Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 197: You Have a Wife Slave at Home

Chapter 197: You Have a Wife Slave at Home

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"Tangning, although I can no longer be your manager...I will forever remember the time that I spent with you. I feel very happy and lucky to have met you." When the time finally came for An Zihao to leave, he stuck out his hand and gestured for Tangning to shake it.

Tangning gave a gentle laugh as she grabbed his hand and tilted her head, "To be honest, you are truly an amazing manager. If not for Lan Xi's scheming, I had no intention of letting you go."

An Zihao let go of Tangning's hand. For a slight moment, he refused to believe what had happened, "I also thought at one time, I'd be able to accompany you to the end. Even if not, I at least hoped to help you become a supermodel. However, it doesn't matter, even if I'm no longer in this position, there is someone else that is willing. I'm sure you are well aware that you have a wife slave at home..."

"I am also a husband slave, OK?" Tangning refuted.

"I will continue to pay attention to you. If you have any difficulties, don't hesitate to give me a call. If one day you decide not to be a model anymore and want to become an actress, you can come look for me."

"Perhaps, there really will be a day like that," Tangning felt nothing was impossible.

"Well, I have to go now. Tangning, I know you didn't express your thoughts today because you are waiting for Lan Xi to turn around and beg you; you've said before, you are going to make her kneel before you. However, take note of Luo Hao. Compared to Yang Jing and Lan Xi, he is better at hiding his true intentions."

Tangning gave a mysterious smile. She wasn't Lan Xi, so she was well prepared for all possibilities and knew how to be cautious; An Zihao had nothing to worry about. Above all, Tangning still had Mo Ting backing her up.

"Hurry and leave. I still need to go home and keep my 'wife slave' company."

An Zihao's lips curved upwards as he reached out his arms to wrap Tangning in an embrace. Finally, Tangning and Long Jie watched as An Zihao set off for a fresh start.

In actual fact, An Zihao knew, even if Lan Xi hadn't ruined things, he still would not have had the chance to accompany Tangning on her path to becoming a supermodel - there was already someone that was much more willing to do that.

And someone as great as Tangning, deserved all the best.


"Let's go Tangning, we should head back to the airport," Long Jie reminded. Her work in London was not complete and she only had a couple days of leave; she couldn't let the photographers and other models continue to wait for her.

"I want to go see Mo Ting."

"Do you miss him?" Long Jie winked.

Tangning didn't deny it at all as she nodded her head, "Let's go."

Long Jie cheerily agreed as she started the car towards Hai Rui Entertainment. Along the way, every story that came up on the radio was regarding Cheng Tian's press conference that day. The discussions endlessly circled around Tangning, Lan Xi and An Zihao with opinions all leaning towards one side. Lan Xi, was in deep trouble this time.

"The press conference today helped us get some justice. If not for today, I wonder how many more insults Lan Xi had coming our way."

Tangning thought about Lan Xi's crumbling image as they left Cheng Tian today and couldn't help but reveal a cold expression.

A person like Lan Xi would never admit to being wrong; she would simply think she lost to timing and luck.

"Where is Lan Xi right now?"

"Haha, you mustn't have heard. After we left, the reporters completely surrounded her. In the end, a small accident happened: she was hit by one of the cameras and was sent to hospital," Long Jie laughed.

"In that case, are you still upset?" Tangning suddenly asked Long Jie. At first, this question seemed like it came from nowhere, but...

...after a moment of silence, Long Jie finally responded. She understood Tangning was getting back at Lan Xi for the humiliation she suffered at Hai Yi Center.

"I've long given up being upset. Who do you think I am? Did you think irrelevant people like that would be worth me getting upset over?"

Tangning lifted her head to look at Long Jie; she was aware that Long Jie had always been optimistic, so she didn't say anything else. As long as Long Jie was able to move on, Tangning felt relief.

At that moment, Lu Che's injured knee came to Tangning's mind, as she suggested to Long Jie, "In a moment, when we pass by the pharmacy, drop in and buy some medicine for Lu Che. For the sake of grabbing your passport, I think he may have broken his kneecap."

"What?" Long Jie was suddenly worried as she instinctively stepped on the brakes.

Tangning glared at her before she quickly started driving again, "In that case, I'll pop into some of the nearby pharmacies."

Tangning remained silent as she gave Long Jie a look that said, I'll leave it to you to handle . Long Jie smiled awkwardly, realizing her reaction had been a little over-the-top.

The atmosphere in the car was originally relaxed and casual, but at that moment, a girl's voice resounded over the radio, "Excuse me hosts, could you please help me contact Tangning? I need to find her. I have something urgent."

Not only Tangning, but the hosts also thought, this girl must be a fan. So, they quickly comforted her, "Sorry Miss, our program has no way of contacting Tangning."

"But it is urgent! A life is on the line...she promised."

The host was extremely confused and assumed it was a crazy fan. So, he cut the line and warmed the atmosphere back up, before taking on the next call.

Of course, Tangning did not take this incident to heart. After all, she had plenty of fans with plenty of stories to tell; it wasn't always easy to differentiate between what was true and false.

After a 40-minute car ride, Tangning arrived downstairs at Hai Rui. Long Jie followed behind Tangning as she clenched anxiously to the medicine in her hands.

Inside the lift, Lu Che looked questioningly at Tangning as she appeared from the secret walkway, "Madam, why haven't you left? Isn't your flight at 4:30pm?"

"Where's Mo Ting?"

"In the resting lounge..." Lu Che realized he was holding medicine in his hands and quickly tried to hide it. But, Tangning had seen it already.

"Is Mo Ting unwell?" Tangning's eyebrows immediately scrunched up as an anxious expression appeared across her face.

"Actually, it's nothing serious. He just has migraines sometimes."

"How come he's never mentioned it at home? And how come I've never seen him have migraines?"

"It must be because he didn't want you to know. You know how he's like, he couldn't bear to let you know," Lu Che smiled before handing the tray in his hands to Tangning. "Here, I'll leave this with you."

At this moment, Tangning disregarded everything and rushed over to the resting lounge.

As for Long Jie and Lu Che who were left behind, they simply took one look at each other awkwardly before Long Jie pretended to focus on a rainbow outside. She then shoved the medicine in her hands towards Lu Che.

Lu Che looked at the package questioningly, "This is?"

"Didn't you hurt your knee?"

Lu Che opened the packaging confusedly and gazed at the medicine inside; not only was there medicine for his injury, but there was also medicine for the flu, fever, headache and even arthritis.

"I uh...accidentally bought a bit too much. Take it as a thank you for taking care of Tangning."

But, who the hell thanks someone with medicine?

Inside the resting lounge, atop the black bed, lay a peaceful figure. He no longer possessed his usual king-like presence, he was simply a man clutching his head in pain.

"Ting..." Tangning ran over to his side.

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