Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 185: A Legend

Chapter 185: A Legend

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In reality, the reporter from Hua Rong was also present on set; he was waiting for his big break.

Tangning was well known for her low-profile and pure nature. However, from the moment he ran into Tangning giving an affectionate goodbye to a man in the US, she left him with a deep impression. So, this time, he was in London because he believed he would definitely capture photo evidence of Tangning and her man's intimate relationship.

Of course, in regards to the paparazzi that got chased out, he felt his actions of furiously snapping photos was a waste of time.

This type of 'thigh-touching' material...

...was something that could only be used for cheap speculation!

What he wanted was solid proof of Tangning being affectionate with a man. Hence, he deliberately booked his hotel room right opposite Tangning's.


November in London wasn't as cold as in Beijing. A simple coat was enough to get by.

On the way back to the hotel, Tangning rested her eyes as Long Jie gave her a massage. Her heart ached for her as she squeezed her leg.

As she had been wearing high-heeled shoes for a long period of time, Tangning's leg muscles were extremely tense...

After entering the hotel's underground carpark, An Zihao got out of the car first. He was shocked as his eyes fell upon a man in a black coat leaning against a car, it was Mo Ting!

Tangning had fallen asleep. Long Jie slowly got out of the car and turned to wake Tangning up, but Mo Ting gestured for her to remain quiet as he leaned over and carried Tangning out of the car.

He leaned her head into his embrace.

"This hotel isn't very safe, I will take her to a manor I've organized."

An Zihao nodded as he reminded, "Work will start at 7am tomorrow."

"Come pick her up tomorrow morning. I'll message you the address details."

After speaking, Mo Ting placed Tangning into his sports car and swiftly left.

An Zihao thought about how Mo Ting said the hotel wasn't very safe and thought about the paparazzi from earlier. As a manager, he didn't want to let his imagination run wild, but, he felt it was possible this had something to do with Lan Xi...

He thought back on when he was affectionate with Yun Xin and the shadows he noticed lurking in the dark.

He thought back on the memories he had already sealed away...

He really hoped that Yun Xin's death had nothing to do with Lan Xi.


Mo Ting's Maybach 1 sped through the streets of London and eventually stopped outside a manor. As it was located inside a private estate, the security was top-notch.

Mo Ting unlatched Tangning's seatbelt and stared at her, at the woman that even when separated from him for one minute, made him miss her deeply.

They only had 2 hours together, yet she had fallen asleep...

However, Mo Ting couldn't bear to wake her up. He simply hugged her and tightly wrapped his arms around her; it seemed being able to smell her unique fragrance was enough for him.

Before Tangning's tiredness from wearing high-heeled shoes for a long time and going from a long flight to the runway could be cured, her leg suddenly cramped up. The pain was so sharp, her eyes flew open as her head knocked into Mo Ting's firm chest. Tangning was stunned for a moment; she thought she was dreaming.

Mo Ting released her from his embrace and lifted her leg onto his knee. He then massaged her leg with his strong palms.

"Why are you here?"

"Recharging myself..." Mo Ting replied.

Tangning happily stretched out her arms and hugged Mo Ting; to her, he was as much of a necessity as oxygen.

"We only have 2 hours, what do you want to do?" Mo Ting asked as he gently stroked her back.

"If you knew it was only 2 hours, why did you still come?" Tangning hit Mo Ting's shoulder helplessly, "It's 20 hours of flight time and so far from home."

"As long as I get to hug you for 2 seconds, the 20 hours are worth it..."

"So, even you would do stuff like this."

Tangning turned her head and kissed Mo Ting on his ear before making her way to his lips...

However, Mo Ting stayed still; he had no reaction.

"Don't think this is enough..."

Mo Ting didn't wait until Tangning moved away from him as he cupped his hands around her cheeks and placed a fiery and passionate kiss on her lips; he did not hold back at all...


Tangning didn't return to the hotel!

This was the news the paparazzi relayed to Lan Xi and Luo Hao.

The two were still at Cheng Tian late in the night. They looked at each other and asked the paparazzi, "Did you find out where she went?"

"We were afraid of being exposed so we didn't dare to get too close. It was only when we discovered her room light hadn't turned on that we got a little suspicious."

"Continue to keep an eye on her. As soon as you see any form of evidence, don't let it go!" Lan Xi hung up the video chat and turned her head to ask Luo Hao, "What do you think Tangning is doing at this time?"

"What else could she do? If she's not in her room, apart from fooling around with a man, what other reason would she have to be out?"

"There's no point talking about it, we need to capture evidence of it."

With the photo of Tangning flirting with the male model in their hands, they had complete confidence in the South Korean paparazzi they had hired.

At the same time, the reporter from Hua Rong also noticed something was abnormal; Tangning did not return to the hotel.

An Zihao and Long Jie's rooms were both lit up, only Tangning's room was still...

He immediately thought about the incident at the airport in the US.

Since there were so many hotels, he was better off waiting at the airport. Maybe God would give him a pleasant surprise!


When working, time seemed to drag on forever, yet, the couple's time together always seemed to pass with a blink of an eye.

The two hours was short and hard to come by...

The couple did not go anywhere during this time, they simply remained in the car kissing and hugging; they didn't want to waste a second.

"The hotel booked by Cheng Tian has 4 paparazzi staying in it. Before you returned today, I already spoke to the manager and had a look at the surveillance cameras. Their movements completely mask yours," Mo Ting said before leaving Tangning.

As the hotel was booked by Cheng Tian, there was no way Mo Ting could be rest assured. So, he made sure to check the safety of the hotel, first thing.

After hearing Mo Ting's words, Tangning quickly recounted the incident at the church earlier that day.

"I've already instructed Lu Che to look into these people, don't be afraid."

Tangning gave a gentle laugh as she shook her head, "I'm not afraid at all. I just want to know if these people are from the media or...from Cheng Tian. Even though I'm not sure what Lan Xi's motive would be."

Mo Ting gently stroked Tangning's hair without a word.

He was gradually opening the doorway to Hai Rui for Tangning...

"No matter what her motive is, it's never a good thing; you need to be careful. There is still some time before you need to go back to work, have some rest in the manor."

"I'll escort you to the airport first," Tangning offered.

Mo Ting held onto her shoulders and shook his head, "Do you want to see how tired you look? Listen to me...when I have time, I will fly back over."

Tangning did not insist. She simply placed her forehead against his and enjoyed the last moments of affection.

So, in the end, Mo Ting arrived on his own and left on his own. Hua Rong's reporter stood guard at the airport and saw Mo Ting arrive wearing sunglasses. But, he had no idea, Mo Ting was the man he'd been waiting for!

He simply sighed to himself, Hai Rui's CEO is indeed a legend!

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I wonder if the reporter will kick himself when he eventually finds out that Mo Ting was the man he was waiting for.

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