Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 177: Are You Married?

Chapter 177: Are You Married?

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Seeing Lan Xi like this, Luo Hao immediately made a phone call to his contacts in the industry and realized he and Lan Xi both made a lethal mistake.

"We both had the wrong time."

"What do you mean?" Lan Xi didn't quite understand Luo Hao's words.

"The only reason Tangning appeared at Hai Yi so calmly was because there was no clash with the time. Feng Cai changed their broadcast schedule a few weeks back and pushed it back one hour; we completely missed this small detail."

Maybe because everyone was familiar that Feng Cai's broadcast time was 8pm, so even though they had announced a change in their schedule, Lan Xi didn't take particular notice of it. Hence, she thought there was no change.

"This Tangning is too smart for her own good!"

"What should we do now? Do we just sit here and watch her go on the program?" Lan Xi slammed her hands frustratingly on the desk in front of her. She had wasted so much energy and effort - even going so far as to use threatening and kidnapping methods - yet, in the end, did Tangning actually get the better of her?

In actual fact, when Tangning found out about Long Jie being threatened, she was already on her way to the studio. As soon as she realized Li Danni's show was at 7pm and her interview was at 9pm, she immediately decided to go to Hai Yi Center. She just found it weird that Lan Xi would give her a leeway of 2 hours to appear in both places.

Was this supposedly Lan Xi's way of stopping her? After putting in so much effort, was this really her way of preventing her from going on Feng Cai?

Was she being serious?

An Zihao couldn't help but laugh, "From what I know about Lan Xi, she definitely calculated things incorrectly this time."

"What do you mean?" Tangning questioned.

"I reckon she didn't know Feng Cai had changed their broadcast time," An Zihao couldn't help but chuckle.

Upon exiting Hai Yi Center, Tangning was supposed to board An Zihao's van and rush to the TV studio, but as she entered the parking lot, she spotted Mo Ting's car. So, she quickly gave An Zihao an explanation, pulled open Mo Ting's car door and sat in the front passenger's seat.

"Didn't I say not to come?"

Mo Ting turned and looked at Tangning as he lifted her hands and examined her palms, "Didn't you bring bodyguards? Why did you need to use your own hands? Don't they hurt?"

Tangning thought Mo Ting would be worried about Long Jie or he'd be curious about Li Danni's fate and Lu Che's performance. Who would have thought the first thing he asked was whether her hands hurt.

"It hurt at the time, but now it's just a little numb," Tangning confessed. After all, she had given 5 slaps and used her full force, it would be impossible not to feel anything.

Mo Ting gently rubbed her palms and looked at her with a helpless, yet doting expression, "I never thought you would personally make a move."

"Did you really think I have such a great temper?" Tangning smiled.

"That's because 'somebody' knows they have me backing them, that's why they had the courage!"

Mo Ting glanced at Tangning as he complained in a doting tone. Of course, his current expression was a huge contrast from how he looked at work, "You still haven't learned your have a surefire plan, yet you refuse to use it. Must you make me worry?" Mo Ting gently let go of her hand and turned his focus to driving. He needed to get her to the interview.

"Sometimes, one needs to experience pain to fully remember how others have suffered on their behalf." This time, Long Jie was the one that had suffered; she had tolerated the humiliation and endured the threat from Lan Xi, yet she never considered betraying Tangning even once.

So, the pain was nothing...even if she was to break her arm, she would still find it worthy.

Mo Ting understood her well and knew she was the type of person that would risk her life for her loved ones. The only thing was, the Tangning that was once had him backing her.

"Also, Lan Xi still has Long Jie's grandfather locked away."

"Aren't you on the way to ask for his return?"

Tangning was a little surprised as she leaned on Mo Ting's shoulder, "There are times when dealing with these monsters that I feel I am slowly losing my humanity. But, the way I have dealt with Li Danni and the way I have retaliated against Lan Xi today, I have no regrets. I want Lan Xi to know, it's OK for her to mess with me, but if she messes with the people around me...I will not let her live in peace."

As Mo Ting drove, he looked at the road ahead and spoke calmly and firmly, "No matter if you are a simple or complex person, as long as you are still Tangning, you are still the same person to me."

Tangning's heart was moved, but she didn't know how to express her love towards Mo Ting. So, all she could do was bite down on his shoulder.

Mo Ting did not cry in pain; the corners of his lips simply curved upwards. He understood how she felt: sometimes one could love another so much they didn't know what to do.

In the end, it was precisely because of Lan Xi's mistake that the scene playing out live in front of everyone was happening; Tangning was sitting in Feng Cai's studio, ready to accept her interview.

After careful preparations, Tangning appeared in front of the viewers in a light purple A-line dress. She had light makeup on and her hair hung loosely around her shoulders, showing her most natural state to the Beijing audience. As she smiled, attractive dimples appeared on her cheeks.

The two hosts in the studio had question boards prepared, and tonight, Tangning would have to answer these questions.

The studio staff also put in a lot of effort to decorate the studio with posters of Tangning's magazine shoots and commercials; they were well prepared.

As the clock hit exactly 9pm, the show officially started. As it was a live broadcast, both the hosts and the guest had to be careful with what they said. Because of this, many celebrities slipped and revealed secrets; many scandals had previously been exposed on this show.

Of course, Tangning was once again in her calm state. It was hard to imagine that just 1 hour ago she was in Hai Yi Center throwing slaps across Li Danni and her assistant's faces.

After initial greetings, the hosts quickly started asking some warm-up questions, "Tangning, we vaguely remember that 3 months ago you were a bride-to-be. Then suddenly, one day you announced your comeback and threw yourself into a series of battles with Tianyi. Under what circumstances did you make such a definitive decision to start all over again?"

"Can I really answer this?" Tangning suddenly smiled after hearing the question.

"Be careful, our program is all about telling the truth. Otherwise, all your answers could possibly be made into memes; slapping you in the face," the host slightly smiled as she warned Tangning. She held up an adorable prop shaped like a hand as the sound effect of an audience laughing played in the background.

Tangning was stunned for a moment before answering, "It's nothing special. I simply experienced how it felt to be betrayed and matured from that experience. I am someone that let's go when I say I will."

"Great, now that we are done with the warm-up, it's time to move on to the big questions: Are you married?"

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