Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 194: Because of Guilt

Chapter 194: Because of Guilt

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Amongst the multiple shutter sounds, An Zihao faced the reporters and public calmly. The corners of his lips curved upwards with a questionable smile.

The last time he had stood in front of such a large audience was years ago when Yun Xin became the international spokesperson for VL. As for today, he was here for himself; he was going to be reborn.

The time was 3:20pm.

The press conference officially started. Cheng Tian's staff maintained order as the reporters were given 15 minutes to ask questions.

Lan Xi stepped up on the stage and looked around, "Friends of the media, you have worked hard. In regards to the viral headline regarding Cheng Tian, we will provide a complete explanation today."

"Cheng Tian has gotten to where it is today with its own abilities and hard work. Recently, because of a particular reason, one of our models were unexpectedly suppressed. And now, I have been unreasonably dragged into the gossip. I haven't stepped out to say anything from the start because..."

"...I believe in justice. I also believe that evil will eventually be put to an end."

As Lan Xi spoke, An Zihao was standing by her side. For a moment he really wanted to ask Lan Xi how she could be so shameless to say something like that.

Don't you feel embarrassed at all?

Lan Xi's words suggested that Tangning was behind Cheng Tian's crisis. Cheng Tian had been advancing at a stable rate all along, but with Tangning's appearance...

...Cheng Tian was surrounded by gossip...

"Following on, please welcome our ex-top-manager, An Zihao to the stage to explain the recording that's been in the headlines. I'm sure he will give everyone a satisfactory explanation."

After speaking, Lan Xi took a step back.

However, at this time, one of the reporters suddenly asked, "President Lan, I roughly understand what you are trying to say. You are trying to suggest, all the gossip Cheng Tian has experienced lately has a definite relation to your newly signed model, Tangning, right?"

Wow...her true intention had been completely seen through.

Everyone looked at the reporter and back at the stunned Lan Xi.

They originally thought she would at least deny it and let the situation remain ambiguous. After all, Tangning was a model she had personally signed and had even held a grand contract signing ceremony for. If she suddenly started insulting her, wouldn't it be an embarrassing sight?

But, Lan Xi did not explain nor say anything. She simply gave a mysterious smile.

Since everyone already understood her, was it necessary for her to point out the obvious?

A moment later, Lan Xi placed her dark gaze on An Zihao. Apart from dealing with An Zihao, her motive today was to attack Tangning!

While Tangning was still overseas and couldn't retaliate, she was going to catch her off guard.

Did you think that just because you successfully walked the JK show, you'd have a smooth path to success?

There's no such thing...

Nothing in this world is so easy.

From Lan Xi's reaction, the reporters figured out the motive behind the press conference. It was obvious she wanted to destroy Tangning; everyone in the industry had already sensed there was an internal battle happening in Cheng Tian.

So no matter what Lan Xi was to say today, her intention was to defame Tangning and push her to her destruction.

"Zihao?" Lan Xi gestured An Zihao to speak with a deep and threatening voice.

After hearing Lan Xi call his name, An Zihao nodded before turning to face the reporters...

"Today, I will give everyone an explanation. Regarding the recording sitting at the top of headlines, the truth is..."

"Before I expose this secret, allow me to speak about an unrelated topic," just as An Zihao was about to get to the main point, he suddenly changed the topic and smiled at everyone. "I already can't remember how long I've been in this career. From a mere assistant to what I have become today, I can't recount how many times I've had to stand on a stage like this..."

"...and say things that make me feel disgusted."

"Before I tell everyone the truth, I want to mention a person that everyone has forgotten about: Yun Xin."

The reporters looked at each other. They didn't understand why An Zihao was suddenly mentioning Yun Xin.

Of course, the person that was looking the most uncomfortable was Lan Xi...

She suddenly realized how out of control An Zihao was. She was feeling a bit worried.

"As everyone is aware, Yun Xin passed away because of a car accident. On that day, we had a huge argument before Yun Xin sped out onto the road and eventually hit a barrier. She died on site and I was seriously injured."

"At that time, Cheng Tian completely covered up the situation..."

"...and I was naive enough to think they were doing it for my own good. But, only now do I know, they covered up the situation...because of guilt."

"An Zihao, do you know what you are saying?" Lan Xi suddenly asked as she grabbed An Zihao's arm.

An Zihao let out a gentle laugh and lowered his voice, "Didn't you want me to tell the truth? I will do as you say, don't be impatient."

After speaking, he pulled himself away from Lan Xi's grip and continued, "They felt guilty because Yun Xin's death was their doing. Firstly, our dearest President Lan secretly stalked Yun Xin and I to obtain evidence. Afterwards, my two friends, Luo Hao and Yang Jing, exposed the evidence to the media. Finally, the car accident happened..."

"Doesn't that all sound exciting?"

The reporters obviously did not expect An Zihao to say such words - they didn't expect him to expose something that had happened so long ago.

Lan Xi suddenly realized An Zihao's motive for appearing on stage and immediately ordered Luo Hao to call for people to remove him from the stage. But, An Zihao continued to speak.

"Do you all know what the reason was? It was because of envy..."

"It was because of her envy towards her own models that she thought of multiple ways to control them. Years ago, it was Yun Xin, and now it is Tangning."

"Yun Xin's incident happened a long time ago; so long that I almost forgot about Lan Xi's methods. But...the recording in the headlines is the best evidence. Because it is completely real."

"I still have the original recording in my phone."

Luo Hao approached the stage with security. They wanted to remove An Zihao from the scene, even if they had to resort to violence. In front of the reporters, they punched and kicked him. However, An Zihao couldn't be hurt easily, so...

...Luo Hao called for more people.

At this time, Lan Xi calmly announced that the press conference was over. But...

...just as everyone nervously watched the scene before them, a tall figure appeared at Cheng Tian's entrance.

It was a person that was meant to be in London...

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