Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 184: My Body and Mind Are Both Going to Suffer

Chapter 184: My Body and Mind Are Both Going to Suffer

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"JK is a high-class fashion label, why would I reject it?" Tangning replied with a gentle smile, "The only issue is, for her to give me such a great resource - what she wants in return must not be simple."

"I will take precautionary action," An Zihao reassured. "Go get some rest and adjust to the time difference, you have a lot of work ahead."

After An Zihao left, Tangning lay on the bed and shut her eyes for some rest. She was meant to be tired, but instead, she felt she was becoming more and more awake.

She couldn't help thinking about how this was an international runway show; this was different to all the small brand shows she had done in the past.

If she really managed to grasp hold of JK's opening, she would definitely open herself up to a lot more international opportunities.

It seemed, to get to Mo Ting's level, this was the final stage...

Maybe because the couple's minds were in sync, Tangning suddenly received a phone call from Mo Ting. Tangning picked up the phone and couldn't help but giggle, "How did you know I was thinking about you?"

Back in Beijing, it was already nighttime. After returning home and not seeing the figure he had become used to, Mo Ting naturally started thinking: Tangning has never been a noisy person, but...without her around, the house feels empty. This is really hard to adjust to...

"Mrs. Mo, if you are really going to be gone for a week, my body and mind are both going to suffer. I want to see you right now; I want to hug you and kiss you."

Talking about suffering - Tangning who was currently in a foreign country, lying in an unfamiliar bed - she was feeling it even more.

"Unfortunately, President Mo, from tonight onwards I will be flat out...I guess you need to endure for a little bit."


He never intended on enduring.

So, while coaxing Tangning to sleep, Mo Ting sent a message to Lu Che telling him to book the next flight to London. However, he would only be able to see Tangning briefly, before flying back for an important dinner party.

After receiving Mo Ting's message, Lu Che thought about how Mo Ting would be flying for a total of 20 hours just to get a quick glance of Tangning; was this necessary?

"Ting...wait for me. I'm almost there, I'm almost at your level."

Mo Ting listened as Tangning mumbled in her sleep and his heart melted. So what if he had to fly 20 hours? He had said long ago, as long as Tangning wanted to do something, he would accompany her. It was worth it, even if... was for a brief moment.


6pm. Tangning and An Zihao arrived on JK's set. The show was to take place in a beautiful church on the outskirts of London and the theme was: 'Soul and Rebirth'. The clothes were all black and white with details such as black mandalas and black and white wings. It was like the two extremes of life were pulling at each other...

Now that they were on the set of an international show, dirty tactics to tear each other apart was no longer present. In the backstage, all that could be found, were models getting changed and applying makeup. This made Tangning feel like she had once again returned to her 19-year-old self in France.

An Zihao was discussing things with JK while Tangning tried on her clothes and makeup in the backstage. In a high-class show like this, apart from herself, there were no other Asian faces to be seen. That's because there weren't many Asian models that could do international shows to begin with.

Tangning stood in front of the full body mirror; she was only wearing a black bra and underwear. This was normal for a model; all she had to do was stretch out her arms and people would start putting clothes on her as per the designer's instructions.

JK's designer was a 40-something-year-old bearded man; he could be considered as half a Beijinger and his whole body carried an artistic presence. He scanned Tangning's body and noticed her legs; they were so beautiful, they were impossible to ignore.

So, he clicked his fingers loudly and instructed his assistant to bring the set of clothes he had prepared for the finale; he wanted Tangning to try it on.

It was a long black dress with a deep-v collar. The main body of the dress was made up of intertwined translucent black gauze and black mesh; it gave off the idea of a trapped soul. From her shoulder spread a series of black mandala-patterned flowers, all the way to her waist.

The darkness...

The evilness...

The struggle...

As soon as the dress was placed on Tangning's body, the aura she gave off...was like an evil power that had been trapped for millions of years, about to break free.

"That's the feeling I wanted! The feeling of evil struggling to break free! Excellent, you do the finale!"

She had originally come for the opening, yet now she was given the finale; this was something Tangning never imagined. Even more unexpected was, JK's show would require her to work alongside a male model.

In order to get the sequence right, all the models were required to do a practice run. It was only when Tangning stepped on stage that she saw the man for the first time; he was a tall 1.9m male model.

The man was young, handsome, in his early 20's, with a pair of ocean blue eyes and an extraordinary charm and confidence.

However, as Tangning posed with her shoulder against his, he suddenly reached out his hand and pinched her thigh.

Tangning turned and gave him a cold glare as a warning.

"Sorry, your legs are much too beautiful, I'm so tempted to give them a kiss!" the man said straightforwardly.

"If you do this, you will make me think this is how all British men are brought up to act," Tangning warned. Afterwards, they moved apart and walked back down the runway.

The young male model disregarded Tangning's words and continued to smirk at her.

After they were done, Tangning stepped off the stage and An Zihao immediately covered her with a jacket, "What happened just now? What did that male model do?"

"It's nothing..." Tangning let him off assuming it was just a moment of foolishness.

In reality, in shows like this, it was normal for models to take advantage by pushing and shoving others or even hugging them...

Especially in the backstage.

All sorts of scenes could be seen.

Tangning put the jacket on and started heading to the backstage with An Zihao. However, as she had good instincts towards cameras, she spotted an abnormal flash coming from a hidden corner.

"It seems someone is photographing me in secret," Tangning notified An Zihao.

An Zihao glanced at Tangning and followed her gaze before patting her on the shoulder, "Go to the backstage and get changed first, I'll handle this."

Tangning nodded her head, she had some vague speculations, so she stuck around for a little bit instead of heading straight for the backstage. She watched as An Zihao headed for a hidden corner of the church.

Afterwards, a shadow could be seen from underneath one of the benches. Maybe because they were professional at their job and were good at escaping, An Zihao did not manage to catch them.

"Forget about it. There are plenty of people here with confidential design secrets he could be spying on, he may not be here for me. Maybe I'm being too paranoid."

An Zihao returned to Tangning's side to escort her, "I will pay extra attention. Let's go get changed first."

However, they had no idea, this was one of the South Korean paparazzi Luo Hao had hired. After escaping from the church, the man held onto his camera and looked pleased as he smiled.

His luck was not bad. He managed to capture Tangning flirting with a male model!

The image of her thigh being pinched was captured on high definition.

Not long after, back in China, Luo Hao received the photo from the paparazzi...

This is only the first day, Tangning...

By the time you return, thinking you are full of glory, you will discover your name has been completely tarnished!

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Really, Mr. Mo? Flying 20 hours just for a brief moment with your wife?

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