Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 204: Seeing her get an Injection Makes my Heart Ache for Half the Day

Chapter 204: Seeing her get an Injection Makes my Heart Ache for Half the Day

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However, she was just an average student. How would she be able to meet Mo Ting?

Yuan Yuan understood what bothered Han Xiner. Although she felt Han Xiner was being a bit unrealistic, she was still her best friend. So, during her visit, she offered, "I do not have any friends in the entertainment industry, but I can try to utilize my family's background to help you."

"But, Xiner, I've looked into the CEO of Hai Rui. He is a legend that stands at the pinnacle of the entertainment industry. Will he be willing to see you?"

Han Xiner lowered her head disappointedly...

Yuan Yuan smiled and comforted her, "Since he and Tangning are married, who knows, maybe he'll be willing. It's just, I can't help thinking that a man like him, won't even take a second look at unimportant people like us."

Han Xiner understood Yuan Yuan's difficulties as she tried to look hopeful, "As long as you've tried your best, that's all that matters."

"One thing I don't understand...since Tangning is married to the Big Boss of the entertainment industry, why hasn't she announced it? Why is she enduring all this suffering? It appears, the people at Cheng Tian have no idea about her relationship."

Han Xiner thought for a moment and understood this was exactly how Tangning dealt with things. So she replied, "Don't go around telling everyone about this. Tangning definitely has her own plans."

"I can't guarantee you other things, but this, I can definitely do."

Although she had mixed feelings about Tangning, in comparison to Cheng Tian, Yuan Yuan was more willing to place her trust in Tangning. Since Cheng Tian had consistently schemed against her, they would definitely be shocked beyond belief once Tangning finally decided to play her hidden card.

Unfortunately, Han Xiner's condition continued to worsen. Yuan Yuan had no time to waste as she quickly went to beg her tycoon father. Although it didn't seem like he would be of much help, he at least had a way of contacting Mo Ting.

After Yuan Yuan told Han Xiner, Han Xiner specifically told Yuan Yuan to tell her father's secretary to pass on a message, "This matter involves Cheng Tian, please make an appearance."

Mo Ting should be able to understand her hidden meaning, right?

Of course, Mo Ting's time was precious and it was never easy to arrange a meeting with him. So, when the Yuan family requested a meeting under the guise of wanting to invest in film and television, Mo Ting directly ordered, "Reject them."

That night, Father Yuan and his daughter escorted the extremely frail Han Xiner out of the hospital to a private dining room in a five-star-hotel to wait for Mo Ting. However, 3 hours passed, yet he was nowhere to be seen.

"It appears Mo Ting doesn't think much of Tangning. We already passed our message on clearly, yet he hasn't shown up," Yuan Yuan sighed in a discouraged tone. She had the impression that Tangning marrying Mo Ting wasn't such a great thing.

Han Xiner shook her head. She refused to agree with Yuan Yuan. She simply turned to Father Yuan apologetically, "Sorry Uncle Yuan for making you wait around like this."

"It's OK Xiner. Uncle is getting a little tired, so I will go home first. You two can continue waiting."

After sending off her father, Yuan Yuan returned to her seat. Looking at the menu in front of them, her eyes lit up, "I'm starving..."

Another 2 hours passed, the time was now midnight. Yuan Yuan lost her patience as she slammed her hands on the table and stood up, "This Mo Ting has gone too far. Even if we aren't important people, he still shouldn't humiliate us like this. After all, we are trying to help his wife. It seems he doesn't care about Tangning at all."

As soon as her words left her mouth...

...a tall figure appeared behind her...

Of course, it was only Lu Che. But behind him...followed Mo Ting as they entered the room.

Yuan Yuan was shocked to see Mo Ting in person as her mind went blank. She awkwardly sat back down in her seat.

Actually, Han Xiner was also surprised; she had already given up hope that Mo Ting would make an appearance. Yet, here he was...

Mo Ting was also surprised to find his meeting today was with two young girls. Normally, he would ask Lu Che to wait outside, but he instead instructed him to sit down and join them, in case of any misunderstanding.

Han Xiner had no time to waste as she directly told Mo Ting, "President Mo, I've asked you to come today because of Tangning."

Hearing Tangning's name, Mo Ting scrunched up his eyebrows. From this small movement, Yuan Yuan could sense the dangerous aura emanating from his body...

Did he need to be so scary...

Han Xiner then spent a bit of time introducing herself and explaining the entire incident that happened with Luo Hao to Mo Ting.

Even as she finished recalling everything, Han Xiner was still in disbelief; she had never imagined Mo Ting would be sitting right opposite her.

"Tangning will not donate her kidney to you," Mo Ting said straightforwardly as he straightened his coat. "As her husband, seeing her get an injection makes my heart ache for half the day, let alone remove an entire kidney..."

After hearing Mo Ting's words, Han Xiner calmly nodded her head, "I never expected her to."

However, Yuan Yuan was a little angry. Just as she was about to ask, what's so good about Tangning, Mo Ting's next sentence made her quickly swallow the words that were about to leave her mouth.

"But...I can help you find a donor from anywhere in the world."

"I know the Han family owes Tangning too much. I really didn't come today because of my kidneys. I simply couldn't bear seeing Tangning being framed again."

"Even if Tangining was the one that came today, she still would have chosen to do the same thing. Yes, your brother owes her, but it has nothing to do with you; she is clear who her real enemy is."


"You don't think I can represent her?" After asking, Mo Ting stood up and instructed Lu Che, "Escort them home first. Afterwards, go to Han Xiner's hospital and obtain information about all the doctor's that have been involved with her treatment. Also, gain control of any hospital staff that may have taken photos of her or have been acting strangely."

"If you allow Luo Hao to make a move, then I no longer need you by my side."

After hearing Mo Ting's instructions, Lu Che immediately nodded his head, "No worries, President."

Han Xiner and Yuan Yuan looked at Mo Ting; it seemed they got the chance to witness the rumors they had often heard. Everything people said about him being quick, effective, resolute and stern weren't merely rumors - it was the truth.

In fact, Yuan Yuan was too afraid to even look at Mo Ting. As she left the hotel, she looked even more like a patient than Han Xiner.

"Xiner...My legs feel weak. By marrying such a cold man, is Tangning honestly happy?"

Han Xiner smiled as dimples appeared on her cheeks, "I can tell he truly loves her. If not, why would he waste his time on unimportant people like us? Plus, didn't you hear? Even a simple injection would make his heart ache. At least he is a lot better than my brother."

"No matter what, Yuan Yuan, I really need to thank you for today. I feel a lot more at ease now that I know there is someone protecting Tangning..."

"Hey, do you think Luo Hao will die a painful death? He's dealing with Mo's Mo Ting!"

As Lu Che drove, he listened to the two friends critique Mo Ting and discuss Mo Ting and Tangning's relationship.

Inside he was thinking, they are doing really well, it's just, they have no need to prove anything to others.

As for Luo Hao...

Lu Che was uncertain of his fate; it was all dependent on the President's mood. Of course, when faced with a situation like this, any normal person would not be in a good mood...

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