Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 155: He Doesn’t Answer to Just Anyone

Chapter 155: He Doesn’t Answer to Just Anyone

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"But...director, how are we to suddenly find an artist that matches Tangning? Even if there is such an artist, their schedule may not be free...How about we just wait a little? I'll give Ling Feng a call," the LM representative tried his best to negotiate with Director Liu.

"You know as well as we do that Ling Feng's father is not one we should offend," the representative felt a little uneasy.

Director Liu contemplated for a moment before shoving his hands in his pockets and nodding his head, "In that case, quickly call him."

The man gave a relieved smile as he immediately turned around and pulled out his phone to call Ling Feng. However, the response he got was, Ling Feng was not feeling well and couldn’t come to the shoot.

"As you know, Ling Feng has a movie that just wrapped up, so he is a little tired. His stomach hasn’t been feeling well, so he’s been staying in the hospital the past few days. You will need to wait a couple more days…"

"How about you just tell me the truth, what is Ling Feng unhappy about?" the representative covered his phone secretly and asked. "We can fix it."

"Well, it’s nothing major, but you see, Ling Feng wasn’t feeling well to begin with, yet two days ago he was stood up by Tangning. This ruined his mood and worsened his condition."

The representative immediately caught on. Ling Feng was targeting Tangning, merely because she didn’t have dinner with him.


"Ling Feng doesn’t intend on making things difficult for you. So how about this, I’ll go talk to Ling Feng and you go convince Tangning to bow down to him."

Bow down...

Does he want to make her bow down? Make her drink with him? Make her smile at him? And make her give a public apology?

The man gave a slight smile and didn’t say anything else. He had never expected Ling Feng to suddenly act so arrogantly. How could he hold a grudge against Tangning over something like this?

She simply didn’t have dinner with him!

After their brief conversation, the manager hung up. At this time, LM’s representative turned to Manager Liu and sighed, "Manager Liu, please wait a bit…"

"No need. Replace Ling Feng," Manager Liu said straightforwardly. "I already overheard your conversation. That Ling Feng has always been a player. The fact that Tangning refused to have dinner with him, shows what type of person she is; she doesn’t want to create hype with him. So, replace him. In my dictionary there is no such thing as a second-generation heir. If he thinks he’s so great, he should get his father to come see me."

"He even wants a woman to apologize to him, does he not feel any shame?"

The representative tossed up between Director Liu and Ling Feng. In the end, he decided to follow Director Liu’s suggestion to replace Ling Feng. However, finding a suitable person would be a bit of a headache.

Just as the representative was feeling restless and uneasy, An Zihao approached the two of them and asked, "Ling Feng hasn’t arrived?"

"I…I’m afraid he won’t be coming. By the way, does Mr. An know of a male model who is well-suited to Tangning’s appearance and height. The biggest issue is that Tangning is too tall; for the photo to be aesthetically pleasing, we need a man that is roughly 190cm tall."

An Zihao looked down and thought for a bit before smiling, "I do indeed know of one."

The representative was ecstatic as he swiftly asked, "Will you be able to contact him? How much does he charge?"

"He and Tangning are personally acquainted, you don’t need to worry about money, he does not need it. However, there is one request."

"Do tell."

"You can’t reveal his identity. In other words, you can’t show his face. Also, during filming, the set has to be cleared of unnecessary people," An Zihao replied.

The representative was slightly dumbfounded as he glanced at the director.

The director immediately assumed it was someone from outside the industry, that’s why he didn’t want to be exposed, so he nodded his head, "No worries, I will only show his back."

"How’s his appearance?"

"No need to worry. This person, whether it’s his appearance, height or presence, it all suits Tangning perfectly."

"Someone outside of the industry? With such good qualities, why doesn’t he make a break in entertainment?" Director Liu’s interest was sparked as he asked.

"He doesn’t answer to just anyone." An Zihao winked at the two before clapping his hands together, "Then it’s settled, I’ll ask Tangning to do a test run first."

"Who could this big-shot be?" Director Liu couldn’t help but whisper under his breath, "According to Tangning’s current status, she couldn’t possibly find a bigger star than Ling Feng."

"I am also curious," the representative laughed.

Not long after, the first set was ready. The shoot was to be a proposal on the beach and the idea was for Tangning to be standing under the sun as a man approaches her from behind, grabs her right hand and forces a ring upon her finger.

There was only one line, "If you don’t marry me now, you will be too old."

5 minutes later. Tangning walked out of the change room dressed in a long light blue patterned chiffon dress, her long black hair blew softly in the wind and her makeup was delicately applied. Her whole body carried a peaceful disposition.

LM was extremely satisfied with Tangning’s look, after all, whenever she got changed her disposition would automatically transform. Even though she normally appeared cold, the Tangning after getting changed, was quiet with a slight smile; she suddenly transformed into a woman in love glowing with happiness.

"Tangning, let’s do a quick run-through of the script," the director said to Tangning.

Tangning originally wanted to say no, but thinking about the man that was about to appear, she felt a little nervous; she had never felt this way before.

Even she could get nervous!

So, she did not turn down the director’s suggestion. She entered the set, practiced her walk, lowered her head and expressed emotions…

Although the director was watching through the monitor, he was pleasantly surprised.

This model's acting wasn’t perfect from a professional standpoint, but was still extremely natural and flawless.

The anticipation when waiting for a lover, the anxiety as time passed and the disappointment as one realized they had been stood up…

Tangning expressed it all clearly with her eyes.

Most importantly, she was only a model!

Compared to some of the popular up and coming actors and actresses, she was heaps better.

"Cut!" the director called out before turning to the representative from LM, "When will the male lead arrive?"

"I heard he's currently getting changed."

"Let’s see who Tangning managed to invite. If it’s not someone of influence, we’ll just let Tangning do the shoot alone."

"Sure, we’ll do everything as per your instructions," LM’s representative responded. "I will also keep an eye out for other suitable male models…"

While the two were chatting, An Zihao suddenly approached and asked for all unnecessary staff to leave the set.

LM’s representative immediately did as asked. After they cleared out the majority of the set, all that was left was a few important people and Tangning.

They were all waiting to see what god-like person Tangning had invited.

Not long after, stable footsteps resounded from the distance. The few people on set quickly turned their heads toward the sound to find a man with an imposing manner striding towards them…

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