Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 193: Kicking Off a Good Show

Chapter 193: Kicking Off a Good Show



If An Zihao admitted to creating a fake recording, Tangning's innocence would be rebuked and her scandal would ignite once again.

It would also mean that An Zihao's methods were like a poor lie which backfired because it would seem like he really did have something to hide; he was hiding the fact that Tangning's private life was a mess and she had ambiguous relationships with quite a few men.

Taking everything into consideration, An Zihao was put in an extremely difficult situation. Amongst his options, he didn't mind getting hurt, but he didn't want to hurt his dead lover, nor did he want to hurt a living friend.


After returning discreetly to Beijing, Tangning contacted all the friends that could possibly lend a helping hand. She wasn't afraid of starting a battle with Lan Xi, she simply wanted to find the best way for An Zihao to retreat.

"Tangning, I feel like you are being overly worried about Zihao. He is, after all, a top manager and has his own way of dealing with situations. I'm sure he won't just stand idly by as Lan Xi threatens him," Long Jie comforted en route to Cheng Tian.

"What can you change by going to Cheng Tian?"

"I'm not going there to look for Lan Xi," Tangning replied calmly. "I am going there to wait for An Zihao. Unless you have a better way to get in contact with him?"

Long Jie shook her head; An Zihao refused to pick up his phone no matter who called. Since he was to hold a press conference in Cheng Tian, he would definitely make an appearance ahead of time.

"Wait, Long Jie. Get someone to investigate where Yun Xin is buried."

Long Jie nodded. She was well experienced with simple things like this. A moment later, she gave the name of the graveyard directly to Lu Che and told him to drive them there.

From the moment he picked up the trio from the airport, Mo Ting had instructed Lu Che to be Tangning and Long Jie's driver. When Lu Che and Long Jie first saw each other, they were a bit awkward. After all, Long Jie had previously suggested they live together. Although Lu Che didn't understand her reasoning...Long Jie's heart still fluttered. Especially at this moment as Lu Che continued to be her fiancee as he drove them around, the discomfort in her heart multiplied immensely.

As it was an overcast and foggy day, Tangning wrapped herself in a coat as she entered the graveyard. As expected, she discovered An Zihao in front of Yun Xin's grave.

Their eyes met. An Zihao was obviously shocked as he stood up and asked, "Why are you back? You still have so much to do in London."

"Since you know I have so much work, why did you leave so abruptly," Tangning stared at An Zihao before placing a bunch of white roses on Yun Xin's grave. Seeing the photo of the young woman on the tombstone, Tangning naturally clasped her hands together as a sign of respect.

"You've already heard about what's happening this afternoon?"

"Yep," Tangning nodded. "I suddenly understand why Mo Ting always asks me why I choose a path that hurts myself even when I have a much easier solution. Right now, I finally understand how he feels because I want to ask you the same thing."

"Did you come back because you didn't want to be implicated or..."

"Did you think, at this point, I am still afraid of Lan Xi?" Tangning turned her head and questioned An Zihao. "I simply don't want a friend to go through the same pain that I've gone through."

"Tangning, have you experienced a moment of total despair?" An Zihao lowered his head as he touched the photo on the tombstone. Although his lover had been gone for many years, the pain in his heart could not be relieved.

"Of course I have. 3 months ago, the night before I was to get married, I discovered my fiancee having an affair right by my bedside. The next day I got married to Mo Ting at the Civil Affairs Office..." Tangning replied. "But, even if I hadn't met Mo Ting, I still would not have given up on my right to love. Why should I have let something like this stop me? I am extremely grateful that I ended up meeting Mo Ting. Being able to give my love to him is completely worth it."

"Isn't it painful?"

"Spending year after year missing someone while leading the exact same life, that's true pain." After speaking, Tangning pulled out a business card from her bag, "I know you don't need this, but I simply want to offer you a fresh start."

"No matter what you decide to do at the press conference this afternoon, you have my full support. Lan Xi, on the other hand...if I find a chance to get back at her, even if it's minuscule, I will still latch onto it and tear her apart." After speaking, Tangning turned around and left the graveyard, leaving An Zihao in front of Yun Xin's grave in deep thought.

Tangning told him that even though she had experienced despair, she was never going to give up on continuing to love.

An Zihao repeated Tangning's words in his mind and suddenly felt a weight had been lifted off his shoulders. He smiled as he lowered his head and spoke to the photo on the tombstone, "Yun Xin, perhaps I really have kept myself locked away for too long."

Of course, a dead person's reputation was important, but, in the end, it was all in the past...

It was more important to focus on the living.


3pm. Cheng Tian Entertainment's Main Hall. A large number of reporters had already gathered at the press conference after hearing that An Zihao had something to say about Cheng Tian's headliner.

Just before the conference was to start, Lan Xi stood to one side and chatted to Luo Hao as she watched the staff set up the stage.

"You need to be careful of An Zihao. After all, he is a top-grade manager. Back when the three of us were still on good terms, he had always been the type to appear unaffected, when in reality, he had already dealt with the situation. He was never one to make others worried."

Lan Xi crossed her arms and turned to look at Luo Hao, "No matter how capable he is, he will always have a weakness he can't get rid of - that weakness is Yun Xin."

"For Yun Xin, there isn't anything he wouldn't do. Did you think he would betray his lover for Tangning?"

Lan Xi's confidence had always come straight from her heart, but Luo Hao didn't have faith.

Lan Xi's ego made her overlook many things...including change.

Nothing was forever. People were bound to change...

However, Luo Hao didn't say anything, he knew Lan Xi wouldn't listen to him. One had to experience a loss before truly understanding the power of change.

3:15pm. An Zihao entered Cheng Tian dressed in a grey suit. He walked over to Lan Xi and An Zihao and reminded Lan Xi, "Don't forget what you promised me."

Lan Xi smiled as she slightly nodded, "I will give all the information in my hands to you."

After hearing her response, An Zihao turned his gaze to Luo Hao, "Out of us three, it seems you are the last one to be smiling."

Luo Hao lifted his chin and replied gently, "The person I want to go against is Tangning. If you want to throw the blame on someone, then you can only blame yourself for choosing the wrong side. If you can't find a job in the future, you can speak to me."

An Zihao suddenly let out a laugh...

It had been years since Lan Xi had seen such a carefree smile on his face.

She felt, the An Zihao at this moment, was a little different.

However, before she got the chance to reminisce properly, An Zihao had already disappeared from in front of them and stepped on the stage...

Was she expecting him to tell everyone he had created the recording?

A good show was about to kick off.

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