Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 145: Don't Dote On Me So Much

Chapter 145: Don't Dote On Me So Much

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After arriving at Dynasty Hotel, An Zihao and Long Jie were greeted by the sound of a door closing - Mo Ting had shut them out of the room. This entire time, all An Zihao saw was Mo Ting’s back.

Tangning met international standards with a height of 178cm; even putting on slight heels would push her to roughly 185cm. So, standing next to her, an average man would be looking to get shamed. Even An Zihao, at 187cm, did not look like he was much taller when standing next to Tangning. Yet, this man...with his arm wrapped around her, he managed to give off the feeling that around him, Tangning was a lovely and obedient little woman!

It wasn’t just his figure that gave off this feeling, most importantly, it was also his presence.

He radiated with an unoffendable majesty, unchallengeable might and unapproachable danger, making An Zihao slightly nervous.

This man was definitely not a normal person.

An Zihao froze for a moment before turning to look at Long Jie. His thin eyelids blinked, "You must have known who this man was for a long time."

The warmth in the hotel made it possible for Long Jie to finally come out from under her thick down jacket. Sticking her eyes out, she replied, "Of course, I’ve been by Tangning’s side for 3 years now. I also know that if you had been even a little more attentive of Tangning, he wouldn’t have had to come along…"

"So, are you trying to say, he came all this way because he was worried about Tangning?"

"Duhh…he’s an extremely busy person…every time he comes out he needs to finish all his work days in advance," Long Jie automatically rolled her eyes at An Zihao. "You saw it yourself. He’s the type of person who would rather freeze himself than to allow for Tangning to get cold. If it was you, would you be able to do that?"

All along, An Zihao had assumed that the man backing Tangning was shady and not anyone of importance.

However, after the scene that just played out in front of him, he changed his mind. It seemed, this man was indeed important, but whether he was shady was still a question to be answered…

"Let’s go. Let’s make our way to the hotel we booked,"An Zihao smiled. The shoot was to take place over 2 days. So, he refused to believe he would not get the chance to see the man in person.

As soon as the two stepped out of Dynasty Hotel, they realized, the hotel organized by the company was actually right opposite. If they wanted to see Tangning, all they would have to do was make a phone call without drawing too much attention.

An Zihao stood by his room window and looked at the magnificently grand building opposite. He had a feeling Tangning’s man must be very capable to be able to plan everything perfectly and cover all bases like he did.

On the streets of Moscow, it was still snowing a light powdery snow. From the moment they entered their room, Mo Ting had turned the room heater to maximum. On top of that, he stripped off his jacket and placed Tangning’s hands against his warm chest. Tangning resisted as she shook her head, "My hands are freezing…you’ll catch a cold."

"Then go have a hot bath," Mo Ting led Tangning into the bathroom and filled a bathtub full of hot water before carrying her into the bubbles. He made her stay there until her whole body warmed up.


"Much better," Tangning replied as she huddled up to him. "Moscow sure is cold."

"If tomorrow’s shoot is completely outdoors, then don’t do it…"

"It’s OK, I can take it." Even international supermodels couldn’t be picky about their work environment, let alone an A-Grade model like herself. What right did she have? She wasn’t that delicate.

"You’re already cold to this extent, how could you say it’s OK?" Mo Ting looked at her red nose as he gently patted it with a warm towel. "I shouldn’t have let you accept Her Vision’s cover."

Tangning lifted her head and looked at his serious expression. She suddenly started laughing.

"How could you be laughing…"

"When I see you anxious about me, I feel happy," Tangning held onto Mo Ting’s hand and placed it on her chest. "Don’t dote on me so much."

"I enjoy being like this, are you trying to deprive me of my right? Mrs. Mo…"

Tangning did not say any more. She simply reached out her hand to grab the back of Mo Ting’s neck. In the heat of the moment, she pulled him closer and lay a kiss upon his lips. This move always worked well on a man.

Moscow’s night was silent and still. Tangning lay in Mo Ting’s embrace soaking up the warmth from his body. If Mo Ting wasn’t here, how tough would it have been for her.

Meanwhile, opposite Dynasty hotel, An Zihao was currently confirming the schedule for tomorrow’s shoot with Her Vision’s photography team. Since they had come all the way overseas, it wouldn’t make sense to shoot indoors, but because Moscow was so cold, An Zihao wanted to protect Tangning, so he decided to negotiate with the photographer. He requested they try their best not to take so many photos in the snow and instead use photography sets. However, the photographer simply responded with, "We know what we’re doing."

The theme for this issue of Her Vision was ‘A Snow Wonderland’. Since snow was in the name of the theme, how could they not shoot in the snow?

"If you guys really know what you’re doing, then make sure you’ve made proper preparations for keeping warm."

"Even top models don’t have as many requests as you," the man complained as he hung up the phone.

Before they left for overseas they had already made negotiations and terms were set in the contract. Why was it, after they arrived overseas, they were complaining they had too many requests?

If it was another manager, they probably would have settled on a compromise. But to An Zihao, there was no such thing as compromise. So, he gave Editor Lin a phone call.

As soon as Editor Lin heard how the photographer treated Tangning, she broke out in a cold sweat. She immediately contacted the photography team. But, because of this, the photography team appeared polite to An Zihao and Tangning on the surface, while behind their backs, they weren’t actually willing to bow down.

What famous model hasn’t experienced extreme hot and cold before? Why must we satisfy all of Tangning’s needs? In this weather, everyone is cold.

But, was An Zihao’s request really too excessive? All he requested was for them to make preparations for keeping warm…was that too much to ask?

The publication only had to shoot for one issue at a time. After this shoot, the photography team's job would be done. But, for Tangning, if she was to get injured or sick from the cold, not only would it take some time to heal, her ongoing jobs would also be delayed. So, An Zihao was determined to ensure Tangning's safety.

The next morning, An Zihao woke up ahead of schedule to scope out the location with the photography team. After ensuring the conditions were bearable for Tangning, he assuringly returned to the hotel.

9am. An Zihao contacted Tangning, telling her to prepare for a 10am shoot.

Mo Ting looked out the window at the weather outside and patted Tangning on the head gently as his heart broke.

"Don't worry. I once spent an entire winter's day soaking in a cold water pool. The conditions today are bearable for me."

"I'll drive you there."

"I think it's best if you stay here. If you see it, you'll be upset," Tangning stopped Mo Ting. "Trust me. I'm not as delicate as you think, OK? This is something I must do, this is my job."

Mo Ting did not say any more as he leaned against the desk in their room.

He wasn't going to stand in Tangning's way, but he also wasn't going to let her stop him. Even though he knew it would break his heart to watch, he still drove out and followed behind Tangning's company van...

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Yunyi Yunyi

How could Mo Ting not dote on his wife? What will he end up witnessing at the photo shoot? The photography team don't sound like they will play nice...

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