Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 142: Tangning Has Someone Backing Her!

Chapter 142: Tangning Has Someone Backing Her!



After the drug scandal was exposed, Lan Yu hid at a friend's house, too afraid to make an appearance. Especially after seeing her mother suffering on her behalf, she felt slightly guilty.

However, she never imagined things would continue to amplify. In the morning, everyone was talking about the drug scandal, then, by the time afternoon came around, the media started spreading news of Lan Yu being violent at school. At just 14-years-old, she had instigated others to beat up a female classmate until her left leg became disabled. Afterwards, she changed her name and moved to Beijing.

As soon as this news was released, everyone was stunned. Who would of thought, a 14-year-old child could be so bad. On top of everything, the police quickly proved that the person that took drugs was Lan Yu. And if that wasn't bad enough, they also found out that Lan Yu's parents had changed her age to two years younger in fear that she would be locked up for violence. In reality, she was 16-years-old when the incident happened, which meant, right now, she had just passed 18!

In an instant, Lan Yu's name had been completely tarnished in Beijing. Not only this, police were searching everywhere for her.

Looking at all the explosive news, Lan Yu was in a complete panic...she walked back and forth inside her friend's house in fear. She no longer had anyone to lean on and no one to turn to; what was she to do?

Her friend was also a model. They met during the Model Search Competition. After seeing the disgusting things Lan Yu had done on the news, she grabbed all of Lan Yu's belongings and threw them in front of her, "Leave, Lan Yu. You are shocking. I can't believe I actually helped you defame Tangning in the past, only to be slapped so badly in the face..."

Lan Yu was completely out of options. Seeing her friend no longer wanted to help her, she immediately knelt on the floor and begged, "Xiaoya, I beg of you, don't kick me out. If I go out there, I'm dead. The reporters and police won't let me off."

After hearing her words, Xiaoya sneered before picking up her phone and calling the police, "I must have been blind to become friends with you. If you don't leave, then just wait here for the police to come to you."

Seeing Xiaoya ready to call the police, Lan Yu immediately stood up and tried to snatch the phone out of her hand. Xiaoya sensed her movement and quickly pushed her away. Lan Yu stumbled a little before falling to the ground. However, her face scraped past the corner of the coffee table as she fell, leaving a bloody gash across her left cheek...

Lan Yu instinctively placed her hand to her left cheek; she was in so much pain she almost knocked out. However, her friend did not get off the phone. Afterwards, she also called the ambulance before saying to Lan Yu, "When the police arrive, I will truthfully tell them how you got hurt, because I am not like you." After speaking, she pulled out her medical supplies to try and help stop Lan Yu's bleeding.

Of course, with such a long horizontal gash across her left cheek, unless she did plastic surgery, she would definitely be left with a hideous and obvious scar.

7pm. The police finally arrived at Ling Xiaoya's home and captured Lan Yu. As for Lan Yu's injury, Ling Xiaoya recalled the entire incident from start to finish.

Such an honest and clear-minded child was immediately praised by the netizens.

Not only this, maybe because of karma, out of all the places that could have been injured, Lan Yu was actually injured on the face. The netizens ridiculed that she had used her face to cause so much trouble for Tangning, so now that she had been injured on the face, it must be a punishment from God.

What goes around, comes around!

As for Lan Yu's mother, after watching her daughter being captured, she fainted and was sent straight to the hospital overnight; her pre-existing illnesses worsened.

The entire Beijing was reporting on Lan Yu's news. A young 18-year-old girl had so many hidden secrets, it was frightening. The news made many people reflect on themselves, especially in regards to parenting.

Yang Jing was also at the hospital. Via the TV in her room, she paid close attention to the development of Lan Yu's news. At this moment, apart from being shocked, she was extremely scared...

Since Lan Yu's fate was so pitiful, she couldn't help but start to worry about herself.

She had just lost her job and her household's main source of income had ceased. Yet, her mother was paralyzed in bed. Although she had a younger brother, he only made enough to fend for himself. From now on, what was she to do?

She had to quickly find a job. Fortunately, in the eyes of the outside world, they believed she had resigned willingly from Cheng Tian rather than fired. So, she didn't expect it to be hard to find a decent job. However, she never imagined, the police would end up asking her in for an interrogation. Since there were so many witnesses at Night Color Bar that saw her arguing with Lan Yu, it was unavoidable that she too would be suspected of taking drugs...

Yang Jing desperately tried to explain the situation, but the police insisted on giving her a drug test. At this moment, Lan Yu's incident was already at the cusp of public opinion, so with Yang Jing being taken in by the police, the public couldn't help but suspect Yang Jing also took drugs.

The two were quickly enveloped in their stinky reputation together.

Inside the icy cold police station, Yang Jing had no friends or relatives she could contact. In the end, she bet on Luo Hao and gave him a call. At first, she had given up hope, but as the clock ticked over to the second half of the night, Luo finally appeared.

After all that she had been through in the past 2 days, Yang Jing's self-esteem had been completely deflated. So, she didn't care about the humiliation as she said to Luo Hao, "Bail me out. In exchange, I will tell you an important secret."

Luo Hao scrunched up his eyebrows as he instructed his lawyer to bail Yang Jing out before leading her to the car.

Yang Jing was silent at first. In the end, she couldn't hold back her tears any longer as she burst out crying in Luo Hao's car.

Luo Hao looked at her. Without saying any comforting words, he simply handed her a tissue.

"I can't compete with Tangning...I admit defeat," Yang Jing said with a choked up voice. "I've decided to leave Beijing. I can't go up against her, I can only hide."

"You don't need to..."

"Yes I do, Luo Hao," Yang Jing dried her tears and lifted her head to look at Luo Hao seriously, "In order to prevent President Lan from kicking you out of Cheng Tian, you must suppress An Zihao and Tangning. Otherwise, as soon as Lan Xi trains up someone new, she will heartlessly make you leave."

"As for the secret I promised you, the secret is, Tangning has someone backing her!"

Luo Hao was shocked.

"Editor Lin told me this...and reality has proven, what she said was true. I really don't want to throw myself back in the mess. Whoever it is, seems to have already been angered by me."

"This secret, maybe you will have some use for it. Of course, no matter who the person backing Tangning is, we at least know Tangning is no longer single. I'll leave this secret with you. You've helped me so much in the past, let me pay you back this once."

After hearing this, Luo Hao pulled out a gold card from his wallet and handed it to Yang Jing, "No matter where you go, you need some money just in case."

Yang Jing looked at Luo Hao as tears suddenly trickled down her face, "What's the point of all the fighting? In the end, all I'm left with is nothing...hopefully what I've told you will come of use!"

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