Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 191: Lan Xi has no Right to Trample you

Chapter 191: Lan Xi has no Right to Trample you

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Tangning sat up and looked at Mo Ting, "When did this happen?"

"Long Jie told me she heard An Zihao talking to the people at Cheng Tian on the phone just before the show," Mo Ting stepped out of the water and wrapped himself in a bathrobe before carrying Tangning out of the bathtub.

Tangning sat on the bed and suddenly felt an unspeakable sense of disappointment. Although her time with An Zihao hadn't been long, An Zihao had indeed put his entire heart into helping her. Apart from Mo Ting, no one else was more suitable of being her manager.

In reality, she already considered An Zihao as a friend. Whenever her friends suffered, it would make her unhappy.

"What are you thinking about?"

"Even if An Zihao can no longer be my manager, I don't want him to be treated like this by Lan Xi. Nothing is more frustrating than being bullied by such a cheap person."

"Plus, did you really think Lan Xi would let Zihao leave so easily? I don't want to see Zihao go from being a top manager to nothing after leaving Cheng Tian."

Tangning had reason to believe this was something Lan Xi could do.

"He's helped me in the past, so I definitely won't let him end up with that fate!"

However, Tangning knew, since Lan Xi had already told An Zihao of her arrangements, this meant, no matter how much Tangning retaliated, she would still end up losing An Zihao as her manager. Perhaps...

...An Zihao already knew this as well.


Inside Luofu Hotel, An Zihao was separating all the new invites, current contracts and completed jobs clearly before briefing Long Jie on everything. He also told Long Jie about Tangning's current status, what she should avoid and which contacts she should use.

Long Jie lay on the sofa as she listened reluctantly.

An Zihao had already planned out the upcoming path for Tangning. If they followed his plan, in less than a month, Tangning would become a supermodel.

She would be on par with the models at Star King.

"I've said so much. Have you been listening?" An Zihao asked as he tapped Long Jie on the forehead.

Long Jie lifted her head and looked into An Zihao's eyes. She had never realized he had such a good looking pair of eyes; they twinkled at her like stars.

"Must you go?"

"Luo Hao spoke a whole heap of rubbish. But...there was one sentence which I couldn't deny...I am indeed a manager employed by Cheng Tian, so I need to follow Lan Xi's arrangements," as An Zihao said these words, he looked helpless and broken-hearted...

...because ever since Yun Xin's death, he had not come across another person that made him passionate about his job. He originally wanted to accompany Tangning to the end, seemed this wasn't going to be possible anymore.

"Have you told Tangning you will be leaving?"

"The new manager is already on his way. By the time I've briefed you on everything, I will need to return to Beijing."

Long Jie took a deep breath as she tugged the tassel hanging from the sofa. Lan Xi's methods were as disgusting as swallowing a fly...

"Can you really not stay?"

Long Jie could clearly see the distance between herself and An Zihao. He dealt with contracts efficiently and handled all sorts of dinners, auditions, and even languages, without a problem. Most importantly, he was a good person.

After hearing Long Jie's question, he didn't know whether to laugh or cry, "Take good care of Tangning."

"After you return to Cheng Tian, President Lan will definitely think of a way to deal with you."

"I'm not afraid." After speaking, An Zihao stood up from the sofa and grabbed his jacket and luggage, "If you can't handle any of this, you can hand them over to President Mo."

Long Jie really wanted to hold An Zihao back, but...she didn't know from what standpoint she could do such a thing. All she could do was immediately give Tangning a phone call after An Zihao left.

"Hello...Long Jie?"

"Tangning, Zihao's gone. He is heading to the airport and returning to Beijing," Long Jie anxiously explained.

Tangning sat up in bed. Her originally sleepy eyes were now completely awake.

She immediately gave An Zihao a phone call. But, he didn't pick up.

Tangning had no choice but to send him a message, "If you want to go back to Beijing today, I won't refuse. But, if I find out you are being humiliated and tortured by Lan Xi, I will not let her off."

"Also, Lan Xi has no right to trample you; no one does."

After seeing her message, An Zihao laughed gently. Being able to see a message like this, made him feel that having her as a friend made everything worth it.

In fact...

...he was going to miss being her manager.

Mo Ting was awoken by Tangning's slight movements. He sat up and noticed she was in a daze. He could tell she wasn't in a good mood, so he got up out of bed to get her a glass of warm water.

"Ting...I can't stand watching a friend suffer."

Mo Ting sat cross-legged on the bed and reached out his arm to hug Tangning as he gently comforted her, "It's not like you'll never see him again..."

"But, I'm sure Lan Xi won't stop at just this."

After hearing this, Mo Ting held onto Tangning's shoulders and said gently, "He knows what he wants. Even if Lan Xi tries to make things difficult for him and he can no longer be a manager...he has previously studied to be a director and has received many awards. Did you really think he'd have no alternative?"

"I just hate how Lan Xi suppresses people..."

"That won't happen," as Mo Ting said these words, his diamond-like eyes carried a deeper meaning that could only be understood between husband and wife. This made Tangning immediately understand what he meant.

If Lan Xi dared to lay a hand on An Zihao, she would be the one to suffer.

However, even though the incident with An Zihao had come to an end, she was now left with no manager.

Plus, with the fame she accumulated from JK's show, her popularity was skyrocketing and her jobs were ever increasing...did she really have to use the manager organized by Lan Xi?

Unfortunately, it was expected that the person to be sent, would be a piece of trash that was loyal to Lan Xi...


No one had the ability to stop An Zihao from returning to Beijing. By the time he walked into Cheng Tian all on his own, the entire company were whispering and pointing at him. The reason was of course because of the recording between him and Lan Xi that was still at the top of news headlines.

Lan Xi turned her office chair around to face An Zihao before standing up and throwing a slap across his face.

"Do you know why I slapped you? Do you know how much nonsense you have put Cheng Tian through?" Lan Xi asked sharply.

An Zihao did not talk back, nor did he fight back. He felt nothing towards Lan Xi; all the feelings of anger, hate or anything else, had been suppressed deep within his heart and he was prepared to seal those emotions away forever.

"I don't care what you do, you better go explain to everyone. Otherwise, don't blame me for doing something even more vicious to you."

"For example?" An Zihao asked with a sense of ridicule.

"It is all your fault that the company is suffering a loss. Do you want to make the company bankrupt before you go? Or you want me to expose that Yun Xin had a sugar daddy before her death?"

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