Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 181: Do You Want to Come With me to London?

Chapter 181: Do You Want to Come With me to London?

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Upon seeing Lu Che, Grandfather Long was immediately reminded of Luo Hao's words. He did not look pleased as he questioned Lu Che rudely, "Young man, don't you think it's inappropriate for you to be waiting outside my granddaughters home in the middle of the night?"

Lu Che didn't understand why Grandfather Long was hostile towards him, so he immediately explained, "I was told that Long Jie went to pick you up, so I wanted to see if you needed help with anything."

"No need. Please leave."

Long Jie smiled at Lu Che awkwardly; she too did not understand what was wrong with her grandfather. Of course, Lu Che couldn't continue to stick around. He politely said, "Good night," before disappearing from their sight.

"Long Man, tell me honestly, are you entangled in a relationship with this man?"

"Grandfather, what are you talking about?"

"Mr. Luo told me you are somebody's mistress!" Grandfather Long scolded as he pointed to Long Jie's nose. "Don't ever see that man again."

Long Jie was in shock. At the same time, she felt a little angry. She had never imagined, Luo Hao would be despicable to this extent.

"And your boss, Tangning. President Lan is such a lovely woman, why are you guys bullying her and going against her?"

"Grandfather! Did you know Lan Xi was holding you hostage? President Lan wanted to use you to threaten Tangning. Tangning was the one that got you out of there..." Long Jie anxiously tried to explain.

"Hostage? I think there must be something wrong with your brain. President Lan gave me good food and drinks. She took good care of me and even took me out to fun places. It's nothing like you think."

Long Jie: "..."

She suddenly found it hard to explain the scheming tactics of the entertainment industry.

She felt a bit helpless. This old man had been too easy to manipulate; he was using the fake words of others to hurt his own people.

After putting her grandfather to sleep, Long Jie gave Lu Che a phone call and apologized, "I'm so sorry that my grandfather was being impolite today. After being locked away for a few days and fed lies by Lan Xi and Luo Hao, he is being critical towards me as well."

"As long as he is OK," Lu Che replied casually like he was unfazed. "I am currently playing a game. You should go to sleep early."

"OK, good night."

The way Lu Che spoke to her made Long Jie feel a bit uneasy. But, why should this bother her? It's not like Lu Che would ever like her.

In reality, after hanging up the phone, Lu Che was also feeling a bit uneasy. He couldn't say that he wasn't affected by Grandfather Long's hostility; he was only being nice, yet who would have thought a misunderstanding like this would ensue.

His heart felt a little strange; it felt different to when he was upset in the past...


It was a cold winter's night. After taking a shower, Tangning threw herself into Mo Ting's warm embrace. As she leaned back and used his arm as a pillow, she started speaking, "Lan Xi isn't normally like this. Why would she give me an international show? I thought she was dying to tear me apart...however, JK's show is indeed very tempting to me."

Mo Ting hugged Tangning and wrapped his strong legs around her gentle body, trapping her completely in his embrace.

"If she wants to give it to you, then take it..."

He knew, no matter what Lan Xi did, it would be merely pushing Tangning towards Hai Rui.

Of course, Tangning was also well aware of this.

"In that you want to come with me to London?"

"When is it?" Mo Ting asked.

Tangning thought for a bit before replying, "We should be departing next Wednesday."

"We are nearing the end of the year, so there are more and more awards ceremonies and events..."

"It's OK if you cant make it," Tangning replied softly. "To be honest, every time we've gone overseas, you've had to make preparations well in advance; it's been making my heart ache. I will be in London for one week. During this time, stay in Beijing and don't work too hard."

Mo Ting did not respond, but it didn't mean he didn't have his own thoughts.

But, if Mo Ting didn't go, what were the reporters Lan Xi organized, going to take photos of? Would they return with nothing?


The next morning. The biggest daily newspaper published an article explaining everything that happened at Hai Yi Center. With Hai Rui's supervision, the media placed all the focus on Li Danni bullying Tangning's assistant. They focused on how she schemed against them, slapped Long Jie, humiliated Long Jie and pressured her to kneel before her; the entire incident was depicted vividly. They explained that it was because of all this that Tangning decided to retaliate...

The most startling revelation came from Hai Rui. They exposed that Tangning's assistant, Long Man, was the fiancee to Mo Ting's assistant, Lu Che. So, Lu Che came to the rescue for a reason.

The article stated that Tangning and the CEO of Hai Rui, Mo Ting, had no special relation to each other, they were merely friends and didn't need to provide any further explanation.

After Hai Rui stepped out to protect their staff and reveal the truth, readers could quickly differentiate between right and wrong.

As for the brand that was affected by Li Danni the night before, they decided to step out and announce they weren't happy with her, and because of her character, they would forever blacklist her.

Of course, although most of the netizens expressed their understanding towards Tangning's actions, a hidden danger was also created for her.

"I never imagined the usually calm Tangning would have this side to her. 5 slaps in satisfying!"

"Tangning must have reached the limit of her tolerance for her to retaliate like this...I think she is so cool."

"I've followed many celebrities and seen many that treat their assistants as a normal person, but I've never seen anyone protect their assistant to this extent. I don't have much to say; just one simple word: Cool!"

"But, in the end, Tangning also hit someone. Doesn't this mean she is no different to Li Danni?"

"The prude above, that's because your relatives weren't the ones being bullied. If that was the case, wouldn't you explode in anger too?"

"I just don't understand how Tangning's assistant ended up like a slave in Li Danni's hands. Without a higher-up's permission, this couldn't have possibly happened."

"Are you guys still discussing this matter? Today is Monday, LM's finalized commercial is already online. Let's hurry over and enjoy it..."

At the same time, the viewership of Tangning's interview on Feng Cai was revealed. Her popularity was comparable to some of the most famous actors and actresses.

After LM's commercial was released, the number of views skyrocketed. Within one day, it had reached over ten million views.

Regardless of everything else, it seemed Tangning had a stable standing in Beijing for the time being. At least, with her popularity and the number of discussions about her, in the short-term, there was no need to worry that she would disappear from the limelight.

This was originally something Cheng Tian Entertainment should celebrate. Even though Li Danni was destroyed under the hands of one of their own people, Tangning's momentum was going strong. According to the current trend, it was only a matter of time, before she surpassed Li Danni.

In just 3 months, Tangning had taken down everything in her way and came out on top.

This shocked many in the entertainment industry and also made many of them envious!

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