Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 157: Perfect!

Chapter 157: Perfect!

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Director Liu was dumbfounded for a moment as he rubbed his chin in careful thought, "Tangning rehearsed previously and her acting was great to begin with. As for President Mo, I did not take notice of his expression. Whether they are lovers is their private matter. If you want to survive in Beijing for a long time, then I suggest you not to be so nosy."

LM's representative laughed gently as he rubbed his head helplessly, "I just feel that they give off a substantial couple vibe."

"That's a good thing for LM."

The first scene of the commercial was swiftly completed, so the photography team quickly reassembled at the next location.

The second scene was of the couple running towards the chapel. On the way, the bride sprains her ankle and the groom helps her remove her shoes before carrying her on his back up some stairs. Not too far away in the distance, stood a beautiful European-style chapel on the resort grounds. During the entire scene the chapel would remain in the distance.

But this did not hinder the beauty of the image created...

This time, Tangning would actually get to wear a wedding dress.

Inside the change room, with the assistance of the makeup artist, Tangning was quickly getting her makeup done. Next to her hung the beautiful champagne colored sleeveless wedding dress that she was to wear. It wasn't the most beautiful wedding dress; it simply had multiple layers of gauze without any diamonds or gemstones, but it did have a delicately hand-embroidered pattern, giving the dress an exquisitely gorgeous look. Also, the dress did not flare out too much. The simpleness of the design was because LM did not want it to look too overwhelming. However, to Tangning, the dress was like her and Mo Ting's relationship - there was no need to be fancy.

Long Jie resisted the urge to say anything. It wasn't until Tangning changed into the dress and stood in front of the mirror did she exclaim, "You are so beautiful."

"I agree. The wedding dress is quite normal, but the person wearing it is gorgeous," the makeup artist praised. After helping Tangning position the hem of her dress neatly, the makeup artist left the room. At this time, Long Jie huddled up close and smiled, "Would you consider this as taking advantage of work for personal gain and using it to make up for the wedding photos you hadn't taken with Big Boss?"

Tangning smiled, she didn't deny it.

"Fine. Since your husband is Big Boss, you can do what you want. But, I must say, you are beautiful..."

Tangning had previously done bridal fashion shows, but the feeling she had during those shows did not compare to what she was feeling right now. After all...the person she was pairing up with this time was the closest person in her life.

This time, the jewelry she would be showcasing, would be accessories that were needed by a bride. So Tangning had on a necklace and earrings; her ink-black hair was held up by a crystal tiara and a long veil flowed down her back.

She walked out of the change room in this look as everyone admired her in amazement. Meanwhile, Mo Ting, who had already finished changing a while ago, stood not too far away staring at her. His heart felt heavy; no matter how many times he had imagined Tangning wearing a wedding dress, seeing it in real life, made his eyes unconsciously swell up...

LM's representative observed the expressions on their faces and lowered his head to smile without a word.

All this could only mean one thing.

If this was not love, then what was there to be upset about?

"OK, get ready for the second scene!"

With the director's order, the couple quickly found their positions and slowly appeared in front of the camera. They were an engaged couple in a hurry to get married. But, because they were running too fast, the bride hurt her ankle. The groom immediately knelt in front of the bride, carried her on his back, pulled off her shoe and flung it onto the floor.

Tangning leaned on Mo Ting's broad back as her heart raced. It seemed no matter how long time had passed, just the thought of this man, just a simple touch or just noticing how good he was treating her was enough to make her involuntarily let out a silly smile.

The director noticed this and felt it was perfect.

No matter if she was standing still or moving, Tangning's beauty...was vivid and natural without being overbearing. She did not steal the attention from the radiance of the jewelry.

The shoot quickly finished, however...Mo Ting continued to carry Tangning further and further away.

Tangning patted him on the shoulder, "Aren't you tired?"

"I want to carry you to the ends of the earth...Mrs. Mo, have I told you that you look beautiful in a wedding dress?" Mo Ting continued walking forward without looking back.

"Mr. Mo, I definitely haven't told you that you look so handsome in a white suit that you are the target of every man's envy."

The couple quickly completed two scenes and the director was extremely pleased. This meant they wouldn't have to spend an entire day filming and could possibly wrap up in half a day; leaving them with the rest of the night to relax.

Not long after, the couple returned to their original positions separately and started discussing the third scene. The third scene was to be the climax...

They would be showcasing the wedding rings...

LM's representative suggested they pick up straight after the wedding without having to change clothes.

But the director didn't feel it was right. He felt it was best to represent three layers of a relationship.

Tangning thought for a bit before proposing, " about we show 10 years after marriage; both our love and the ring lasts forever. What do you think?"

"OK...10 years later it is," the director nodded in agreement.

The scene ended up being shot on a wooden bridge with a lush green forest in the distance. The colors were vibrant but clean.

This time, Mo Ting was dressed in a dark blue handmade suit; his back faced the camera as usual. However, he still gave off a dignified and mature aura. He was no longer the man from the previous two scenes who snuck up in secret or flung his bride's shoes to the ground. He looked tall and reliable; stable like a mountain.

As for Tangning who stood beside him, she no longer had the impatience or disappointment of a young girl and she didn't have the excitement and nervousness that she had during her wedding day. At this moment, all she had was peacefulness and contentment.

The couple had their backs to the camera as they admired the scenery. All that could be seen was Mo Ting's left hand holding onto Tangning's right hand, displaying their delicate wedding rings to the camera. At that moment, like a little woman, Tangning leaned over and placed her head on Mo Ting's shoulder...

"Perfect! This is absolutely perfect. It's too beautiful..." the director praised excitedly.

He looked at everyone else. They were still immersed in the feelings between the couple as they tried to savor the moment...

It wasn't until the two moved away from each other that everyone finally snapped out of their daze; it was only a commercial...

Dear god, this commercial was bound to be a hit!

Everyone applauded from their hearts. Some even screamed in excitement.

Tangning returned to being a model and Mo Ting returned to being the almighty CEO of Hai Rui. A distance between the two could once again be felt...

"Tangning, you were amazing. Of course, we must also thank you President Mo for making a guest appearance. Everything was perfect," Director Liu exclaimed cheerfully; his compliments were sincere.

Mo Ting nodded as he glanced at Tangning, "I'm glad to have helped."

"You've done us a huge favor! Honestly, we are so thankful to you, President Mo," LM's representative quickly bowed to show his gratefulness.

"Remember what you promised about keeping my identity a secret. Also...make sure to take note of the mole on my earlobe."

"Don't worry, it will not be an issue," the director nodded.

"If you are busy you should hurry back to the office," Tangning turned to Mo Ting and suggested.

Mo Ting didn't say anything, he simply nodded. Later at home, they would be able to sit down and pick out their favorite photos...

Tangning understood the look in his eyes as she slightly smiled. But, at this time, what was happening with Ling Feng?

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