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Chapter 202: Tangning's Exact Words?

Chapter 202: Tangning's Exact Words?

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Luo Hao acted helpless and anxious in front of Yuan Yuan, suggesting that he really wanted to help, but had no choice. It was not until he left Yuan Yuan's house did he finally lower his head and reveal a cold smile. On this earth, there was soon to be another person that detested Tangning.

In the end, Yuan Yuan went to visit Han Xiner at the hospital with a heart full of anger. At this time, Han Xiner, who was suffering in pain, was watching Tangning's runway show on TV.

Yuan Yuan took one glance and snatched the video from Han Xiner's hands, "Do you still think highly of her? This woman has no intention of saving you."

Han Xiner realized there was something not quite right about Yuan Yuan's temper, so she sat up and asked, "What's wrong with you lately? Why do you keep saying bad things about Tangning?"

"I went to Tangning's agency, but...Cheng Tian's staff tried to send me away with money. They said Tangning can't recall ever promising you her kidney and as a model, her body is also important. It's obvious she doesn't want to donate it to you."

After hearing this, Han Xiner's eyes slightly twitched. She immediately grabbed onto Yuan Yuan's arm and asked, "Why did you go to Cheng Tian? Cheng Tian Entertainment can't wait to destroy Tangning! Did you know you may have been used by them?"

Yuan Yuan was dumbfounded for a moment before looking at Han Xiner, "Is what you're saying true?"

"I told you to pay more attention to entertainment news," Han Xiner glared at her as her emotions gradually calmed down. She then asked, "You said Tangning can't recall promising me her kidney, but did you hear it directly from her? If you didn't hear it from her mouth, then why would you trust the words of a middle-man?"

"I..." Yuan Yuan was stuck for words, she didn't know how to refute.

"Also, Yuan Yuan, I've said it many times, Tangning isn't related to me. No matter if it is responsibility or morality, she is not obligated to save me. You've been through higher education, don't tell me you don't understand something as simple as this." After speaking, Han Xiner noticed Yuan Yuan didn't know what to say. So, she requested, "The next time Cheng Tian's people want to see you, let me know. I will definitely let you see their true form."

Yuan Yuan thought for a moment and decided she should trust her friend, so she nodded, "I simply don't want anything to happen to you."

"I'll be fine."


After continuously working for half a month in London, Tangning's sleep had reduced to 4 hours a day. But, because of her hard work, Tangning secured multiple endorsements for international luxury brands as well as runway shows for some of the world's leading brands.

Tangning's predictions were right. Back when An Zihao left, she did not cancel her contract with Cheng Tian leading to the results today. Lan Xi was too busy with her own affairs and Tangning was beyond her reach; she had no way of interfering with her.

At the moment, Tangning ran over all her important contracts with Mo Ting and studied the remaining contracts with Long Jie. She also negotiated her own interviews and remuneration. As Tangning's main priority was to gain opportunities she did not make any unreasonable requests; hence, her clients were extremely pleased with her.

As Tangning was overseas for a long time, news about her back at home had decreased relatively; she no longer needed to utilize her popularity to gain resources. After working with JK, she had long surpassed the awkward stage of her career.

However, she had no idea, underneath the calm surface of Beijing, trouble was brewing. Luo Hao and Cheng Tian had not been dealt with completely and during this time, Lan Xi was using her contacts to poach some promising newcomers from other agencies.

Although, Lan Xi didn't interfere in Tangning's business, she still kept a close eye on her. Seeing Tangning's success on the international runway, she no longer looked for Luo Hao. It seemed she was ready to admit defeat. What else could she use to obstruct Tangning?

Meanwhile, Long Jie was in the study room placing red crosses on the calendar as she counted down the days till her and Tangning's homecoming. Deep down, she was also counting how many days left till she could see Lu Che again.

Tangning even noticed, during this time, Long Jie had begun to lose weight. Could it be because of hard work or because she missed Lu Che too much?

Tangning returned to her bedroom and lay on the bed chatting to Mo Ting over the phone. No matter how late at night it was, Tangning had to hear Mo Ting's voice every day before she could fall asleep. It seemed, Mo Ting had an extra job added to his list. Sometimes, Tangning fell asleep with the phone in her hands, but Mo Ting did not hang up. He left the call connected until the next morning when he could greet her good morning.

Lu Che had gotten used to seeing scenes like this. At one point, he even thought, although the president wasn't in London, his body clock was running on London time.

" many days do I have left before I return?"

"4 days," Mo Ting replied in a gentle tone.

"Mmm, 4 days. It will pass with a blink of an eye," Tangning mumbled as she bathed herself. "I really miss you. Any longer and I won't be able to endure anymore."

"I only left 2 days ago," Mo Ting responded helplessly with a doting tone.

"So you don't miss me?"

"I already expressed how much I'd miss you on the day I left..."

Hearing this, Tangning's face flushed red, "Wait for me. I will be back very soon. Wait for me, OK?"

Everything she did was to shine brightly beside Mo Ting.

Mo Ting looked at the wedding ring on his finger like he understood something, "We still need to love each other for the rest of our lives, I'll be waiting..."

Tangning gave a satisfied smile. As long as Mo Ting was around to guide her, no matter how tired she was, she'd still have the courage to push forward.


Almost half a month had passed since Han Xiner told Yuan Yuan she wanted to see Luo Hao; finally, he got in contact with Yuan Yuan. Yuan Yuan immediately instructed her driver to pick up Han Xiner from the hospital without anyone noticing.

Luo Hao had no idea. Every time he met with Yuan Yuan, he'd simply appear apologetic and claim that he had 'a message from Tangning'.

"Tangning will be returning in a few days. She asked me to request that you don't create hype with this incident. It wasn't easy for her to get to where she is today; she doesn't want to endanger her status."

Yuan Yuan looked at Luo Hao. With Han Xiner's warning, she had smartened up a little. So, she deliberately said, "I had long given up the hope that she'd keep her promise. Status? Does she deserve to be a model? If anything happens to Xiner, I will make her regret it for the rest of her life."

"Yuan Yuan, don't get so aggravated. Tangning has no choice."

"Hmmph," Yuan Yuan grunted in anger.

"Tangning also said you can set your conditions."

"Mr. Luo, honestly, what were Tangning's exact words?" Yuan Yuan deliberately tried to make Luo Hao speak.

Seeing Yuan Yuan's anger dangling by a thread, he hesitated for a moment, before responding, "Han Xiner? What does she have to do with me? Isn't it better if she's dead? Shouldn't everyone from the Han family die? How could she dream of me saving her? I am, after all, a famous model, as if I would give up a kidney for an unrelated person. Keep dreaming..."

"Did she really say that?" Yuan Yuan's face turned unbelievably red.

"Uh huh," Luo Hao nodded. After studying the expression on Yuan Yuan's face, he continued, "Those were Tangning's exact words."

At this time, the Yuan family home's dining room door flew open. In the doorway, stood Han Xiner. She slowly approached Yuan Yuan and Luo Hao with the help of the housekeeper. She stared at Luo Hao with her pale face and asked, "Is this really what Tangning said? Are you sure?"

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