Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 288: She is Not Selling Herself

Chapter 288: She is Not Selling Herself

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Mo Ting stretched out his hand and stroked Tangning's ink black hair, "This is a given."

Actually, the thing that Tangning admired the most about Mo Ting was his ability to draw a fine line between love and hate. When someone was right, they were right; when someone was wrong, they were wrong. He was firm on his decisions and never beat around the bush; he was always clear-cut.

That's why she was suited to the entertainment industry.

She was suited to the life of accompanying Mo Ting in this unstable industry. And all he wanted to do was to present her with glory.

After returning to the hotel, Tangning sat by Mo Ting's side as she kept him company while he read through his documents. Mo Ting turned his head to look at Tangning's semi-closed eyes and laughed, "You have an interview with Claude.N tomorrow. Hurry and get some rest..."

"I want to hug you to sleep," Tangning replied with a raspy voice.

Mo Ting glanced at the documents in front of him before helping Tangning up and leading her to the bed. After sitting down on the bed, he patted his chest, "Come here..."

Tangning flipped aside the blankets and lay beside Mo Ting as she wrapped her arms around his waist.

Mo Ting embraced her with one arm and read through his documents with the other. However, after reading one page, he realized he had no way of flipping to the next...

Tangning held his arm tightly in place; it seemed she was doing it on purpose...

Mo Ting understood her intention and put down his documents before giving Lu Che a phone call.

"President, Director Ceng has come looking for me quite a few times. He wants to invest in 'Stupid' on behalf of Baiyou Film and Television. But, from what I see, this is his son, J-King's idea."

"We already have sufficient funds for 'Stupid'. If he comes looking for you again, you can directly turn him away..." Mo Ting replied in a deepened voice.

"But, he is a shareholder of Hai Rui. Plus, he has already given 3.2% of the shares to his son, J-King. It appears J-King wants to get involved in Hai Rui's operations. I can't guarantee that he won't make a move again in future."

"Perhaps my recent actions have made them think I've been blinded by love and that their opportunity has come."

"President, I am merely reporting this incident to you. It is not enough to make you worry," Lu Che immediately explained.

"Keep an eye on their every move..."

After speaking, Mo Ting hung up his phone and placed it gently on top of the bedside table.

Hugging Tangning, he lay back down. In the darkness, his eyes fired up; there always had to be a few greedy people that wanted control over Hai Rui's operations.

Did they think just because he was Tangning's manager, he wouldn't be able to manage Hai Rui?

Were they questioning his capability?


7pm in France; 8am in Beijing.

This was the first night Huo Jingjing officially moved into Fang Yu's home. Of course, nothing happened; she slept in the guest room.

Huo Jingjing woke up early in the morning before she heard Fang Yu's bedroom door open not long after. She spotted Fang Yu wearing a pair of boxers as he entered the kitchen.

Fang Yu was a little surprised; he never expected Huo Jingjing to wake up so early. He immediately ran back into his room and put on a robe before reappearing in front of her.

"Why did you wake up so early?"

"I have an interview today and may need to go overseas in a couple days," Huo Jingjing explained, "Plus, it is almost January. So, for the sake of Fashion Week in March, I may need to remain overseas for quite some time."

Fang Yu nodded his head, but his face did not show much emotion, "I won't be able to go overseas. There are quite a few matters to deal with at Hai Rui."

"I don't need you to accompany me the way that President Mo accompanies Tangning. I just..." after a short pause, Huo Jingjing continued, "If I am to be gone for 3 months, will I return to find that you have become someone else's boyfriend? Or perhaps, will another female artist like Zhen Manni appear, requiring your protection?"

So, it was a woman's paranoia that was at work.

Fang Yu retrieved some milk and other breakfast ingredients from the fridge. As he closed the fridge door, he replied, "I only have two girlfriends: the big one is currently standing in my kitchen doorway, whilst the little one is sleeping away in my child's bedroom."

Huo Jingjing felt a little silly. So she scurried behind Fang Yu and wrapped her arms around him, "You don't seem very passionate towards me."

Fang Yu did not say a word, he simply let out a laugh before freeing himself from Huo Jingjing's embrace and returning to his bedroom. He then came back out holding his household register and handed it to Huo Jingjing, "After she passed away, the incident with Fang Yue happened. All up, it has been 7 years. As my life revolves around the industry, apart from the nanny, you are the only woman that has entered this house."

"Then what is the meaning of this?"

"If you want to get married...let me know. You are the only woman that makes me feel impulsive to do something like that."

Huo Jingjing froze in surprise. They had just become official yesterday...Was he proposing?

"I don't need you to tell me right now. I just want you to know how I feel."

The two people had both experienced so much and had so much on their shoulders. Being given the opportunity to continue living was already a huge gift from God.

Huo Jingjing held onto the household register as her eyes turned red, "Tangning was right, God always leaves the best for last. I finally feel that all my previous suffering was worth it."

Fang Yu leaned over and kissed Huo Jingjing on the forehead, "Go get changed and give Yue Er a bath while you're at it."

On the surface, Fang Yu appeared quite relaxed and often seemed like he was mucking around. But, Huo Jingjing knew, deep inside, he suffered more than many people.

It didn't matter though because she was going to help him have a new lease on life!


9am, France.

Inside an exceptionally decorated studio, Tangning and Mo Ting met with the world-class designer, Claude.N. He was an old French man with a long beard. As soon as he spotted Tangning's legs, he couldn't take his eyes off them.

"These legs are truly the most beautiful I have ever seen..."

"Claude.N, we welcome your collaboration."

It was sometimes hard to understand the workings of a designer's mind. Of course, for Tangning, being picked for her legs was quite normal; there were cases of models being picked for their bottoms, fingers, feet and even moles.

"I am very pleased. Let's talk about the contract," the designer was set on Tangning. "However, I have one condition. You will need to stay in France and sign on as a model at our subsidiary agency. I need a pair of legs like this; I love legs like this..."

After hearing the man's request, Tangning furrowed her brows.

"Of course, your manager can also join us..."

Tangning analyzed Claude.N's studio and noticed that his table was covered in photos of model's legs. It seemed his main concept was legs.

"Claude.N, I'm sure I explained things clearly over the phone. She will only partake in this one shoot."

Mo Ting emphasized his standpoint in a calm tone. In reality, he had not told this man of his real identity.

Claude.N turned around and looked at the couple with an obviously unhappy expression, "Tangning is the first Asian model I have ever invited. Don't tell me you don't want an opportunity as great as this?"

"I'm sure you both know that every model I have ever invited has ended up gaining a lot of attention and hype."

"Doesn't Tangning need this?"

"She is not selling herself. Even if she is to sell, she would only sell herself to me," Mo Ting replied directly.

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