Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 156: Their Relationship

Chapter 156: Their Relationship

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"Hai…Hai Rui’s…C…E…O?" the representative from LM was stunned as he pointed at Mo Ting and stuttered.

"How is this possible?"

Director Liu also saw the scene in front of him and was in a moment of disbelief. Tangning had actually managed to invite Hai Rui’s CEO, Mo Ting; a man that was capable of determining the life and death of an artist; a man that had total control over the entertainment industry’s resources; the high and mighty, mysterious CEO, Mo Ting!

Dear God!

Nothing was more pleasantly surprising yet terrifying at the same time!

"Pr…President Mo, how are you?" the representative immediately bowed respectfully at Mo Ting. Even Director Liu had to show a bit of modesty around him.

"No need to be polite," Mo Ting said coolly as he adjusted his suit jacket.

"So…you…" LM’s representative couldn’t believe that Tangning had managed to bring Mo Ting here, so he had to reconfirm.

This was Mo Ting!

"I heard that Tangning needed help, so I specifically made some time to come here. Will it take long?" Mo Ting asked calmly without clarifying his relationship with Tangning. The way he spoke merely suggested that he was well acquainted with her.

"It won’t take too long, not at all…who would of thought that President Mo is willing to make a guest appearance for a friend," the representative responded excitedly.

"Only for Tangning," Mo Ting had a piercing gaze as he gave a simple reply.

The representative was stunned; he never expected Mo Ting to be so straightforward. His imagination started going wild, thinking of all the possibilities, but then a brief sentence from Mo Ting set him straight.

"She is a rare talent, I couldn’t think of a reason to reject her…" he declared; not allowing anyone to think otherwise.

The representative and Director Liu nodded knowingly; so it was because Mo Ting appreciated talent.

Because Mo Ting and Tangning both kept low-profiles and were both cold and mysterious to outsiders, the fact that Mo Ting was helping Tangning did not raise any suspicion. Even when trying to make a connection between them, all that could be felt between the couple was an innocent friendship based on mutual respect.

Nevertheless, this innocent friendship was extremely special.

Even Hai Rui’s artists were rarely important enough to catch a glimpse of Mo Ting. Yet, with one phone call, Tangning managed to get Mo Ting to put down all his work and rush over to lend a helping hand!

"Also, I hope that me being here on set will become an eternal secret."

"Of course, no problems President Mo!" the representative immediately did an 'OK' gesture as he rushed around to get a confidentiality agreement signed; they couldn't afford to offend Mo Ting.

Mo Ting didn't say anything. He simply lifted his head and gazed into the distance at Tangning. Their eyes met for a good few seconds...

LM's representative originally wanted to ask Mo Ting if he was aware of what was required for the shoot. But just the thought of Mo Ting being here to help, even if he was to randomly act, they wouldn't have any objections. So the representative turned to Director Liu and asked, "So...can we get started?"

"Of course, but...does President Mo know..."

"Let's just get started," Mo Ting didn't want to waste any more time. He knew as well as Tangning what today's shoot consisted of. The shoot would be made up of 3 parts: proposal, wedding and post-marriage.


Director Liu did a welcoming gesture. He originally wanted to ask whether Mo Ting needed to do a test run, but because the man in front of him was Mo Ting, he did not have the courage to question him.

He could only let them film first and see how things turned out.

"Director Liu, pinch me, I want to see if I'm dreaming. It's Mo Ting...The CEO of Hai Rui has actually come to take part in our commercial. How great would it be if we used this for publicity?"

Director Liu turned to look at the representative. He also felt extremely honored. After all, how many people had ever filmed a commercial with Mo Ting? Up to this point, he was to be the only one!

This was the Mo Ting that could turn the entertainment industry upside down by simply moving a foot!

This Ling Feng - swapping him was so worth it!

In this world, there were hundreds of Ling Feng's, but Mo Ting - there was only one!

"Not to mention you, even I am feeling like I am currently on cloud 9. Look at the others, they are so surprised their jaws are about to drop off. This goes to show, Tangning can't be underestimated." After speaking, Director Liu turned to the two people standing in front of the camera, "Tangning, you and President Mo can warm up to each other first. We will start shooting after a 10-minute break."

Tangning looked at Mo Ting; at the man dressed in a black suit, collars neatly ironed with a tall and built figure. This exceptionally handsome man was steadily walking towards her as her heart melted into a mess.

Even though the scene in front of her was fake and the script was long as the person was real, that's all that mattered.

"President Mo, I really wasn't confident you'd agree..."

Mo Ting watched as Tangning's dress and hair fluttered in the wind. He approached her and gently swept her hair behind her ear, "Other's wouldn't be able to invite me...only you. You are my weakness."

"Didn't you say you'd propose to me and allow me to experience the romance I deserve? I want you to film this commercial with me."

"Do I have to do as you say??"

Tangning's lips curved upwards. Backed by the beautiful scenery, she revealed a slight smile.

Mo Ting could no longer resist the urge to touch her, so he immediately turned to the director and said with a serious expression, "No need to wait 10 minutes. Let's get started, I have a meeting later."

"OK, let's start then..." Director Liu quickly nodded as he prepared.

The scene started off with Tangning standing barefoot on the beach looking into the distance. Afterwards, Tangning paced back and forth for a little while before standing still and holding onto her dress as tears started to well up. At this time, a tall figure suddenly appeared behind her as he carefully lifted her right hand and placed an engagement ring on her finger...

As the lines came out of his mouth, it was impossible not to stir up emotions.

Mo Ting's voice was deep and charming.

At this moment, the camera zoomed in on Tangning's face; her expression was surprised and slightly upset, like the man in front of her was really the man she deeply loved.

The director looked at the natural actions of the two and was completely taken aback, especially when Tangning released tears of joy.

He never imagined they would complete this part of the shoot so quickly; they practically passed in one go. The scene flowed smoothly without any flaws.

Afterwards, Tangning flew into Mo Ting's embrace, placing her ring-wearing right hand on his shoulder...

The scene was harmonious and beautiful. Tangning and Mo Ting were completely in sync and filled with emotions, like a couple that had been together for many years. The way they acted in front of the other was so natural.

"Are they really not a couple?" LM's representative couldn't help but mumble, "Director, look at Tangning's sweet and lovely aura paired with President Mo's adoring expression. If they aren't a real couple, then they must be born actors. Which do you think is more likely?"

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