Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 151: Does the President Want to Order a Wedding Ring?

Chapter 151: Does the President Want to Order a Wedding Ring?

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After Her Vision's shoot was over, Mo Ting arranged for them to return in secret. Upon returning home, Tangning and An Zihao reported to Cheng Tian while Mo Ting went directly to Hai Rui Entertainment to handle all the work he had accumulated over the past few days. While sitting in the office, a look appeared in his eyes; a thought had come to his mind. He immediately called Lu Che into the room.

"Yes, President?"

"Help me get in contact with LM's Executive CEO. I want to see him," Mo Ting instructed while signing some documents.

"Does the President want to order a wedding ring?" Lu Che guessed. LM stood for 'Love More'; it was a classic jewelry brand originating from Italy. It had over 100 years of history and its designs had always been famous for being unique and precious.

"You could say that..." After saying these words, Mo Ting lifted his head and warned Lu Che, "Watch what you say."

Lu Che smiled as he nodded his head and gestured that he would keep his mouth shut.

"However, even if you order it, Madam won't be able to wear it..."

"That's not something for you to worry about."

Since he intended on ordering it, he definitely had a way to let Tangning wear it without worries.

Meanwhile, An Zihao and Tangning entered Cheng Tian Entertainment. Seeing the two walk in, all the staff looked at them weirdly. An Zihao and Tangning looked at each other without a word until they entered Lan Xi's office.

"You've worked hard Tangning," Lan Xi stood up out of her seat, walked over to Tangning and patted her on the arm, "However, we can't stop now. For the LM commercial that is scheduled in a couple days, LM has already sent over the details of the male celebrity you will be working with. It is the actor Ling Feng. Tangning, he is currently one of the most popular actors, you need to take advantage of this opportunity to gain exposure."

Tangning grabbed the information from Lan Xi's hands and smiled slightly.

"I'm familiar with this actor. Even though he's only in his early 20's, he's already had scandals with multiple women," An Zihao said as he took the information from Tangning's hands and furrowed his brows.

"Creating publicity for both of you, isn't that a good thing?" Lan Xi wasn't against the idea.

"But, you obviously know Tangning..."

An Zihao did not finish his sentence, he knew Lan Xi would be unhappy. She obviously knew Tangning already had a lover, yet she still wanted Tangning to create hype with this actor. Was this what Lan Xi meant by giving Tangning the best resources?

"Then it's decided. I've organized for a dinner tonight with Ling Feng. You guys go home first and rest. After you've readjusted to the time difference, I'll see you for dinner at 8pm."

Tangning turned around and took a glance at An Zihao. She remained silent as usual. From an outsider's point of view, she appeared to be the type to just accept things without retaliation. But, An Zihao knew, she wasn't going to create hype. If that's what she wanted to do, then she wouldn't merely be an A-Grade model right now.

"President you have no confidence in me?"

"Tangning, you are already 26-years-old. If you don't hurry up, when will you achieve anything?" Lan Xi used her age as a point. "I'm doing this so things would be easier for you."

Tangning's expression got colder, in fact, her gaze was piercing through Lan Xi.

"President Lan..."

"I know, Tangning, you have your own plans. But, you need to trust me, this industry is dirtier than you think. No one would give up on such a great opportunity, including you," Lan Xi cut Tangning off before she could say anything. She was using her identity as the CEO to pressure Tangning.

Tangning continued to stare at Lan Xi without a word. Suddenly, An Zihao butted in, "Lan Xi, although you are the president, I am still Tangning's manager. If you carelessly make decisions for Tangning, then what do you want me to do?"

Lan Xi looked at An Zihao with a complex look. When did the partner she had fought side-by-side with for so many years, turn his loyalty to someone else?

"Plus, Tangning's already suffered a lot in Moscow. Her body is not well, you should let her rest."

"Fine," Lan Xi controlled her emotions as she said to Tangning, "You may go home with your assistant first. I still have things to discuss with Zihao."

An Zihao looked at Tangning, gesturing for her not to worry.

Tangning nodded as she turned around and left Lan Xi's office without turning back. She had no intention of sucking up to anyone whatsoever.

The office was suddenly left with just Lan Xi and An Zihao; the atmosphere was slightly awkward. However, Lan Xi couldn't help but release her anger, "You've only just started in your role and you are already defying my orders?"

An Zihao shook his head as he replied in a serious tone, "Lan Xi, if Tangning wanted to create hype she would not have joined Cheng Tian. Cheng Tian Entertainment has never done things like this, when did we start acting this way?"

Lan Xi's expression slowly changed.

"Plus, it clearly says in the contract that Tangning has the right to reject any suggestions you give her. Have you forgotten?"

"Since Tangning is so tolerant, why must you pressure her?"

Lan Xi remained silent for a while. She eventually looked into An Zihao's eyes and said, "Zihao, have you been tamed by Tangning already?"

"I have not been tamed by anyone. It's are no longer the same Lan Xi," An Zihao replied without yielding.

"Then who will attend the dinner tonight?"

"I will find a way to explain to Ling Feng," An Zihao couldn't possibly let Tangning attend, otherwise, tomorrow, the news would be all over the place. At the same time, he also couldn't let Lan Xi lose her pride, after all, she was still the CEO.

Hearing this, Lan Xi's face warmed up a little. She eventually said a few words filled with meaning, "I'm suddenly regretting the decision to sign on Tangning..."

"That's because you've realized Tangning doesn't do everything as you say!" After speaking, An Zihao stood up from the sofa. At this time, his heart was starting to feel a sense of disappointment.

He didn't know when Cheng Tian and Lan Xi had turned out this way.

After leaving the building, Tangning waited for An Zihao at the entrance. The two understood each other just by looking into the other's eyes.

"I've made things difficult for you."

"You did nothing wrong. If you had compromised and attended the dinner tonight, then tomorrow, they would have pushed you to sell your body," An Zihao responded. "Tangning, I know what you want. I will definitely do as you wish."

Tangning sighed as she scoffed, "I originally thought there was still a place in this industry that wasn't dirty."

"There is...your husband's agency."

An Zihao winked at her.

Tangning laughed gently, "With my current status, it's still reasonable for me to fight against others on the same level. But, if I go against Lan Xi like this, then from now on, I will only suffer."

"Since I am your manager, then no matter what happens, I am here..." An Zihao promised. "All you need to do is walk your shows and shoot your magazines."

"Thank you."

"Have a good look through LM's information. You will need to do the commercial in 2 days time." An Zihao placed his right hand into his pocket and said, "Meanwhile, I need to go deal with the spoilt womanizer, Ling Feng."

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