Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 178: Who Are You Married to?

Chapter 178: Who Are You Married to?

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After asking this question, even the host was surprised. Tangning's answer could become a huge exposé. It seemed, they were forcing her into taking extreme measures.

But, in the end, it all depended on the guest's wisdom and EQ.

Inside the studio sat over 100 fans waiting for Tangning's answer; in front of their TV's at home, the audience also waited; even Mo Ting who was listening to the live broadcast in his car couldn't help but smile.

He had previously asked Tangning how she would answer if she was faced with this question.

At the time, Tangning simply smiled secretively. But now, she could no longer avoid it.

Mo Ting felt a sense of anticipation. He was sweating nervously on behalf of Tangning, but he had faith in her.

"Why do other guests get such gentle questions, yet when it comes to me, I get asked about my ex and then about whether I'm married?" Tangning looked a little helpless, but everyone knew, she wasn't actually bothered by the questions; she was simply livening up the atmosphere.

"Don't try to hide or drag out your answer. Quick tell us," the host wasn't going to let her off the hook. Actually, from the moment Tangning appeared on the program, the two hosts were relieved. They knew that Tangning was an extremely mature interviewee; she knew her place, she knew how to liven the atmosphere and she knew how to interact with both the audience and the hosts. Most importantly, she was extremely friendly; she was like the girl-next-door.

"Yes, I'm married!" Tangning swiftly answered.

Everyone's eyes opened in shock; no one expected her to admit to it so directly.

Mo Ting's heart skipped a beat as he listened.

But he quickly smiled helplessly and dotingly.

He had to bow down to his cheeky wife's answer.

He knew, under normal circumstances, only artists with something to hide would think of a way to dodge the question rather than admit directly like Tangning. So, on programs like this, the majority of those that made admissions turned out to be fake.

Plus, the tone with which Tangning answered, was so casual, it was practically like someone asked her if she ate dinner and she simply said yes. She answered so normally that everyone felt it couldn't possibly be the truth. Even though in actual fact, what she said was indeed true.

"Really?" the host pretended to be surprised as she giggled and continued to ask, "In that case, who are you married to?"

"The most powerful man in the entertainment industry," Tangning once again told the truth, but the hosts giggled and brushed her off.

"Then doesn't that mean you are married to me?" the male host teased.

The studio erupted in laughter.

It turned out his dear wife not only knew how to be a model, she even knew how to create a situation where it was hard to differentiate between truth and lies. At times, when one is too exaggerated, even if they are telling the truth, no one would believe it...

A moment later, one of the hosts noticed the ring on Tangning's finger, "Oh, you even have a ring, it's almost like you're telling the truth. Lift up your hand and let us admire it."

Tangning was unfazed. She lifted her right hand to show everyone her ring.

In reality, this was truthfully a wedding ring...

Sitting in the car, Mo Ting couldn't help but stroke the ring on his left hand; the couple's hearts were connected.

Watching from the sidelines, An Zihao's heart was trembling in fear as he broke out in a cold sweat. How could she be so brave?

Most shocking of all, she was telling the truth, yet everyone thought she was joking...

"Just now, we asked a relatively relaxed question and our Tangning answered calmly. But now, we are going to ask a question that may offend others. You better think carefully before you answer," the hosts suddenly retrieved their smiles and became a lot more serious. Although Feng Cai's questions were intense, the hosts respected their guests and kindly warned them.

"Actually, we've heard some negative rumors about you. For example, after signing your contract with Cheng Tian Entertainment, we've heard the agency hasn't been treating you well. In fact, they've even given jobs that you've already secured to others. So, what is the truth? Could you please clarify it for us?"

With the mention of Cheng Tian, Lan Xi and Luo Hao were the most nervous...

With Tangning's EQ, dealing with questions like this, was child's play. However, through the TV screen, Lan Xi noticed Tangning's gentle gaze now had a layer of coldness.

In fact, she was even sneering...

...because Tangning knew, the time for her to retrieve Long Jie's grandfather had come.

Of course, let's not mention Lan Xi, even An Zihao had no idea how Tangning was going to ask for his return.

To be honest, he didn't even believe she could do it!

How was it possible?

How could she make Lan Xi obediently return Long Jie's grandfather from her seat in the studio?

"Well, the fact that I am sitting here, doesn't that already answer your question?" Tangning smiled. "President Lan is an extremely 'understanding' person and is a great boss. We aren't against each other like the rumors say we are; healthy competition is normal within an agency and as the CEO, I can understand that President Lan needs to look at the bigger picture."

"Actually, I want to share something extremely heartwarming..." Tangning suddenly turned to the camera and gave an example, "Over the past couple days, my assistant Long Jie suddenly couldn't contact her grandfather. She was so anxious she searched everywhere for him and even contacted the police!" Tangning emphasized the word 'police'.

"The police already filed a report and were ready to start an investigation, when suddenly..."

"...we found out from President Lan that she wanted to give Long Jie a surprise and had brought Long Jie's grandfather to Beijing. We almost had a huge misunderstanding."

"As you all can see, President Lan is extremely thoughtful and warm-hearted. But, in order not to cause any more inconvenience for President Lan, after the interview, I will get my assistant to go pick up her grandfather. We are extremely thankful for President Lan's 'surprise' and will forever remember your kindness," Tangning spoke in a serious manner and expressed her gratitude towards President Lan.

However, her words contained a hidden meaning which only they understood.

As soon as Tangning started responding, Lan Xi was tempted to smash her TV on the ground. Tangning was threatening her with the police, just like the way she had threatened Long Jie to betray Tangning.

Tangning was giving her an eye for an eye!

Afterwards, the fact that Tangning had said Long Jie's grandfather was with Lan Xi, meant that everyone would be watching over her. If anything was to happen to Long Jie's grandfather, then Lan Xi would be held responsible. So, she no longer dared to do anything to the old man.

Lastly, Tangning said Long Jie would be picking up her grandfather. If Lan Xi didn't hand him over then the public would be suspicious of her.

Her response triggered a reaction in the entertainment industry; the sensitive reporters would definitely be all over this story.

Damn this A-grade model...

Damn this smart Tangning...

Lan Xi never expected Tangning would actually do something she had no way of retaliating against. Her only choice was to hand over Long Jie's grandfather.

Of course, apart from those that despised Tangning, there were also those that were impressed by her. An Zihao couldn't believe that Tangning was smart enough to solve the issue with Long Jie's grandfather in this way. She didn't need to search for him, she made Lan Xi hand him over obediently without a single hair out of place - Lan Xi was forced to suffer a double loss!

If anything was to go wrong with Long Jie's grandfather, then there was something wrong with Lan Xi!

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