Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 179: Do You Want Others to Know Who I am?

Chapter 179: Do You Want Others to Know Who I am?

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After hearing Tangnings words, the hosts could sense something was not right.

Why would a CEO of an agency want to give a mere assistant a surprise? And what reason did she have to hold on to their family member, resulting in the police being contacted? It was obvious, they were doing something dirty to control Tangning. After all, the hosts had been in the industry for a long time and had seen through a lot of things. When Tangning brought up her example, they could already tell that she was actually telling Lan Xi to hand over Long Jie's grandfather.

This smart woman had used the gentlest method to force someone to do something they could not refuse.

"Of course, these were all rumors. Now that you've clarified it for us, we can focus on the next question. Tangning, you need to keep up with us...after a relatively serious question, here comes another relaxed one?"

"Every time you say it's relaxed, it's not really relaxed," Tangning joked.

The hosts chuckled, picked up the question board and flipped it. It was a photo of Tangning and Mo Ting's LM commercial, "Regarding this 'back-view dream man', isn't it about time you give us an answer? All the beautiful girls in the studio have been waiting anxiously..."

Tangning covered her mouth shyly as she helplessly hesitated, "Errr..."

"Did you think you could avoid this question? Quick, tell us who it is, let us see his face," the host encouraged cheekily, playing along with Tangning.

Tangning's head hurt a little. She then asked her fans softly, "What should I do? Do you guys really want to know?"

Her fans nodded their heads enthusiastically.

"OK!" Tangning was finally ready to speak up...

However, this one simple word made An Zihao's heart almost stop. Meanwhile, Mo Ting's attention was focused on the conversation.

"I don't think it's right for me to reveal his name directly. How about this? I'll give him a phone call right now and we can ask him if he is willing to give us his name. What do you guys think? If he refuses, then you can't continue to make things difficult for me," Tangning smiled as she pulled out her phone and waved it at the audience.

"OK..." the fans replied in sync.

"So, you are going to make the phone call live in the studio?" the host had never seen such a direct model; she faced their question head on and did not try to hide at all.

"Yes...otherwise, I think I'm going to have dreams about my fans chasing me to death...I'm a little scared!" After speaking, Tangning searched for the number she prepared earlier and made a phone call in front of everyone.

On the other side of the phone, Mo Ting was sitting in his car listening to the live broadcast. Seeing Tangning's name pop up on the caller ID, he deepened his voice and tried his best to make his voice different to the voice he used when Tangning called him at Hai Yi, "Hello..."

His voice was extremely deep and mellow, making him sound extra charming and attractive.

The studio erupted in a high-pitch scream.

Tangning placed her finger to her lips, gesturing them to hush, before asking, "I am Tangning. You see, after the commercial we filmed together, the entire nation has been curious as to who you are. Are you willing to tell everyone your real identity?"

On the other side of the phone, Mo Ting was silent for a moment before asking back, "Do you want others to know who I am?"

With this question, the studio once again erupted in a high-pitch scream; his tone was too ambiguous.

"Yes, I do. I don't want your fans to chase me to death," Tangning replied calmly. In actual fact, Tangning did not tell Mo Ting about this beforehand because she wanted to give him the final decision-making right. If Mo Ting decided to reveal everything, she would not avoid telling the truth.


"You two better stop with your ambiguous conversation and get to the point. Quickly decide whether you will make a revelation or not," the host cut-off their conversation, they were teasing everyone too much.

Tangning thought Mo Ting wanted to reveal everything.

But Mo Ting did not respond the way she expected...

"I've decided not to reveal my identity," Mo Ting responded straightforwardly. "I'm sorry, I don't want my private life to be affected."

Although he wanted badly to tell everyone he was Tangning's husband and was the CEO of Hai Rui...when actually given the option, his heart ached for Tangning; she had put in so much effort up to this point.

He knew this wasn't what Tangning truly wanted deep down.

She wanted to be on the same level as him and shine in splendor!

Hearing Mo Ting's response, not only did the fans not feel disappointed, they even found themselves fantasizing about him even more.

"Tangning and I simply collaborated for this one commercial. I am already married. I hope everyone can stop making things difficult for Tangning."

Since Mo Ting already gave his response, the hosts did not continue to pressure them. They asked Mo Ting for one simple request, "Can you tell us what you think of Tangning? Does she have any habits or hobbies that are out of the ordinary?"

Tangning maintained her smile, however, she was a little nervous after hearing the host ask Mo Ting this question.

"She is very honest. As for habits and hobbies, I can't say anything or else I might get beaten later!"

The audience broke out in laughter as they understood the reason why Mo Ting did not want to reveal anything. Eventually, Tangning hung up the phone before the host requested, "Use one phrase to explain the relationship between you and the 'back-view dream man'."

"A lifelong confidant."

Tangning revealed one form of her and Mo Ting's relationship; there was no one else in this world that understood her more and loved her more.

"Great. Although we did not find out the true identity of the 'back-view dream man' least everyone had the opportunity to listen to his attractive voice. I hope everyone can respect his decision. Here, I have a great news to announce to everyone...LM's completed commercial will be officially released next Monday. We will all get the chance to savor this attractive back once again..."

The entire interview ran for exactly 45 mins. Apart from a few intense questions, the hosts also asked Tangning about her life and aspirations. As usual, Tangning dealt with these questions well, so she left everyone with a really good impression. By the time the program wrapped up, the time was already 10pm.

Under An Zihao's protection, Tangning was ready to leave the studio. At this time, one of the hosts called out to her to say a few words, "I've seen many relatives of assistants being 'accidentally' taken before, but I've never seen anyone flip the situation around and force for their return like you did."

"Although you've managed to retrieve your man, your road ahead will be more and more difficult."

"I'm aware," Tangning knew what was going on.

"It's rare to see someone as calm as you." After speaking, the host pulled a business card from his pocket and handed it to Tangning, "What you need now is an international platform. I am familiar with a few international designers. If you want to appear on the international stage, give me a call."

Tangning was well aware that after she had slapped Li Danni and used Mo Ting's name, although she had remedied the situation in time...

...Lan Xi would still use this incident to shake up a storm.

But, since she was brave enough to challenge Lan Xi in public...there was nothing else she was afraid of!

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This is the second time on the same day that Tangning has called Mo Ting in front of others...

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