Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 180: Being Spoilt!

Chapter 180: Being Spoilt!



Afterwards, Tangning left the studio. However, as soon as she boarded Mo Ting's car, she was immediately pulled into a warm embrace as a pair of lips pressed down against hers.

Tangning adjusted to the sudden action and enjoyed the familiar warmth. She relaxed her body and returned Mo Ting's passionate kiss. It wasn't until the couple felt breathless did Mo Ting finally let her go.

He rubbed the tip of his nose against Tangning's and mumbled with a sexy and husky voice beside Tangning's lips, "This is the last time, if you do this again, I will definitely tell the whole are my woman."

Tangning grabbed onto Mo Ting's handsome face and smiled, "Whether you say it or not, I am still your woman; from head to toe, I am completely yours."

Mo Ting reluctantly let her go as he started the car, "Tomorrow, Hai Rui will release a statement explaining the incident at Hai Yi Center. You don't need to worry about it."

"Of course I won't worry. But I have a feeling Lan Xi wouldn't easily be convinced by Lu Che and Long Jie's relationship. After all, from the moment Long Jie's grandfather was captured, Long Jie didn't mention Lu Che at all. Plus, after taking the risk to call you tonight and giving you the chance to admit to being my relative, the fact that you didn't take this opportunity to reveal yourself, someone else may have noticed your voice at Hai Yi was very similar to the one on Feng Cai."

"Are you blaming me?" Mo Ting couldn't help but laugh.

"Uh huh, I am. I already prepared myself mentally to admit to the whole world you are my husband."

"You weren't 100% prepared; you knew I wouldn't do it," Mo Ting glanced at Tangning and saw through to her heart. "But I am still very happy. My wife that appears to be aloof from the world, finally feels the pride that comes from showing off I am her husband."

"Sorry Mrs. Mo, I didn't allow you to become the hottest topic overnight..."

Tangning couldn't help but smile slightly as she leaned her head on Mo Ting's body, "I want to turn you into a part of the audience."

"And do you know what I most want to say to the audience?"

"Mo Ting belongs to me. I adore him and love him; I want to take care of him and understand him for the rest of my life. Don't any of you dare to even dream about being with him."

Mo Ting slightly turned his head. He gazed into Tangning's eyes as he drove. Her amber eyes glowed under the dim street lights.

Tangning never thought of herself as the weak one in the relationship and never expected to be spoilt. She simply loved Mo Ting the way Mo Ting loved her.

Even if she had to exhaust herself, she did not hesitate.

In the past 32 years, this was the first time Mo Ting experienced what it was like to be spoilt!


"Tangning is going around acting all ambiguous. Not long ago we found out she had someone hidden at home, now she is involved with this married man," Luo Hao analyzed Feng Cai's interview as he watched it repeatedly with Lan Xi. "But, she's never admitted to having a relationship with a man."

Lan Xi stood beside the window and looked out, her expression was a little dark, "Too bad we don't have any evidence."

"She is, after all, an artist of Cheng Tian's, if we want to follow her and get photographic evidence, it's definitely easier than waiting for the reporters to discover something. As long as she has something to hide, we will eventually get a photo of it."

"In that case, right now we have two lines to follow. Firstly, we need to find out if Long Jie and Lu Che's relationship is real and if Tangning has anything to do with Hai Rui. Secondly, we need to uncover the identity of Tangning's man and expose their relationship. All along she's denied having a boyfriend, but it turns out her personal life is such a mess."

"Luo Hao, give the opening of the JK show at London Fashion Week to Tangning...Only when she lets her guard down can we find an opportunity to take advantage of her."

"If nothing happened to Danni, this show would have been hers," Luo Hao sighed regretfully. "Tomorrow, I will find some time to visit Danni."

Lan Xi twitched her lips. She originally wanted to say something, but at this moment, she received a phone call from An Zihao. Lan Xi picked up the phone and An Zihao simply said one sentence: "President Lan, we are coming to pick up Long Jie's grandfather, you don't need to take care of him anymore."

Lan Xi scoffed before hanging up the phone and instructed Luo Hao, "Go release him!"

Go release him...

Just 3 simple words were enough to express Lan Xi's extreme contempt and anger.


"Tangning's already taken things this far, can I really refuse?"

She was the mighty CEO of Cheng Tian, yet she was being pressured by a mere model to compromise and suffer!

Luo Hao looked at Lan Xi with a dark expression as he turned to leave the office. He then drove home to retrieve Long Jie's grandfather. However, before he handed the old man over, he said to him, "For the sake of fame and fortune, your granddaughter is selling her body and being someone's mistress. Old man, you better pay attention and persuade her not to go down the wrong path."

The old man was suddenly so angry his face turned pale.

Afterwards, Luo Hao delivered the old man to Cheng Tian Entertainment. Tangning, An Zihao and Long Jie were sitting in the waiting room. Their eyes met as Luo Hao spoke coldly, "I've brought him back without a single hair out of place."

"How's President Lan's mood?" Tangning asked Luo Hao.

"What do you think?"

"Don't step over my bottom line again," Tangning simply replied.

Although Luo Hao didn't look pleased, he had no insults to throw back at her. He simply told Tangning, "Get ready to go to London and walk the opening of JK's fashion show. You've been lacking international resources. So now that you've successfully gotten rid of Li Danni, all the best resources will naturally be split between you and Hua Yuan."

After hearing Luo Hao's words, she felt he sounded a bit ironic.

Why would Lan Xi want to give her resources?

"I will follow up on this," An Zihao immediately said to Luo Hao.

Luo Hao scoffed before he turned around and drove off after boarding his car.

Tangning watched as Luo Hao disappeared into the distance and suddenly said to An Zihao, "Although I can shake up Lan Xi's anger, I can't shake up her foundation."

"Well, at least you destroyed Li Danni. Cheng Tian will need a good few years to train another model; it won't be easy for them," An Zihao comforted.

"Then, why is Lan Xi being so generous as to allow me to appear on the international runway?"

"It's definitely not because she wants you to succeed," An Zihao no longer thought of Lan Xi as his friend.

Tangning turned and glanced at An Zihao without a word. Meanwhile, Long Jie immediately ran up to embrace her only living relative, "Grandfather...are you OK?"

Grandfather Long was stunned for a moment before pushing Long Jie away and looking at her with a sad and complex look, "Xiao Man1, grandfather wants to talk to you in private."

"Let's go then, I'll escort you guys home," An Zihao opened the door of his van and allowed the three people to board.

Because the van first passed Hyatt Regency, Tangning was dropped off first to get some rest. By the time the van arrived in front of Long Jie's home, they discovered Lu Che standing outside; it seemed he was deliberately waiting for her return.


1. Xiao Man - This is what Long Jie's grandfather calls her.

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