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Chapter 189: Embarrassed on the International Runway?

Chapter 189: Embarrassed on the International Runway?

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"It's not that we want to go against Tangning, Tangning is the one that is going against us. The agency is one big team, but as a model of Cheng Tian's, when has she ever obeyed Lan Xi's orders?An Zihao, don't forget, without Cheng Tian, there is no you and there would be no Tangning," Luo Hao's words were loud and clear with a sense of pride and ridicule.

"Actually, An Zihao, let me correct myself, you have already lost your right to be a top manager because you have betrayed Lan Xi."

After hearing Luo Hao's words, An Zihao's lips curved upwards in mockery. His mood was a lot better than earlier, "Luo Hao, whether I have the right, is not up to you to determine. After all, the position of Artists Director was also a role I rejected before Lan Xi gave it to you. It seems, I know more about being a manager than you do. Plus..."

"I think the first thing you need to learn, is how to be a man!"

"In regards to my position, there is no one that can replace me. With my qualifications and the amount of company secrets I know, even if Lan Xi was to choose someone to get rid of, she may not necessarily choose me."

After speaking, An Zihao hung up the phone. He had no intention of following Lan Xi's orders.

However, Long Jie had overheard his entire conversation, "The...the show has started, do you want to watch it?"

"Of course, this is Tangning's appearance on an international runway."

What did going on an international runway represent? Just a simple look at the invites in Tangning's email inbox was enough to answer that question; the inbox that was previously filled with Chinese emails, was now scattered with English.

This change already took place before Tangning even appeared on the stage, simply because JK's commercial featured this fresh mysterious Asian face. And the thing that made onlookers most confident and excited in anticipation about was the fact that Tangning had already ignited the Oriental Trend in North America. On top of that, the Asian influence was currently strong in the fashion world.

An Zihao and Long Jie glanced at each other before turning around to head back inside the church. However, at this moment, they noticed 1 American man and 1 American woman squatting on the steps smoking.

This wasn't originally something to take note of, but An Zihao vaguely heard Tangning's name coming from their mouths.

"How much money did you get from them?"

"Those Asians were quite generous. I only told Gaby half of the real amount and he quickly agreed to give that Asian model a push on the runway today."


An Zihao remembered this was the name of the male model that would be walking the runway with Tangning.

So, they want to push Tangning on the runway?

A complicated expression appeared on An Zihao's face.

If Tangning was to fall over on the international runway, her international career may possibly be over.

So, why was this male model willing to accept money to ruin Tangning? It was because of the current culture in the modeling industry. Male models were different to female models; male models were mostly employed part-time and not many achieved much of a status in the industry. On top of that, their appearance fees were minuscule in comparison to female models - especially male models that didn't really stand out, like Gaby.

Since he was offered money, there was no way he would reject it.

"Zihao, what are you in a daze thinking about?" Long Jie asked.

An Zihao was silent for a moment before asking, "Is President Mo here?"

"In the audience...why?" Long Jie watched curiously as An Zihao strode towards the audience.

Mo Ting was dressed in a dark blue retro suit sitting amongst the audience in a corner. Because of his attractive charisma and noble presence, even though he was sitting amongst some big shots in the fashion industry, he still emanated an aura that could not be ignored.

An Zihao spotted the calm Mo Ting and felt like he had laid eyes on Tangning's ultimate support. So he quickly walked over and leaned down to whisper a few words in Mo Ting's ear.

Mo Ting's gaze was originally cold and unapproachable, but after hearing An Zihao's word...

...his eyes were sharp like an eagle's!

"Determine an amount and negotiate with the man...I don't care how much it costs," Mo Ting instructed coldly. "As for payback, we will deal with it after the show is over."

An Zihao understood Mo Ting's intention. At this moment, money was the only foolproof solution.

But, to give a price now, would they make it in time?

Gaby was Lan Xi's backup plan. Even though the South Korean paparazzi achieved nothing, she wasn't going to let Tangning get what she wanted.

International runway? Just because I gave it to you, did you really think I'm supporting you?

Lan Xi looked at the delicately designed watch on her wrist and revealed a look of ridicule. She wanted Tangning to know, if she could push her to the top, she could also pull her back down whenever she wanted!

Let's wait and see how our Asian model, Tangning, embarrasses herself in front of the whole world on JK's fashion show runway during London Fashion Week!


Time slowly ticked by. Mo Ting, who was sitting below the stage, normally didn't care about incidents on the stage. But, because Tangning was involved, he was slightly worried. At this time, no one noticed him touching the mole on his ear, and no one knew, this meant he was nervous...

JK's show had officially started. Accompanied by soothing classical music, the two opening models appeared on the runway, one from the left and one from the right.

Not long after, An Zihao finally returned to Mo Ting's side. He slightly lowered his head, gesturing that the problem had been solved. But, even so...

...Mo Ting could not put complete trust in the American men.

"Have you warned Tangning?"

"I'm not sure if Long Jie found Tangning."

Mo Ting fell silent without another word. He had already done what he could. If he wasted any more energy to enter the backstage, Tangning may be negatively affected.

"I have faith that even if Tangning is faced with a problem, she will know how to deal with it. After all, she has been wary of Gaby all along."

Mo Ting couldn't focus on any words he was hearing nor anything he was seeing...

This wife of his, who he could never stop worrying about, it seemed, he really had to bring her into the arms of his own company for him to be truly rest assured.

After JK's show, Tangning would be able to advance towards being an international model. He believed, according to her capability, it would not take long for her to become a supermodel.

"Tangning's finale is the 23rd sequence."

Mo Ting glanced at the entrance to the church and listened to the snaps of the camera shutters; he suddenly realized how nervous he was. He couldn't believe even he would experience something that would make him break out in a cold sweat.

My little Tangning, stay strong. You've already pulled through so many obstacles. Do not fall on the international runway; it's not that I'm afraid you'll embarrass me, I'm just worried how long it would take for you to regain your confidence and courage.

A moment later, a loud applause echoed through the church accompanied by shrill screams of excitement. Mo Ting and An Zihao both lifted their heads to see Tangning and Gaby had made their appearance...

Tangning was wearing a black deep-v dress; she had a dark and sexy aura. The black mandala on her shoulder, when paired with her presence, felt like it had rebirthed from Nirvana and was about to bloom once again with a strong unyielding force.


She was too beautiful. Her beauty immediately fell into the eyes of everyone and left them with a deep impression. She was unforgettable!

She completely overshadowed everything around her...

However, Mo Ting and An Zihao watched on nervously as she walked out, especially as the male model approached her...

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