Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 154: Replaced

Chapter 154: Replaced

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Inside the card, there weren't any sugar-coated words nor solemn vows. It just simply said, "Ting & Ning - Forever."

Tangning looked at the card over and over again as she placed it against her chest. She then looked at the rings as her heart overfilled with emotions, "I'll take that as our promise - Forever..."

Long Jie looked at the rings and suddenly realized, Tangning was indeed married. After all...she now had something that symbolized her identity. Long Jie couldn't help but wipe the tears that were seeping out from the corners of her eyes. However, just as she was about to say something, a tall figure appeared in the doorway.

Long Jie immediately shut her mouth before turning to Tangning and smiling, "How could you have your ring without the male lead?"

Seeing Long Jie gesture to the doorway with her chin, Tangning followed her gaze and turned around. In the doorway stood Mo Ting, dressed in a brown retro suit, handsome and distinguished; he appeared extra modest and tall.

Long Jie leapt off the table she was sitting on and exited the change room so the couple could be left alone. After she was gone, Tangning slowly stood up from her seat. She glanced at Mo Ting and back at the rings, "Was this meant to be a surprise?"

Mo Ting's lips curved upwards; his face was handsome and gentle as he made his way towards Tangning. He picked the ring up from the box and knelt down on one knee, looking up at Tangning, "This is a very simple ring and isn't an extremely precious gift; it doesn't represent even a millionth of the love I have for you."

"Although we are already married, I don't want you to miss out on any of the romance that others experience."

Tangning did not say anything. She simply helped Mo Ting up as she held back her tears, "You don't need to do don't. Being able to marry you, I am already satisfied."

Mo Ting wrapped his arms around Tangning. He wanted to place her into his chest so she could see how his heart beat for her, "Do you like it?"

Tangning vigorously nodded her head as Mo Ting placed the ring on the fourth finger of her right hand, "This set of rings is not for your commercial shoot. Not many people know of its meaning. So this is a secret between can wear it whenever you want..."

"Am I the only one that will wear one?" Tangning noticed the male ring was not engraved by sound waves, all it had was a white diamond with an extremely simple design. However, on the inside, there were the letters 'NT' and on the back there were numbers, just like Tangning's.

These two rings, when placed together, were obviously a pair. But when looked at separately, there would be no way anyone could draw a connection; they were simply accessories.

Mo Ting stretched out his hand towards Tangning and she immediately responded by placing the male ring on the fourth finger of his left hand.

The couple looked at each other's hands and felt fulfilled. They snuggled up as Tangning placed her right hand in Mo Ting's left hand.

"'s beautiful."

Because LM was one of Tangning's favorite brands and she was also endorsing their wedding ring series, it wasn't odd at all that she was wearing one of their designs. After all, LM was happy for her to help them advertise a little more.

"But, I still want to take wedding photos with you," Tangning expressed her innermost desire. Of course, she had no idea, the opportunity would come very soon.

As she still needed to go ahead with the shoot, Mo Ting did not stick around for long as he left the change room. At this time, Long Jie returned with the actual jewelry Tangning would advertise.

"In order to allow you to wear a wedding ring, Big Boss has really racked his brain. But, look how good this is, since you are married, then you should look like you are married..." Long Jie winked at Tangning and teased, "How does it feel? Is Big Boss wearing one too?"

"Uh huh," Tangning nodded.

"How secretly satisfying! These rings are the only pair in the entire world. No one understands the meaning except for the two of you...Plus, Big Boss is practically telling the whole world that you are his wife. Even though no one can guess it, but one day, the true meaning will blind the clueless eyes of the public."

Tangning was afraid she'd lose the ring during her shoot, so she quickly took it off and carefully put it away, "Is the shoot about to start?"

"Yep, preparations are pretty much done. But, Ling Feng still has not arrived," Long Jie shook her head.

Just as the two furrowed their brows, An Zihao appeared in the doorway, "Ling Feng has not arrived yet and I assume he does not intend to...he is taking revenge for having been stood at dinner."

"But, you don't need to worry. The director hates non-serious second-generation heirs. If Ling Feng does not make an appearance today, he will most likely be replaced."

"How do we film without a male lead?" Tangning queried.

"I think they have a backup. But, the problem is...he doesn't quite match."

Hearing this, an idea suddenly came to Tangning, "Zihao, I want to do something."



Inside one of the biggest gyms in Beijing, Ling Feng was currently in the middle of an intense workout. His manager approached him with his phone and tensed his brows, "Ling Feng, I think we should go to the shoot, this director is not someone we can afford to offend."

"What's so bad about offending him? As long as my father pulls out some money, won't he just reveal his shameless ugly face?" Ling Feng scoffed. "Let's keep this old model hanging for a while so she can experience the consequences of standing me up. If she wants to survive in this industry, then she should bow down to those with resources and background. Who does she think she is to embarrass me?"

"You really won't go?" his manager reconfirmed.

"I said I won't go, so I won't go! Why are you so annoying?" Ling Feng pushed his manager away impatiently.

The manager had no choice but to call LM and LM passed the message on to Director Liu.

However, the director had a film lined up and only had this one day free, he couldn't wait. So, he replied to LM straightforwardly, "Either you replace Ling Feng, or you replace me, you only have these two choices."

"But, Ling Feng's father is..."

"I don't care who his father is. If he doesn't come, then you only have these two options."

LM passed the message onto Ling Feng's manager. But, Ling Feng continued to sneer, "Is he trying to threaten me? Don't they always make it sound more serious than it really is? Ignore that old fool. If worse comes to worse, from now on, I won't participate in any of his films or I could just tell my father to step in..."

"Fine, if that is what you want."

So, his manager told LM, Ling Feng wasn't feeling well and was resting at home, unable to leave the house.

After hearing this, the director was furious...he almost threw his phone on the ground, "What rubbish? This Ling Feng thinks he's all that just because he's been in a few films, does he really think he's an A-lister? Replace him..."

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