted to create an excuse and opportunity for Tangning to leave Cheng Tian.

So, before Mo Ting hung up the phone with Tangning, he told her, "Right now, you only have one choice. Come to Hai Rui!"

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