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Chapter 187: So, Tangning is Being Defamed Because She Offended You...

Chapter 187: So, Tangning is Being Defamed Because She Offended You...

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After seeing the article, Lan Xi's face turned terrifyingly red. She grabbed onto the entertainment magazine and stomped over on her high heeled shoes to Luo Hao's office and threw it in front of him, "Why did you make this decision on your own?"

Luo Hao put down the documents in his hands and stood up from his chair as he explained, "Because, if we continue to wait, we will only be met with Tangning's counterattack."

"She is a careful schemer. With the evidence we have in our hands, it is already enough to destroy her. Since that is the case, why should we continue to wait?"

Lan Xi did not reply to Luo Hao. Actually, she felt that Luo Hao's actions were right...but she didn't like people that made their own decisions without her consent!

Tangning was currently in London. As long as Cheng Tian didn't do any PR and let the scandal continue to spread, all that would be awaiting Tangning was the netizens disgust and destruction.

"Don't forget, Tangning was even capable of pulling herself out of the 'bed-climbing' scandal."

"This time, I definitely won't let her recover. I'm well prepared." After speaking, Luo Hao presented a whole stack of information for Lan Xi to see.

If Tangning tried to retaliate, he would pull out another piece of information to slap her in the face!

He didn't believe that there would be anyone capable of saving Tangning.


"Dear God, I never expected Tangning to appear so aloof from the world on the surface, yet deep down she is so lustful."

"I already heard previously that every time she goes overseas, she never stays in the hotel organized by her agency. Where could she have gone? She must have found someone to satisfy her lust!"

"Didn't she say she had no boyfriend? Previously, on Feng Cai's interview, I already felt that there was something ambiguous going on between her and the 'back-view dream man'. Was I the only one that felt like she was seducing a married man?"

"I told you guys ages ago, there was something wrong with this sl*t. Yet, so many of you claimed she had a high EQ."

"She's almost being crushed into a paste. Isn't she just a model? Does it make sense for her to hog the top of search rankings?"

"I reckon that woman is currently lying under a foreign man in pleasure!"

In an instant, there were so many comments attacking Tangning that the server almost crashed. As for the media company that released the news, they had never seen an article being forwarded so rapidly; they were smiling from ear to ear.

"Let that sl*t stay in London and never come back."

After the release of the scandal, media companies quickly contacted Cheng Tian to see if they were aware of Tangning's current state. However, Luo Hao responded with a simple, "I'm not sure."

On top of everything, Cheng Tian did not do anything to subdue the matter. This suggested to the public that Cheng Tian had decided not to do any PR for Tangning, which also meant that Tangning indeed had something wrong with her and they had no choice but to give up on her.

The media also contacted An Zihao. At this time, An Zihao was watching Tangning practice her walk. He had no idea what they were talking about, so he instructed Long Jie to do some searches online...

Long Jie looked extremely displeased. As she handed the information to An Zihao her neck had flushed red.

An Zihao took the phone from Long Jie's hand and had a quick glance before gesturing that he would take care of Tangning. He also instructed Long Jie not to let Tangning find out; right now, her main priority was JK's show.

Long Jie tried her best to subdue the anger in her heart as she looked at An Zihao and did an 'OK' gesture with her fingers.

An Zihao walked outside with his phone. As he stood in front of the church, he gave Lan Xi a phone call, "President Lan, you sure are calculative."

"Tangning is sure unlucky. After struggling for so long, in the end, her name was tarnished by her own company."

"Are you happy now that Tangning's reputation is blackened like ash?"

"Zihao, even if we give up on Tangning, there are still thousands of other Tangning's. The only reason she has ended up like this is because she asked for it," Lan Xi scorned. "If she knew how to behave and was a little more obedient without being so opinionated, right now, she would have such a promising future. She wouldn't only be offered a show like JK's, even better jobs would all be hers..."

"At this point, she can't blame anyone!"

An Zihao took a deep breath; he suddenly felt bad for Lan Xi, "Tangning simply wanted to chase her dreams, she never wanted to hinder anyone. So...sorry, Lan Xi."

Lan Xi could sense there was a deeper meaning to An Zihao's words as she gradually scrunched up her eyebrows, "What do you mean?"

An Zihao hesitated for a moment before asking, "Was Yun Xin pushed to death in the same way?"

Hearing these words and hearing the name that hadn't been mentioned for quite some time, Lan Xi was dumbfounded for a little bit before scoffing, "I'm sure you know better than I do how Yun Xin died. As for Tangning, I want to throw her into a place of no return."

An Zihao felt he no longer had anything to say to Lan Xi, so he hung up. However, this phone call had not resulted in nothing; he recorded the entire conversation!

Afterwards, he accepted phone calls from the Beijing media and told them, "None of what you've heard is the truth. I hope the media can maintain their professional ethics and not insult other's innocence."


Hai Rui's CEO's office. After returning to Beijing, Mo Ting had only just sat down inside his office when he saw the viral scandal online. He immediately gave An Zihao a phone call.

"Mo Ting, don't worry, Tangning doesn't know about it yet and I intend on leaving it that way. I won't let it affect her appearance on JK's show..." An Zihao told Mo Ting. "Plus, I have a recording in my hands that proves Lan Xi purposely defamed Tangning..."

"Take good care of Tangning, don't let her mood be affected. Also, send me the recording..." Mo Ting replied.

Mo Ting, at this moment, was different to how he appeared in front of Tangning.

It was only now that An Zihao experienced the Mo Ting that the public spoke of; he was the ultimate king with an unchallengeable power.

"I will send it over now," An Zihao understood that keeping the recording in his own hands would never have the same impact as giving it to Mo Ting. So, An Zihao directly sent the recording to Mo Ting; he completely forgot about the part where he mentioned Yun Xin's death.

After receiving the recording, Mo Ting gave it a listen, cut out the part regarding Yun Xin and handed it to Lu Che to handle...

"Place this recording in the hottest spots online for one month with an eye-catching headline. Make sure not to let it come down from the hottest searches."

"The headline can be: [So, Tangning is Being Defamed Because She Offended You...]"

"One month?" Lu Che was a little surprised. Did that mean Cheng Tian would be awaiting their destruction?

"One month! On top of that, instruct some media companies to extract specific phrases from the recording and get a team to spread them. We should help President Lan get some publicity."

"Doesn't she want to experience ultimate power? I'll give it to her!" After speaking, Mo Ting handed his phone to Lu Che. "Remember, if anyone tries to buy the top spots, then suppress it with double their offer. I want Cheng Tian's news to be up there for one month!"

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