Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 141: The Biggest Counterattack

Chapter 141: The Biggest Counterattack



Seeing the clip of Lan Yu's mother crying on screen, even Lan Xi couldn't hold back her laughter as she sat in the office watching...

It seemed Lan Yu used her own face as a shield, throwing the blame onto Tangning.

However, in order to settle the rumors, Lan Xi immediately instructed her staff to release an official statement stating that it couldn't have possibly been Tangning and to have faith in her...She also reported the incident straight to the police.

As soon as the statement was released, Lan Yu's mother started threatening everyone with suicide; exclaiming that underhanded people in the entertainment industry were trying to destroy her daughter. She also claimed that the netizens were ruining a child's future.

As Tangning was currently on a break, after talking to Lan Xi on the phone, Lan Xi assured her she wouldn't need to do anything personally. So, Tangning lay casually on Mo Ting's lap, dressed in comfortable home clothes as she listened to the entertainment news being broadcast on the TV.

Mo Ting instructed Lu Che to retrieve all his documents, bring them home and tell everyone at work he's too sick to go to the office. However, Tangning knew it was because there was too much going on at the moment and he didn't want to leave her all alone.

"Ting...this afternoon, I want to drop by the police station," Tangning said as she lay on Mo Ting's lap.

"Uh huh," Mo Ting nodded without asking her why. He understood, in relation to the drugs incident, even if the majority of netizens believed her, she still needed to present some evidence of her innocence. If she missed her chance to prove herself, who could guarantee whether this rumor would be used against her later on.

For Lan Yu to be completely over, there was still a little more to be done, but Mo Ting didn't tell Tangning.

Right now online, the majority of comments were not from 'mother-fans' that supported Lan Yu, but from kids her age that felt, as a person in the limelight, she wasn't setting a good example and was a complete embarrassment!

They even sent a letter to the National Youth Organization with various complaints and suggestions.

The result from this was, in the future if Lan Yu got blacklisted, it wouldn't only be from the entertainment industry, but possibly the entire country.

So, the commotion caused by Lan Yu's mother, didn't actually help her daughter. Instead... made things worse.

However, Lan Yu's mother did not give up. After a suicide attempt, she agreed to accept an interview at the hospital, "As Lan Yu's mother, I feel guilty that I haven't been able to protect her and have allowed her to be hurt this way. I am too ashamed to continue living."

"As for the demon that won't even let a 16-year-old girl go, let's see who God will show mercy to in the end!"

The reporters filled the room like sardines and all pointed their microphones at Lan Yu's mother, "Ma'am, the demon you speak of, are you suggesting Tangning?"

"Who else?" Lan Yu's mother glared at the cameras and sneered.

"Did you think Tangning took drugs and tried to frame it on your daughter? If that's the case, did you report it to the police immediately?" the female reporter pushed for an answer, "As I'm aware, Tangning's management agency, Cheng Tian Entertainment, went directly to the police. Are you afraid of police investigation?"

With the mention of police, Lan Yu's mother was dumbfounded for a moment; she looked slightly in a panic as she responded shamelessly, "I don't know anything, don't ask me. All I know is my daughter is innocent."

After hearing her response, the reporters looked at each other. They didn't know whether to laugh or cry.

"I want you guys to leave....get out. Or I'll try to kill myself again."

The reporters could tell that Lan Yu's mother was obviously trying to sway the public opinion, but she was only lying to herself. After all, the night that Lan Yu appeared at Night Color Bar, there were plenty of witnesses; there was bound to be evidence.

As more and more evidence started to surface, the situation became more of a mess. And as Lan Yu's mother prepared to commit suicide again to pressure Tangning and the of the parties involved with the incident, the person that stood aloof from the world, Tangning, finally made an appearance.

Dressed in plain clothes and accompanied by her manager, she showed up at the police station.

She never explained herself. Instead, she used the most direct action to prove her innocence: partaking in a drug test.

So when the media questioned Lan Yu's mother about whether she knew Tangning had gone to take a drug test and if she was brave enough to take Lan Yu for one as well, she froze on the spot...

She, of course, didn't dare. She was well aware of her daughter's shameful deeds. That's why she was trying to turn everyone's attention to Tangning. She never expected Tangning wouldn't bother to argue with her before going directly to the police station...

1pm. Tangning revealed her drug test results to the public. The result was a negative; she had never taken illegal drugs in her life.

Out of all the times Lan Yu schemed against Tangning, this was the biggest counterattack.

Taking drugs!

These were two extremely serious words. Seeing the results that Tangning posted online, the netizens were outraged. Why was it every time Lan Yu did something wrong she would try to pass it off on Tangning?

Was it simply because she resembled Tangning?

In an instant, an 'anti-Lan Yu' alliance was formed online consisting of fans and onlookers refusing to acknowledge the existence of 'Mini-Tangning'. To them, there was only one Tangning and they suggested everyone stop being an accessory to Lan Yu's bullying.

As for Lan Yu's mother, after suffering a major slap to the face, she could no longer let out a sound.

However, the reporters' questioning became more intense and angry, "Ma'am, Tangning has responded to the drug-taking incident. She has been innocent the entire time. All along you've been claiming that Tangning framed your daughter. But now that Tangning has presented us with her evidence, what are your thoughts?"

"Ma'am is it because Lan Yu resembles Tangning that you tried to use Tangning to divert the public's criticism?"

"Ma'am, how has Tangning offended you? Why did you put her through all this slandering?"

"Ma'am, to you, is your daughter the only human in this world? Is that why Tangning deserves to have her name tarnished?"

Lan Yu's mother was sitting on her hospital bed; she wasn't 40-years-old yet, but, because of Lan Yu's incident she was physically and mentally exhausted. Especially when faced with the reporter's questions, she had no choice but to cover herself with the blanket and break down in tears.

"I know I've wronged Tangning...I'm well aware. I just didn't want my daughter to be destroyed!"

"Just because you didn't want you daughter to be destroyed, you went ahead and tried to destroy someone else's daughter? There's no such reasoning in this world."

Hearing the irony in the reporter's question, Lan Yu's mother twitched her lips, before finally responding reluctantly, "I was wrong..."

"I did not teach Lan Yu properly and am sorry to the innocent Tangning."

"If Tangning's name had really been tarnished would your apology be enough to make up for her innocence?"

And most importantly, where was the other involved party, Lan Yu, at this time?

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