Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 190: This is Your Glory

Chapter 190: This is Your Glory

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"Who is this Asian model?"

"Those legs are the most beautiful I have ever seen...they should be awarded number one in the world!"

"Oh! My! God! Is this an angel pretending to be a devil? This sight is so stunning and beautiful."

Tangning exuded complete confidence. Especially when she stepped onto the stage, it was like she had turned into another person; she was practically born for the runway...

Via the look in her eyes and the aura that emanated from her body, she effectively displayed the heart and soul of the clothes she was wearing...

The church erupted in an applause...

Many of the foreigners even started screaming and cheering as they stood up with their hands in the air.

As for the incident Mo Ting and An Zihao were worried about, it did not happen. Instead, the person that was walking awkwardly, was the male model, Gaby.

Atop the stage, Tangning's eyes momentarily fell upon Mo Ting. With a simple glance, the couple understood each other; no words were needed.

I will not miss any of your turning points; I won't let you stand on the stage facing your battles on your own, without anyone cheering you on.

And, if you fail and everyone is ridiculing you...I will definitely be here to help you back up!

Tangning looked at Mo Ting's practically perfect face and was tempted to give him a smile. But, because of the clothes she was wearing, she could only reveal a provocatively evil and charming smile.

This smile drove the audience crazy...

Afterwards, Tangning and Gaby swapped positions; this was another opportunity for Gaby to act, Mo Ting and An Zihao clenched their fists nervously, it appeared Gaby had no intention to do anything...

He simply turned around and walked back down the runway...

Even as Tangning's figure disappeared into the backstage, the audience still had her image clearly imprinted in their minds for a good few minutes afterwards. Their minds were filled with her presence, her face, her unbelievably beautiful long legs, and her evil smile...

On top of everything, some of the fashion industry big-shots that were sitting in the audience started declaring that this Asian model was going to erupt in popularity around the world!

They even managed to get her name: Tangning!

Afterwards, no matter how many clothes passed by their eyes, no one cared to pay attention. They simply wanted to see the Asian model once more.

As the show came to an end, the designer walked out holding Tangning's hand. Everyone stood up and gave her a thumbs up. But, Tangning's eyes were focused on Mo Ting who was sitting in the last row of the audience - she looked at him lovingly.

"This is your glory, I am proud of you."

Tangning read Mo Ting's lips as she held back her tears and smiled. It wasn't easy for her to hold back the urge to pounce over to Mo Ting and embrace him in a hug.


Meanwhile, Lan Xi was still waiting to see Tangning being turned into a joke. However, the photo she received, was of Tangning being treated like a queen as she stunned the audience with her beauty. She also saw the praises from the fashion industry big-shots that were present at the show, "The purest soul on the runway."

Not long after, Lan Xi made a phone call to Gaby's manager asking him why they did not follow through with their plan.

"We told you in advance that we couldn't guarantee success," the man responded in English.

"F*ck you, foreigner!" Lan Xi yelled before emptying the glass of red wine in her hands into her mouth.

It was like Tangning was born to antagonize her; the more she tried to suppress Tangning, the more popular she got!

This time, on JK's show, she even skyrocketed in fame!

This meant Tangning had advanced to a level above the other A-Grade models back in China.

In the meantime, Lan Xi was still being attacked online, day and night, because of the article that was sitting at the top of entertainment news headlines...


After removing her makeup, Tangning accepted a few interviews before leaving the church with An Zihao's cover. Mo Ting's car was parked nearby. As soon as Mo Ting saw her step out, he picked her up in his car and drove her to the manor.

Hua Rong's reporter trailed Mo Ting's car, but because the windows were made with a special glass, it was impossible for him to take a photo of them.

He followed them all the way until they entered the private estate and he was stopped at the gate. He reluctantly found a spot to stop his car and waited in a hidden spot to see if he'd have a stroke of luck.

After entering the manor, Mo Ting led Tangning to the second floor, pushed open the bedroom door and pressed Tangning against the wall before laying a kiss on her lips...

"All night, I was trying my best to hold back my urges - my urge to hug and kiss you," after speaking, Mo Ting removed his suit jacket and threw it on the floor.

Tangning leaned against the wall with her arms hooked around Mo Ting's neck. Her fingers dug into his shoulders, she wanted to keep this man by her side and constantly have him in her embrace; she wanted to see him all the time and kiss him whenever she wanted.

It wasn't clear who ignited the fiery passion, but the couple's lips once again met as they naturally breathed in each other's breaths until their passion advanced to the next level...

A moment later, a tearing sound could be heard; Tangning's clothes had been torn apart. Tangning also wanted to show some initiative, but...the difference between a woman and man's strength could clearly be felt at this moment.

The couple were both on the bed as Tangning straddled atop Mo Ting's body, trying to tear his clothes from his body, but... the end, she still needed Mo Ting's help...

Tangning was surprised as she looked into Mo Ting's eyes in the darkness. Afterwards, she leaned on top of Mo Ting's body, absorbing the energy and warmth that belonged to only her...

The intertwined bodies and passionate the intense kissing, made the couple completely lose control. Mo Ting was so consumed in the moment, he almost left marks on Tangning's body.

But, in the end, he focused his energy elsewhere and the couple experienced a moment of ultimate pleasure.

After their intimate moment, an ambiguous atmosphere swept across the bedroom. Mo Ting hugged Tangning as usual as he examined her body. After making sure he didn't leave any marks on her body, he was finally rest assured.

After all, Tangning still had work to do...

Tangning lay her head on Mo Ting's stomach as Mo Ting closed his eyes and relaxed. It seemed the feelings of ecstasy had completely consumed his body.


"You are more tired than I am," Tangning's words had a double meaning.

Mo Ting laughed gently and stroked Tangning's hair. He then took Tangning into the bathroom to wash up.

Tangning lay against Mo Ting's chest in the bathtub and enjoyed being spoilt.

"Did Long Jie find you in the end?"

Tangning was silent for a moment before replying, "Uh huh, but even if you didn't warn me, I still wouldn't have gone easy on Gaby. In order to prevent him from playing irreversible tricks on the runway, I instructed Long Jie to mess with his shoes."

This was the reason Gaby seemed a little awkward on stage.

"Compared to giving me a push, I think he was more worried about not tripping on stage. So, in order to ensure that he wouldn't embarrass himself, he placed all his focus on his shoes."

Mo Ting smiled as he kissed Tangning on the forehead.

This little woman indeed did not disappoint.

"But, there's one thing I don't think you know yet. Lan Xi is planning on dismissing An Zihao of his role as your manager!"

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