Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 198: Completely Controlled by his Wife

Chapter 198: Completely Controlled by his Wife

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Under the dim lighting, Mo Ting heard a familiar voice. He held back the throbbing pain in his head as he softened his expression and turned to look at Tangning, "Shouldn't you be boarding your flight?"

Mo Ting couldn't hear the difference in his own voice, but Tangning could detect the slightest difference; he was obviously trying to endure his pain.

Tangning felt her throat burning up and was afraid if she was to say anything she would start crying, so she put down the medicine in her hands and sat at the edge of the bed before gently helping Mo Ting to sit up. She pulled him into her embrace and tightened her grip around him.

"Have some medicine first."

Mo Ting was in a daze as he filled with anxiety. He felt Tangning's tears fall upon his shoulder, so he quickly tried to turn around, but she ordered, "Eat your medicine."

Mo Ting did not retaliate as he obediently took the medicine and water from Tangning's hands.

Tangning watched as he swallowed the medicine before wrapping his head in her hands and gently massaging it. She then gently placed a kiss on his head.

Mo Ting closed his eyes. At a time like this, he had no energy to explain himself.

After roughly half an hour, the medicine finally kicked in and Mo Ting's mind cleared up. He pulled away from Tangning's embrace and turned to face her.

Tangning's eyes were still watery as she stared at Mo Ting without a sound.

"It only hurts every now and then, it's not that serious...I did a medical examination not too long ago..."

"I don't care," Tangning lowered her head as a tear fell upon Mo Ting's hand, "All I know is, seeing you in pain makes me anxious. I didn't know what I could do for you."

Tangning wasn't someone that often cried; she faced most difficulties calmly. Only when it came to Mo Ting did she react in such a way.

Mo Ting pulled her into his embrace and held onto her tightly as he stroked her back comfortingly.

"Seeing you in pain makes me lose all reasoning."

Hearing these words, Mo Ting suddenly realized something.

It seemed, keeping himself healthy was also a way to care for Tangning. Tangning's tears didn't merely fall upon his hand, they were like a hammer falling down on his heart.

Mo Ting embraced Tangning as he waited for her to calm down. A while later, he finally whispered in her ear, "Later today, I'll tell Lu Che to arrange for me to have another examination at the hospital."

Tangning remained silent as she bit down on Mo Ting's neck.

Mo Ting was already used to her method of letting off steam. Whenever he made her emotions fluctuate, whether it was excitement or anger, she would use this method to respond to him.

Tangning bit onto his thin skin, unwilling to let go. Meanwhile, Mo Ting let her bite as hard as she wanted. He smiled as he hugged her tighter, "OK, after taking the medicine, I feel a lot better."

Tangning finally released Mo Ting. Her heart ached.

Mo Ting turned his head to look at the alarm clock on the bedside table as he offered, "I'll take you to the airport now, or else you won't make it in time."

Tangning didn't want to get up, but Mo Ting carried her up in his arms. After tidying up a little bit, he carried her out of the resting lounge.

Inside the office, Long Jie and Lu Che were still looking at each other awkwardly. Seeing Mo Ting carrying Tangning out, they quickly gathered around, "What is it? What happened?"

Wasn't Big Boss unwell? How come Tangning ended up being the delicate one?

"I am taking you guys to the airport now. Long Jie, take good care of Tangning."

Long Jie didn't understand what was happening, she simply stood in place as she gave a grunt of agreement.

They quickly got into the car. However, Tangning remained silent the entire way. Mo Ting could tell she had not yet recovered from the emotions she felt earlier. So, as the car stopped at a red light, he reached out his hand to pat her head comfortingly.

It didn't take long before they reached the airport. In order not to be discovered by the media, Mo Ting stopped his car in a quiet spot and gestured for Long Jie to comfort Tangning.

Long Jie understood Big Boss' look as she got out of the car and dragged Tangning out, "You still have 2-3 days of work in London, we can't delay it anymore."

Tangning did not respond; her expression remained dull. As she got out of the car, she couldn't bear to look at Mo Ting in case she felt regret.

However, after entering the airport, she suddenly asked Long Jie, "Long Jie, I am still worried about him, what should I do?"

Long Jie was stunned for a moment before smiling, "Tangning, you should know better than I do, when a person is indecisive and they don't choose the right result, they will definitely feel regret."

"For example, when one sees the weather changing as they leave the house and can't decide whether to bring an umbrella. If they decide not to bring an umbrella, it will definitely rain."

"Or right now, when you want to go back and chase after someone. If you don't turn around right now, you might miss out on the chance to be there for him when he needs you the most."

After hearing Long Jie's words, Tangning stepped out of the queue without hesitation and immediately ran back to the spot where Mo Ting dropped her off. Luckily, because of congestion, Mo Ting's car had not yet left the airport. Tangning quickly ran over, pulled open the car door and sat back in her original seat.

Mo Ting was stunned and surprised, "Why are you back?"

"Tell Lu Che to arrange for your examination right now. I won't leave until I see the results," Tangning said in seriousness. "This may be a small issue to you..."

"...but if it makes me leave the country filled with worries..."

"...would you still think of it as a small issue?"

Mo Ting brushed his hand across Tangning's cheek and gave up on retaliating. He had already sent her this far, yet she still insisted on coming back, how could he bear to send her off again?

So, he immediately told Lu Che to contact the hospital and went to get an examination accompanied by Tangning. Finally, he received his examination results; there was nothing out of the ordinary. He had merely used too much energy on his work, so his brain naturally wanted to revolt.

"Do you finally feel relieved?" Mo Ting asked as he held onto Tangning's shoulders. "It's really just a small issue."

Tangning felt a load had been lifted off her shoulders. But, as she remembered the painful look on Mo Ting's face, she ordered, "Come to London with me. While I work I will make sure you get some rest."

Mo Ting sighed. His heart ached and he felt helpless around Tangning.


Hearing this word, Lu Che was surprised. He thought about how his president stubbornly worked through all situations and had never been moved by anyone. Yet, it seemed, he was now completely controlled by his wife.

This was good to see...really good...

Probably, the only person in the world capable of making Mo Ting obedient was Tangning.

In the end, Tangning missed her flight. Mo Ting had no choice but to arrange for a private flight; he couldn't let her delay any further.

Inside the luxurious plane cabin, Lu Che and Long Jie sat to one side. One of them was looking through documents and the other was looking through videos. Meanwhile, Mo Ting lay in Tangning's embrace.

This was the first time Mo Ting fell asleep in Tangning's arms...

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