Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 183: What an Idiot!

Chapter 183: What an Idiot!

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He embraced her tightly...

He didn't need to express anything, nor did he need to provide any comforting words. Just a simple tight embrace was better than any words he could say.

A moment later, with Tangning still in his embrace, he suddenly sat up. Just as he was about to step off the bed, he felt Tangning pull him back. Mo Ting looked at her curiously.

Tangning was like a naughty little girl as she clung to his chest.

Mo Ting turned on the bedside lamp and gently stroked her back. The corners of his lips carried a slight smile, "Aren't you going to have a shower?"

"I just want you to hug me like this," Tangning buried her head into Mo Ting's chest with a cute expression, "I don't want to separate from you."

"Didn't you tell me not to go London with you?"

I just don't want you to be too tired...

Nor do I want myself to be too tired...

In actual fact, the couple already understood the situation. But, how could the Mo Ting that had slowly turned spoiling his wife into a career allow Tangning to go to London all on her own?

Mo Ting did not tell Tangning his plans. He simply waited to give his cute little wife another surprise.

That night, the couple did not sleep. They remained in each other's embrace as they chatted the night away.

In a blink of an eye, it was already time for An Zihao and Long Jie to pick up Tangning and take her to the airport. However, up until the point she was to leave, Tangning still clung to Mo Ting, not willing to let go, "Wait for me..."

Mo Ting reached out his hand and gently stroked Tangning's hair. The wedding ring on his finger sparkled under the morning sun...


Upon arriving at the airport, Long Jie suddenly realized she had forgotten her passport. But at this moment in time, she expected her grandfather to be out on his morning stroll, and there was no way she could go back and forth between home; there wasn't enough time.

Tangning thought about her old home and remembered it wasn't far from Hai Rui. So she told Long Jie to give Lu Che a phone call; she knew Long Jie had the habit of hiding a spare set of keys.

Long Jie hesitated for a moment, but she quickly concluded that work was more important, so she reluctantly gave Lu Che a phone call, "Lu Che."

"What is it?"

"Uh...well, I forgot my passport. Do you think you could drop by my home for a bit? There is a spare key hidden inside the mailbox and my passport should be sitting on top of my bed."

Lu Che was actually quite busy; Mo Ting still had a lot of documents waiting for him to deliver. If it was someone else, he would have shrugged them off, but since it was Long Jie... matter how inconvenient it was, he felt he couldn't refuse...

"You wait there," Lu Che was well aware of their boarding time, so he immediately drove over to Long Jie's home and quickly found the spare key.

The furnishings inside Long Jie's home was pretty much the same as when Tangning left. This was not the first time Lu Che had stepped foot inside, but without Long Jie around, he felt an unusual nervousness.

As he pushed open the door to Long Jie's bedroom, he found the passport was indeed sitting on the bed. But, beside it lay a pile of bras and underwear; Long Jie was in such a rush, she did not have time to tidy up...

Lu Che blushed as he picked up the passport and hurried out. In his heart, he felt it would only be right for him to look at a woman's undergarments if she was his future wife.

However, because he was so flustered, he ran into a chair; it was so painful, he let out a cry.

Even when he arrived at the airport, he was still limping. But he pretended nothing had happened.

"I'm so sorry I made you run around like this."

"It's OK," Lu Che held onto the passport and leaned against his car coolly, "Have a safe trip."

Long Jie was in such a rush she did not take notice of Lu Che's expression as she hurried into the airport. Only after Long Jie was out of sight did Lu Che finally lift up his trousers to have a look; a chunk of skin from his left knee had been scraped off...

What an idiot!

Even worse, because the airport departure lounge was on the second level, Tangning and An Zihao witnessed the entire scene.

"It seems he hit himself pretty badly," An Zihao teased as he sipped his coffee.

"When two blockheads come together, there's bound to be a good show," Tangning laughed. Wasn't this exactly how love was like? It turned a person into an idiot and made them do stupid things for the other person; the thought of it was so sweet.

As Tangning was afraid to run into fans, she didn't walk around casually. But, what surprised her the most was, she actually ran into a familiar tall and skinny man. This man was the one that spotted Mo Ting and her at the airport a while ago: the reporter from Hua Rong!

Tangning had a good memory, especially when it came to people with bad intentions. She quickly remembered the look in the man's eyes and analyzed his motive.

As like last time, the man was polite as he handed her a business card, "Miss Tang, do you still remember me?"

"You're the reporter from Hua Rong studio," Tangning replied.

Tangning accurately named his company without even looking at the business card. The man was slightly surprised. But it was only for a moment, before a smile once again appeared on his face, "I never expected to see you here. You must be headed for the fashion show in London, I presume?"

Tangning nodded politely.

"The boyfriend from last time didn't accompany you?" after the man looked around and didn't see anyone suspicious, he let Tangning off the hook, "I guess I'll see you in London."

"What was all that about?" An Zihao quickly asked, "What does he mean by, 'the boyfriend from last time'?"

"Last time when Hai Rui got into trouble, I went overseas with Mo Ting and was discovered stepping out of Mo Ting's car. But, he had no idea, the man was Mo Ting," Tangning explained. "I'm afraid the coming week in London won't be very fun. There are going to be eyes following me everywhere."

"What are you afraid of? Mo Ting didn't come along this time..." An Zihao comforted. Compared to the reporter, An Zihao was more afraid that Lan Xi would have something up her sleeves.

Of course, Tangning never imagined, this small studio would end up clinging onto her for days to come.


"Is Tangning already on her way to London?" Inside Cheng Tian Entertainment's CEO's office, Lan Xi was questioning Luo Hao as he paced back and forth.

"She should be on the plane right now," Luo Hao replied.

"You've already made arrangements in London?"

"This time, I've hired some famous paparazzi from South Korea. If Tangning does anything suspicious at all, she won't be able to avoid their cameras," Luo Hao twirled his fingers as his expression remained calm with a trace of arrogance. Everyone knew he was the very meaning of 'pretentious'.

"Give them everything they need...until they discover what we want!" Lan Xi yelled impulsively before instructing Luo Hao, "We need to find a few more newcomers to train. I don't feel confident with just Hua Yuan."


After a 10-hour flight, Tangning and her crew finally arrived around midday in London.

Before boarding her car, Tangning took a quick glance at the reporter from Hua Rong. This man was awfully strange; he wasn't exactly clingy, but, he emanated a sense of danger.

Tangning reminded herself to be wary of him as she threw his business card into the bin.

10 minutes after Tangning disembarked her flight, she received a phone call from Mo Ting. After reporting her safety to her husband she settled into the hotel organized by her agency.

"JK's show will be held in two days time. We will need to go for a quick interview. Even though Cheng Tian recommended you, it has not been confirmed."

"You organize it then."

"Tangning, what are your thoughts regarding Lan Xi's 'forgiving act' of arranging this job for you?" this was something An Zihao had wanted to know for a long time.

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