Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 152: Let's See Where She'll Find a Male Lead

Chapter 152: Let's See Where She'll Find a Male Lead

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After leaving Cheng Tian, Tangning did not go directly home. She originally planned on visiting Mo Ting at Hai Rui, but upon arriving outside Hai Rui, Lu Che told her over the phone that Mo Ting was not there.

Tangning stopped her car inside Hai Rui's carpark; she did not leave immediately. Instead, she sat around thinking about the contradiction between her and Lan Xi; there was a complex look in her eyes.

Not long after, Long Jie suddenly patted Tangning on the arm and pointed out the window. Tangning followed Long Jie's gaze and realized Mo Ting and Lu Che was inside the carpark.

"Didn't Lu Che say Big Boss isn't at Hai Rui?" Long Jie anxiously whispered as she looked at Tangning. Because of what previously happened with Han Yufan, Long Jie was afraid Tangning would suffer emotionally; she especially didn't want to see Tangning being lied to.

Tangning watched as Mo Ting and Lu Che left, her expression did not change. She simply looked at Long Jie and felt she was overreacting, "You're thinking too much."

"Aren't you afraid at all?"

Tangning didn't say anything, she just pulled out her phone and selected Mo Ting's number. After Mo Ting picked up, she directly asked, "Where are you right now?"

"Are you checking up on me?" hearing Tangning's question, Mo Ting's lips curved upwards.

"Then are you going to let me check?"

"I was at the agency a moment ago, but now I'm on my way to see a client," Mo Ting replied gently.

"Lu Che said you weren't at Hai Rui."

Mo Ting lifted his head and looked sharply at Lu Che who was currently driving. Afterwards, he responded to Tangning, "That was not my instructions. Are you still at Hai Rui?"

"Uh huh," Tangning's voice sounded slightly pitiable.

"Then let me turn the car around and pick you up so you can teach Lu Che a lesson."


After hanging up the phone, Mo Ting placed his phone inside his suit pocket and looked at Lu Che fiercely, "Do I need to reevaluate your ability? Lu Che? This will be the last time I say this, don't lie to Tanging. Even if it is something as simple as whether I am around or not. If Tangning hadn't called to ask and decided to keep this doubt inside of her, over time, what do you think would happen with our relationship?"

Lu Che felt a little guilty as he quickly apologized, "Sorry President, I just didn't know what excuse to use to block madam."

"I didn't ask you to make excuses to brush off Tangning. If you didn't say anything then she wouldn't have suspected anything."


Lu Che was indeed impressive when it came to work. But when it came to EQ, he was a little lacking; this was why he still did not have a girlfriend!

Mo Ting made Lu Che turn the car around and successfully picked up Tangning. He pulled her into his embrace and explained, "I didn't tell Lu Che to say I wasn't around."

"I know," Tangning nodded her head. "Did you think I would believe his words over yours?"

Lu Che looked down guiltily...

Mo Ting was satisfied as he gently stroked Tangning's hair and replied, "Of course you trust me more, but it's been 20 minutes since you spoke to Lu Che on the phone, why were you still in the carpark. Did something happen?"

Tangning was dumbfounded for a moment; she didn't think Mo Ting would be so attentive. Afterwards, she explained everything that happened in detail from beginning to end, "I didn't leave because I was thinking about the contradiction between Lan Xi and I. If this continues there will definitely be a break in our relationship. The incident with Ling Feng is only the start, not to mention, there is still Luo Hao and Li Danni in the mix."

Mo Ting listened intently. His identity right now was just a husband listening to his wife vent. He gently patted her back to give her comfort and courage, " seem to have forgotten, your ultimate aim is Star King. Cheng Tian is merely helping you in your transition."

"As for the people that are hurting you, you shouldn't feel bad for retaliating; you've always been clear about that."

"We have Cheng Tian's contract in our hands, it's impossible to avoid those with bad thoughts. All we can do is deal with business accordingly."

"With me backing you, are you still afraid?"

Tangning rubbed her hand against Mo Ting's and shook her head, "I'm not afraid, I just feel it's a pity that Lan Xi, someone who was once in the same boat as us...would suddenly change."

"You also know it's in the past. Lan Xi is a business person; on the surface, she appears to want the same thing as you, but in reality, what she wants is far from what you want. You see her as a friend that is on the same level as you, but she sees you as a subordinate."

"I understand," Tangning understood her position. Next time Lan Xi was to make things difficult for her, she would not treat her politely. After all, when the person making things difficult doesn't feel guilty, why should the victim feel bad?

"Just wait for LM's shoot in peace," Mo Ting's words contained a double meaning, but Tangning only understood one of them.


8pm. Inside a luxurious 5-star hotel. In order to deal with Ling Feng, An Zihao arrived half an hour early and was waiting in a private dining room. By the time Ling Feng arrived, all he saw was An Zihao all by himself.

Ling Feng started off as a child-star and was currently the most popular 'fresh meat'. With his good looks, he managed to attract a large number of fans. He even starred in quite a few TV dramas in succession. So, it was understandable that Lan Xi wanted to use him to create hype.


...seeing Tangning had not arrived, Ling Feng removed his sunglasses and whispered something to his assistant. His assistant immediately asked An Zihao, "Where's Tangning?"

An Zihao looked at Ling Feng and quickly pulled out a wine glass. He filled it to the brim, "Tangning just returned from Moscow today and was feeling a little nauseous from the flight. On the way here she vomited all over the car. So I had no choice but to take her home. I am extremely apologetic towards Ling Feng, let me punish myself by drinking 3 glasses."

After hearing his words, Ling Feng's expression did not look impressed. His manager stood up and slammed his hands on the table, "What does Tangning mean by this?"

"Ling Feng, Tangning didn't avoid coming here on purpose. She was actually saying earlier that she often watches your dramas and really likes you. That's why we left home early just to see you. But who would have thought, she almost fainted on the way here..." An Zihao was lying like it was the truth as he sculled down three glasses of wine.

"Did she really say that?" Ling Feng's ego was satisfied as his anger subsided.


"Fine, since that's the case, I won't blame her. Help me send my regards and let her know I look forward to the shoot in 2 days." After speaking, Ling Feng stood up and placed his sunglasses back on.

After he left, An Zihao revealed a cold expression. He knew, at present, he had merely dealt with Ling Feng's pride.

"Ling Feng, will you really let that small-time model off the hook?" Ling Feng's manager asked in an unsatisfied tone.

Ling Feng chewed the gum in his mouth; the atmosphere seemed a little sinister. With an attitude fitting of his age, he replied, "How dare that old model stand me up? Fine, if she doesn't show up today, I can also be absent from the shoot. Let's see her panic..."

"Let's see where she'll find a male lead!"

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