Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 287: I Have so Many Anti-fans. What is he in Comparison?

Chapter 287: I Have so Many Anti-fans. What is he in Comparison?

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Nighttime in France. Tangning was sitting under the light flipping through a magazine. After finishing his work, Mo Ting suddenly appeared by her side, "I originally wanted to commission a set of jewelry for you, but the Japanese designer needs to urgently return to Japan; his wife is in labor. So, tonight we will get your measurements first."

"Jewelry?" Tangning put down the magazine in her hands and looked at Mo Ting questioningly, "How come I never heard you mention this before?"

"I am your manager. So stuff like this, I will naturally arrange on your behalf," Mo Ting's lips slightly curved upwards as he sat by her side, "I know you're not a big fan of gems and diamonds. But, since you're married to me, there are definitely situations where you may need to use them. Look at other models, they love jewelry so much they would die to live in a jewelry store. What about you?"

"I am helping you save money," Tangning never liked stuff like that, nor was she vain. She preferred to keep things natural.

"There are only 3 hours left before the designer flies home. I have a meeting to attend, so you will need to drive over to the hotel and meet with him on your own. His entire team will be there, they are only missing one measurement."

Tangning retrieved a pair of car keys from Mo Ting and understood why he was doing this.

"So, your original intention is to get jewelry made for me. But, at the same time, you want to provide Hua Rong with some material?"

"Of course the main intention is to get jewelry made for you. I've noticed there aren't many pieces in your jewelry box at home that you like to wear," Mo Ting grabbed his laptop and showed Tangning her schedule, "This was planned well ahead of time. It's just you never noticed it."

"OK...I'll go," Tangning thought about it, apart from when working and having to satisfy client requests, she really didn't enjoy the burden of wearing expensive things.

However, as a model, she was much too plain!

"Be careful. If you come across any trouble, give me a phone call. I will pick you up later."

Tangning smiled as she prepared her stuff. She grabbed her bag and keys and left the hotel Mo Ting was staying at.

Of course, to put on an act for the reporters, Tangning put on her sunglasses and pretended to be doing something secretive.

This married couple succeeded each other in acting.


Hua Rong's people watched over the hotel for an entire day. Simply looking at the amount of cigarette butts on the floor was enough to tell how anxious they were. As night hit, the three men wrapped themselves tightly in their jackets and tucked their necks in.

"M*therf*ck*r, this b*tch Tangning is the hardest to capture photos of," one of them complained.

His colleague pat him on the shoulder and smiled helplessly, "Who told her to be so complex? Simply looking at this woman's scheming, I would be surprised if she wasn't at the status she is now."

"I really don't know when this suffering will cease."

"Our luck has come."

The 3 men simultaneously looked to where Mo Ting's car was parked and saw Tangning entering the parking lot on her own. After confirming no one was around, she boarded the car and drove off.

The three men looked at each other and checked their camera equipment before they quickly followed behind.

"This woman is wasting time shopping and taking us in circles. All the photos we have taken are merely wasting memory."

"Let's follow her for a little more."

Tangning had the people from Hua Rong within her grasp, she had already seen through them. So she got back in the car and hurried to the hotel Mo Ting had told her.

After arriving outside the hotel, Tangning parked the car inside the parking lot. She did not hurry out of the car. After 5 minutes, a tall and skinny young man arrived at the parking lot from the elevator and escorted Tangning inside.

Hua Rong's people snapped furiously on their cameras. The three men worked hard to capture as many photos as possible of Tangning and the man. They were so happy they slapped their thighs in excitement, "Editor Lin was right! This woman couldn't endure loneliness!"

"Perhaps...Mo Ting is too old and can't satisfy her?"

"Regardless, our mission has been successfully completed!"

The three men basked in joy for a little while before forwarding all their photos to Editor Lin, "Editor, you better prepare the reward that you promised."

Lin Chong looked at the photos. His eyes were fierce and piercing like a wolf's. Tangning...

...let's see where you will run off to this time!

"You won't miss out on benefits. After Tangning comes out, immediately return to the hotel. We already have enough evidence to set up a good battle. It's not necessary to continue trailing her," Lin Chong instructed.


"Here's to freedom! I can't wait to go home and watch the show unfold!"

The three men seemed quite happy. But, they had no idea, Mo Ting had been trailing them with a different car and was watching them from a hidden corner.

He simply observed the three reporters with a cold expression. His ink black eyes contained a sense of ridicule and disdain.

Of course, Mo Ting couldn't bear to let Tangning drive on her own. Especially when there were reporters trailing her.

So, even if something did indeed happen, he forced himself to hold back until Tangning finally called him, "Did you get your measurements done?"

"Uh huh. I'll wait for you at the hotel."

"No need, I am already here. Come downstairs," Mo Ting replied.

Tangning looked at the time. She had been upstairs for less than 20 minutes, "Were you following me?"

"No...I was following the people that were following you," Mo Ting explained before describing the current state of the three men, "They must be currently planning a celebration. They appear to be quite happy."

After speaking, Mo Ting started his car and left the parking lot. He drove around to the main entrance to pick up Tangning. As for the three rotten eggs in the parking lot, they could continue waiting. It would be best for them to assume Tangning spent an entire night upstairs.

"By doing this, will it make you feel uncomfortable?"

Tangning looked straight ahead and remained quiet for a few seconds. She then replied, "Why would I feel uncomfortable? I wasn't the one that hurt other's first. I stuck to my responsibilities and didn't do anything out of line. I don't understand why Lin Chong keeps clinging on to me."

"This guy isn't the same as other paparazzi. He is working for money, but not entirely."

"It was indeed a coincidence that he ran into you at the start. But afterwards, he slowly developed a misunderstanding towards you."

"Lu Che has already discovered that he has been married 3 times and has gotten divorced 3 times," Mo Ting explained. "His failed marriages have caused him to develop a hatred towards women. That's why he went from being a TV broadcaster to a paparazzi. He thinks he is serving justice by uncovering people's private lives."

Tangning smiled calmly. She no longer felt as upset. In fact, she felt the situation was quite funny, "It's quite an odd feeling to be hated by a stranger to this extent."

"But, I have so many anti-fans. What is he in comparison?"

"I know the truth will eventually be revealed and he will eventually feel regret. Because I trust that you will make up for my suffering."

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