Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 173: Tangning Arrives

Chapter 173: Tangning Arrives

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During helpless moments, one always wishes to possess the strongest power, because this world has always been especially unfair to the weak.

Everyone knew that Long Jie was Tangning's assistant, yet here she was at Hai Yi Center carrying multiple bags of gear, trying to get her balance as she followed behind Li Danni. She was obedient towards Li Danni as she ordered her around.

"Hasn't Tangning ever taught you the rules? Now that you are Danni's assistant, if you don't greet everyone as you pass them, people will think Danni has a bad work ethic."

Li Danni's manager poked Long Jie's head as he complained.

"I don't know if Tangning has any manners, following Danni today, so you need to show some respect."

Long Jie endured the humiliation, the scolding and the looks of ridicule around her as she lowered her head and replied, "Sorry, I will take note from now on."

"Danni needs to have her makeup done. Don't wander around aimlessly like a newcomer, go fetch Danni's shoes from the car!"

Long Jie held back her anger as her hands clenched into fists. Because of her anger, her face began to turn red and her eyes were watery...

Li Danni’s manager looked at the expression on Long Jie’s face and unfolded his arms as he walked over to Li Danni arrogantly, "Tangning’s people are different when you order them around. They are like dogs!"

"Have you placed what I told you to place in the shoes?" Li Danni sat in front of the mirror allowing the makeup artist to do whatever she needed.

"Don’t worry…how could I screw up such an entertaining show?" her manager studied Li Danni’s face in the mirror and noticed a secretive smile sweep across her face.

The backstage of fashion shows had always been chaotic and uncomfortable. Even for an international model like Li Danni working for an international top-grade brand, things were no different. She even shared the same waiting room as newcomer models.

Not long after, Long Jie approached Li Danni with her shoes.

Li Danni’s manager glanced at her quickly and scoffed, "Why are you still standing around blankly? Kneel down and help Danni put on her shoes."

Helping an artist put on shoes wasn’t anything out of the ordinary, but…

…she was Tangning’s assistant. Yet she had to submissively kneel down in front of Li Danni and help an enemy put on their shoes.

Long Jie endured the burn in her throat as she held onto one of the shoes and knelt on the ground. With one hand she lifted the high-heeled shoe and with the other she lifted Li Danni’s right foot. However…

…as her foot entered halfway…Li Danni suddenly let out a high-pitched squeal and kicked Long Jie in the chest; there was a pushpin inside the shoe!

A loud "PA" sound followed…

…as Li Danni’s manager landed a slap across Long Jie’s face. He then pointed at her and yelled ferociously, "You sure are brave! How dare you place a pushpin inside Danni’s shoe? Are you trying to stop Danni from going on the show?"

"Tangning told you to do this, didn’t she?"

Long Jie was stunned by the slap as a handprint slowly appeared on her left cheek…

"I didn’t put anything in your shoe. I retrieved it as it was."

"How dare you make excuses?"

The manager threw another slap, this time onto Long Jie’s right cheek. It seemed he used too much force because his hands also felt the pain as he shook it twice.

"Everyone saw it!"

Long Jie looked around at all the eyes that were on her; there were looks of pity, ridicule, mockery and curiosity. In reality, everyone knew deep down what was actually going on: Li Danni was simply looking for an excuse to humiliate her in front of everyone. No one cared whether she really placed the pushpin or not. But, no one present was at a higher status than Li Danni, so…

…who would dare step out and stick up for her?

No one!

"Long Jie, you should give up hope of anyone sticking up for you. Let me tell you…today you are Danni’s assistant, even if Tangning shows up, you will still have no choice but to endure being hit and scolded!"

"Sorry," Long Jie’s tears rolled down her swollen cheeks uncontrollably, making them even more hot and painful.

"Do you think it’s over with an apology? Did you know, because of your pushpin, Danni’s modeling career could have been over?" Li Danni’s manager threw a heavy accusation on Long Jie.

"What do you want me to do?"

"Of course you need to kneel in front of Danni and beg for forgiveness," Li Danni’s manager seemed surprised that Long Jie didn’t understand the rules of the industry.

"Making you kneel is already going easy on you. If not because of President Lan, I would have already called the police."


Kneeling to Li Danni?

Long Jie sneered inside. Although she had already prepared herself mentally and thought of multiple ways to comfort herself…now that the moment was actually upon her, she was so tempted to tear their faces apart and break their necks to cancel out the anger and suffering she felt.


"Isn’t kneeling too much?"

"You’ve already slapped me and humiliated me…do you really need to go that extra step?"

After hearing Long Jie’s words, Li Danni’s lips curved upwards as she grabbed onto Long Jie’s shirt and pulled her towards her, "Do you think I would be afraid of Tangning? Did you think an international model like myself would be afraid of an A-Grade model’s revenge?"

"You should just blame yourself for choosing the wrong master. Even being a dog requires luck…"

After speaking, Li Danni freed Long Jie from her grip and grabbed a tissue to wipe her hands, like she had touched something dirty.

"Aren’t you going to kneel and apologize?"

Long Jie didn’t move.

"I told you to kneel!" Li Danni’s manager kicked Long Jie on the back of her leg.

Seeing this, Hai Yi’s staff couldn’t bear watching any longer, so one of them stepped forward to try and convince Li Danni, "Danni, this is a public space, don’t you think what you’re doing isn’t very appropriate?"

"This evil woman placed a pushpin inside Danni’s shoe. What motive did she have? Does she want to kill our Danni?"

"We’re already being very forgiving by not calling the police. We are simply asking for an apology, isn’t that only right?"

The staff member looked at Li Danni’s manager helplessly as she smiled, "But…she is, after all, Tangning’s assistant."

Upon hearing Tangning’s name, the manager kicked with an unbearable force, making Long Jie kneel involuntarily on the ground…

A piercing pain spread throughout Long Jie’s entire body, while onlookers burst out in laughter. The manager rubbed his chin and looked at Long Jie satisfyingly, "You should have been obedient from the start and saved me my energy."

"Eh…since you’ve already knelt…I think you should give our Danni a kowtow as well."

Li Danni’s manager placed his hands on Long Jie’s shoulders, ready to push her down, when suddenly…

…the entire backstage broke out in a commotion. Someone had called out that Tangning had arrived…

A moment later, Li Danni’s manager lifted his head. Before he could even see what was going on, a huge slap landed across his face; it was ten-times more powerful than the slap he had just given Long Jie…

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Yunyi Yunyi

Poor Long Jie...I hope Tangning gets revenge for her.

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